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  1. "Just don't get bothered by it." is pretty much what you can say about anything people get bothered by. But the thing is it's not always easy to not get bothered by things. You don't get bothered by it but some take it personally. It's pretty a natural thing and saying "just try not to get bothered by something" is an easy thing to say when you're not the one bothered by it. Is it a stupid thing to get bothered by? Yes. But people can't always control that even if they want to.
  2. This quote may be true about games that rely solely on gameplay, but not if a game has a good story or setting. Then it's all in the writer to make a good story come out of it. If you love the games, you should love the books too. It will give you A LOT of backstory about Ciri, Geralt & Yennefer. You have to start with The Last Wish, then Sword of Destiny and only after that you can start with the Blood of Elves book which is the first book in the actual Saga. The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny are pretty much books made of short stories, it's like reading about individual missions Geralt goes through meeting familiar characters on the way.
  3. "What a mess. This film is in the realms of Batman v Superman with the difference that while BvS at least has some substance to it X-Men: Apocalypse has little of that. There are some fun moments in-between with Magneto again being shown as one hell of an interesting character, but reliance on mostly bad CGI, generic villain, some wooden acting (khm Sophie Turner khm) and a final that becomes boring to the point that the film overstays it's welcome? That is what mediocre films do. Brian Singer should be told that sometimes "less is more"." - 49 "Well, at least we can all agree the third one's always the worst." - The irony in this quote from the film is strong.
  4. I'm with you, but it's not about me. In all honesty I wouldn't care and don't care if people hack trophies. As you said it doesn't and shouldn't affect me. But to some people it's a big deal. And it is kind of unfair to certain people who bust their nuts off just to get a certain hard platinum when someone else comes and does it with ease through hacking. Some people enjoy hunting rare trophies and people hacking could destroy their satisfaction in earning a trophy that becomes well not so rare. Not to mention the trophy rarity pretty much becomes useless at that point. And I don't really agree that exploits and boosting are the same thing. It's part of the game, it may not be the most legit way of earning certain tedious trophies, but the game or the save files don't get tampered with so it's pretty much fair game as the developers themselves made it possible. But as you said, opinions vary on the subject.
  5. I would have no problem with people manipulating their saves if it was only for single player games and trophies wouldn't unlock because of it. What people do in their own games isn't a problem, but it becomes a problem when it affects other peoples experience. Like people using cheats in MP games or gathering trophies they did not really earn.
  6. Lara Croft would do well in the Assassin Order. She too is an incompetent climber :rolleyes:

  7. Started with Taboo a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to wait for all the episodes come out as I it's a series worthy of a binge watch. Watched three seasons of Sherlock, while it has it's moments (the Domantrix episode was brilliant) it hasn't got me hooked and I feel trying to watch the fourth season is a huge chore.
  8. "This is a quirky fantasy film with a lot of personality and a solid performance by Jim Carrey in his recognizable humourus style. While the film does suffer a bit from a rushed pace, which is the bane of most films based on a book, it is a fun ride through a well-build steampunk world. I find this film a very pleasant experience and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of peculiar fantasy." - 77
  9. "A Monster Calls is an emotional kick in the groin with a lot of character as it blend fantasy with reality. While being visually stunning it deals with an adult coming-of-age theme and provokes thought on the matter of personal loss and recovery. The emotional kick is elevated by the outstanding perfomance of the young Lewis MacDougall as he carries the film with ease. A masterpiece in terms of theme, lead performance and visuals." - 83
  10. "The Lobster is an odd but entertaining dark comedy that is just enriched with Lanthimos' distinguishing style of filmmaking. It's a clever caricature of the present-day society's perspective on matchmaking and romance. While the film does lose a bit in the third act this is still a wonderfully well-made film that should be viewed with an open mind." - 78
  11. "Apocalypto is a brutally gorgeous historical art film about a fall of a mighty civilization. Despite certain historical inaccuracies this is an extremely well-made historical fiction with an epic soundtrack, beautiful setting and great performances from the cast with the Mayan language giving the film authenticity you don't get with most films based in history." - 8/10
  12. Hi Q, hows it going?

    See you've been playing Witcher lately, any good? I got it at Christmas in sale but havent started it yet. Looks like a good long game.


    IcemanEire B)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IcemanEire


      Its going good mate, Happy New Year :)


      yeah ive heard good things about it... ive been trying to get through some of my back log of games before starting it as i heard its a long game. I got the game of year edition for €30 in gamestop, so happy days!



    3. QuinlanLJ


      Happy New Year to you too ... even though it is a bit late :D

      30€ is a steal! Especially since you get the expansions I hear are even better than the core game. By the way there are a lot of Irish accents in the game, but I wont tell you were, so I don't spoil anything :D

    4. IcemanEire


      Well it was Chinese New Year :D


      yeah i thought so too, couldnt turn it down for that price. oh really are they, i didnt know that... happy days.

      ah cool, Irish are everywhere...haha

  13. There are a lot of films that I'm excited to watch this year, but these are the only ones that will probably make me go watch them in the cinema. Alien: Covenant - I'm a fan of the Alien franchise, liked Prometheus as well so I'm naturally excited about the next film that is hopefully going back to it's roots. Dunkirk - The Battle of Dunkirk directed by Nolan who has never made a bad movie? Oh yes, please. T2: Trainspotting - Boyle coming back to direct a sequel to the brilliant Trainspotting with the same cast. Even though it's another sequel made after 20 years I have hopes for this one to be good. Love McGregor and judging by the official trailer it's looking good. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - I'm a huge fan of Guy Ritchies comedic style of direction and the trailer for this one excited me as well, but it could honestly be really amazing or really shit. I don't know how Ritchies style could translate to a fantasy setting, but I'm still excited for the film. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - It's Star Wars, I don't need much else to get excited. The chance to hear another new story from the universe I love is enough to get me excited.
  14. Great taste, until we find out that I don't like the other 19 of your favourite films I'm joking of course, but I get what you mean with "a hidden European gem". I come from one or at least a lot of people visiting my hometown say it is. Never see the town in the mainstream lists though. In case you're wondering my hometown is Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Just putting it out there
  15. I wondered if anyone would get it It was, not the most subtle way, but yeah ... In Bruges is probably my favourite black comedy film and one of the reasons I fell in love with the town. You're biased because you're Belgian or are you in any other way tied to Brugge?