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  2. This trophy popped for me the same time I was cheesing my way through "YOU ONLY DIE ONCE" trophy. I died several times before I got the class pass also.
  3. I saw you got the Plat, what did you do to get the puzzle master trophy?
  4. You are correct, I just started my ps5 playthrough and warrior of Gaia popped as soon as I finished the first side quest, didn't even get to the second one yet.
  5. There's 6 side quests from what my friend told me, 3 in Washington forest and 3 in Nevada. I got protect the herd in the first mission where you steal the explosives by using stealth and keeping an eye on the green auras so I didn't accidentally kill any scientists.
  6. Does anyone have a good assassin build for the ps4? I've been following a build I found on stream but it's not the greatest.
  7. I farm the last few player based story missions for money. You can replay as many times as you like to get coins quick. Not sure about the missions though.
  8. I used fat gum, kirishima and sun eater on free play to get this.
  9. No it hasn't been patched. They said they can't recreate the issue so they can't solve it. It's not hard to replicate
  10. Thanks for the help.
  11. Anyone know how to get this? I've tried several times during the trial of mages but have had no luck.
  12. I'm guessing all, I've gotten over a 100 checks done but no Smokey
  13. Ok I'll give that a shot.
  14. I forgot about that lol worked great. What track would you recommend for the 70 air tricks?
  15. I tried but there's no option to change the buttons around. I'll keep trying, working on crash kart right now.