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  1. Hi Q, hows it going?

    See you've been playing Witcher lately, any good? I got it at Christmas in sale but havent started it yet. Looks like a good long game.


    IcemanEire B)

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    2. IcemanEire


      Its going good mate, Happy New Year :)


      yeah ive heard good things about it... ive been trying to get through some of my back log of games before starting it as i heard its a long game. I got the game of year edition for €30 in gamestop, so happy days!



    3. QuinlanLJ


      Happy New Year to you too ... even though it is a bit late :D

      30€ is a steal! Especially since you get the expansions I hear are even better than the core game. By the way there are a lot of Irish accents in the game, but I wont tell you were, so I don't spoil anything :D

    4. IcemanEire


      Well it was Chinese New Year :D


      yeah i thought so too, couldnt turn it down for that price. oh really are they, i didnt know that... happy days.

      ah cool, Irish are everywhere...haha