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  1. Hi. As there any optical connection in ps5, i use optical from tv to base stand for my Astro A50(sound goes via hdmi to tv and via optic to astro).now that there is option to use 3D sound for external speakers, can i use this to have processed 3D sound?
  2. I have trophy for level 8 of driver, but not for level 6... thats wierd
  3. Hi. I know, that you can upgrade free of charge to ps5 at launch, even saves are ok, you have now cloude option in game. But what about trophies? If i get now few trophies before ps5 and then upgrade? Will this game have one trophy list for ps4 and ps5?
  4. I'm after the campaign, I finished the Vito missions and now I'm trying Burke, but the map doesn't show new missions for him. all three bossess are alive. Did anyone have that? can these missions be done after the story? I did it with Vito.
  5. Yeah, i was also lvl30 but tier 1. Good news, i hope for rest of trophies
  6. Will this also block my base game trophies? I was above 30 level but when i got to de chopper i had info about trophy blockade...
  7. Hi. Did you get your 7 skills from croft edition? When i reach first base camp i had only some outfits, weapons and 4 skills point, but i think that this 4 points are from first hour of game.
  8. Can I start new game plus on easy mode? Im after first dlc now. Only thing i need is gwent related trophies. Do you know how far do i need to play new game for all cards? If i start ng+ now can i go to secon dlc if i want to? Thx
  9. There you go. Nightmare no damage level 1
  10. You need all medals on nightmare for trophy.
  11. Snackle - you posted it a month ago and you still dont have plat in mad max. Glitch?😉
  12. Terminator Salvation on ps3:)
  13. Hello. I have Tier 4 unlock if someone wats this trophy (me included) Also I'm looking for some crew for flip flop exo maps. Witam. Mam odblokowany ostatni level dla exo tier4 jesli ktoś by chciał trofeo. Sam tez skorzystam. szukam ekipy, która pomoże flip flopowac mapy na exo. Miło by było jakaś krajową ekipę pozdrawiam