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  1. The trophy is not stupid imo. What is hot garbage though is the game mode, and more importantly, the garbage people playing it. For example, the ignorant neck beards above that preach that we should "just play the game". People like that can't put themselves in your shoes. They are just ignorant and don't care - as they already completed it and feel superior to you - so they just like to preach to make their broken egos feel a little less broken. It's just logic. The most frustrating thing about it is that I can't find any games on PS5 without Cross-Play on, so we are basically forced to play with basement dwellers that don't do anything all day but play this. Combine that with precise mouse and keyboard controls versus you, a normal human being that plays games to enjoy them and that just want to get the trophy and don't play that garbage game-mode anymore. It's simply infuriating. I was able to luck out and get the trophy in about probably ~20 hours. The approximation above that it might take you 5 hours per Squad Wipe is accurate though. What others can try if they are burned out by the PC basement neck beards is just stop caring about the objective of the game mode and just wait for a "Dirty Bomb" to be filled. When it's filled, a couple of squads are surely to rush in there trying to get it - so you can just try to take cover (which is incredibly difficult because the neck beards are camping with thermal scopes around the maps most of the time), but if you get it right, just try to either semtex, C4 or grenade launch the Dirty Bomb while a squad is trying to arm it and another squad is trying to stop them. I was able to get my last 4 Squad Wipes really easy with this method, but it doesn't work every match. Depends if you will have mega neck beards in the game or just regular neck beards :-) . Otherwise most of those kills will be random and luck based, as mentioned above, most of the players are spread out running around the map. Also, the medal is awarded if you kill the last member of a squad with 3 or more people. If that wasn't the case the trophy would be MUCH MORE FUN and simple, as there were 20+ "Squad Eliminations" that I was able to gather without a medal.. If this boosting method works, I feel dumb for trying to do it legit, which was seriously infuriating. Welp, back to Team Deathmatch, Domination and the fun classic modes with Crossplay disabled. It's heaven.
  2. That's because the game is horrible. I honestly don't understand people that like this cluster**** of garbage, honestly. The only thing that is fun in this game is setting up graphics mode, which runs so poorly at 30fps anyway, and walking around, looking at the graphics and the ray tracing implementation. The lighting is pretty sweet, the setting, cut-scenes and story are sweet, but boy oh boy... are you in for a surprise if you try to play and take any enjoyment out of it. I haven't actually played a game that disregards the player's time and spits in his face like this, ever. From the quick one hit deaths from multiple enemies spawning around you, forcing you to replay a stupid amount of the same shit, to the stupid timers on some missions intended to just waste 30 minutes of your time and "fail" you, forcing you to replay the same stupid section again and again, giving you zero reward - penalizing you even. The game is riddled with poor "beginners traps" that will just force you to die in multiple places, multiple times because "you didn't know that X was there" - meaning that certain parts of the game are DESIGNED TO KILL YOU and FORCE YOU to replay a stupid amount of boring content. Not to mention the multiple times you will die from falling in a hole you didn't know was there, or a trap designed to instantly kill you and waste 30-40 minutes of your time. The guns are so weak that I don't even know why they included them in the game in the first place. All of the guns are WEAK. The launch ability is so much stronger than I really don't think the guns are necessary to bother with. Just upgrade your Energy and Launch and spam it - it's stronger - and it's still a bummer to play. The upgrades don't make any sense. Why are there no upgrades to take less damage from enemies, or to increase your overall damage with the gun? They always have these extreme conditions, forcing you to spent literally HOURS on end to manage your upgrades. I don't even want to talk about expeditions, and the way the map doesn't make any sense and it's just designed to confuse you - forcing you to walk/run around for hours trying to figure out which section/floor the map corresponds to. It's pathetic. Were they lazy to do it better or is this the new hip cool way to design maps. God of War was the same, pseudo (freeroam) with a map that confuses you more than guiding you. Some sections don't even have a map. It is pretty obvious that someone at Remedy Entertainment really, REALLY hates fun. That's sad because their older games are the opposite - they were pretty fun. Which means that someone at Remedy decided to steer the direction of the game into this pile of garbage that it is now. I don't know who exactly is the project lead of the game, but I would sure like to know - in order to NOT buy anything that involves his name. I am so glad that I got a refund for this game when they announced it for PS Plus. That would have been such a disgusting waste of money, I wouldn't even be able to forgive myself for buying it. This thread could actually serve as a PSA to other players who are looking to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice single player game with a great experience. I'm pretty sure that most people normal people on here who enjoy playing games will NOT ENJOY playing Control. It's simply a game designed to show you the middle finger. They even have the audacity to tell you that "Control is a very rewarding experience" when you try to enable the Game Assists. What a joke.. Like AVGN says.. I'd rather eat the ass of a roadkill skunk than play this pile of messy garbage.
  3. I bought Borderlands 3 for PS4 from the UK, and had some issues upgrading to the PS5 version in the Bulgarian PSN Store, so what I did is switch the Store Region on the PS5 to UK and redeemed the upgrade from there. Then I was able to download the PS5 version without making a UK PSN account for some reason. Not sure if those are the correct steps, but if you already have a game, you can try. You have nothing to lose.
  4. Sorry to say, but this should not happen, and I am certain it is impossible for your uploaded save to get corrupted, especially on PS+ Cloud. Turning off your console should have nothing to do with it. Backing up the save works perfectly. You must have done something else while you were hurrying. You probably either downloaded a save while wanting to upload it, or uploaded a save while wanting to download it. Since you stated that you booted up the next day and you were at stage 1, that probably means that either you forgot to download the backup save after dying or quitting without saving, and then, as you stated, you uploaded the cloud save after being at stage 1, which probably has overwritten your save with the one that was reset. I'm saying this because it happened to me multiple times when I was frustrated and hurrying to upload/download, as I have platinumed Dig Dug and the Pac-Man games as well, and this happened to me a couple of times while I was hurrying. This game specifically is a steaming pile of hot garbage, but that's accurate for all arcade games from the dark ages.. And combining that with impossible trophies/achievements that force you to waste 50% of your time backing up saves. My condolences to each and every gamer that were served these stupid and cheap arcade games in the 80s and 90s. These games were made difficult and stupid intentionally to make you spend your coins more. In my opinion, they have no place in modern gaming today. Fun is the opposite of what one experiences. This one especially, in comparison to Dig Dug, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man is the WORST of them all. You will spend 70% of your time reloading your save because the stupid "bullets" that you fire have a non-existent collision box of -1 pixel. That, in combination with only "two bullets" on the screen at once is a recipe for the most frustrating and disgusting game ever made. I honestly have no idea why and how people legitimately like something like this. This game is the pure definition of cancer. If you are frustrated from the whole situation, I suggest you take a long break and come back when you feel fresh and ready to be shat on by this steaming pile of arcade garbage, and be grateful for the fact that we don't live in the 80s and 90s, surrounded by such vile electronic media called "Arcade" lol. Yuck. Cheers!
  5. The first game is nice and fun, but the second game seems to be made by someone who definitely hates fun. Even if you like jigsaws and puzzle games, the second game is "dumbed" down and extremely frustrating to play. The first game had flavor and interesting different shaped puzzles. In the second game, every puzzle is circular and going through the pieces without any tips or references to the final "picture" will make you want to jump off a tall building. The art of the second one is also not unique at all. It's the same boring clown faces and colors on every puzzle. It's the same damn thing every level. The levels with 70+ pieces that are small are almost impossible to do without a reference. You will definitely have a headache playing this dumb catastrophe of a game. The developers of this clearly didn't want to make a good sequel. If you are wondering whether to get this only for the platinum, get only the first game. If you hate fun, get the second one as well. If you like puzzle games, you will end up hating the whole genre of games because of the second one. What a terrible abomination.. No wonder only 50% of the people who have this gave effort for the platinum. Too bad though. I guess the developers wanted to make a quick buck and just recycled one style of puzzle from the first game and make it "difficult" by making you rotate the pieces and smash your head in the wall.
  6. One Playthrough. No glitched trophies for me.. I'm usually on the other end with several games glitching out on me..
  7. Amazing game imo. This is maybe one of the very few games that are enjoyable 100% of the playthrough, without any frustrations whatsoever. VR Experience was awesome as well.
  8. It doesn't matter how many people had issues. If even only one person had issues, it's a huge problem that needs to be addressed. Not to mention that there were reports of people having their consoles bricked by this game. To add insult to injury, there countless game play bugs and glitches make this game even more of a spit in your face. Hot steaming pile of garbage is the ideal term for the current state of this remaster. Now if they address these issues and ship updates to fix them, then it won't be a hot steaming pile of garbage. But I understand why you think that, since your reply above stated: "Nothing Major, and nothing a small reset didn't fix". Nothing major? Walking through cars, falling through the floor, sluggish movement and cut scene sound glitches are EVERYTHING MAJOR! And excuse me, a small reset? I plugged out my console from the wall socket because this hot steaming pile of garbage hard locked it several times. Yeah, from my point of view, these issues, even yours, are major issues which should have been enough to make them a priority for Insomniac. Not to mention the hilarious "Power and Responsibility" glitch that locks you out of the trophy if you set your save to Ultimate Difficulty, which is what the trophy actually is. All these things combined together are just a huge slobbery spit in the players' face from Insomniac. I really hope Miles Morales is better. So far, I've played a few missions and there were no such issues, game glitches, locks, performance drops, sound cut offs and etc. So no, it's not an over reaction, it's just you are severely fanboying over this, and I am able to see these things objectively. There is no excuse for this broken mess making release, especially from Insomniac and Sony. Edit: And this is a console game, not a PC game. There are no excuses for the state of this remaster. There are no excuses for "but herp derp only x amount of people had the issue", because everyone has the same hardware, and it's an exclusive for that same hardware. No excuses.
  9. Hopefully, yes. Because at this point it needs a lot of work. To be honest it feels like I'm beta testing both hardware and software, and I paid to do that. So the decision to wait a couple of months to get it is probably the best you can do.. I doubt the trophy glitch will get fixed, but I hope at least either Sony releases stability updates for the OS, or Insomniac figures out why the game is making players' console freezing. It would be seriously a big bummer if your console bricked and you had to return it for replacement because of an unstable game. I also started Miles Morales and completed a couple of missions and so far the game has been far more stable than the remaster. There were no pedestrians, mission npcs, or enemies getting stuck in walls, objects or cars, and there were no randomly spawning cars while you swing, while those are present almost always in the remaster for me.
  10. Yes, it seems so. I've found several other threads on other forums as well as Reddit from people complaining of the same glitch, and it seems to be dating back to the PS4 version as well. So because I went into my first save to change the difficulty to Ultimate, and then created NG+ from that save, and set it to Ultimate Difficulty, this trophy glitches out, and you will NOT unlock it even if you technically just finished the game on Ultimate. You have to either not change the difficulty on your first save from what you've played, or not set it to Ultimate after you unlock it - then you have to create your NG+ from that save, again, making sure it did not have Ultimate difficulty set. I tried changing the difficulty on the first save, in case they are tied, to spectacular and loading the auto-saved last level of the game, and beating it again, but it did not unlock. I just don't want to risk the console freezing again, because those hard-locks must not be good. I wrote to Insomniac about the freezes and trophy glitch, but I doubt anything major would be done. At most, I hope the same glitches and instability is preset on Miles Morales.
  11. Even if I did, some people are reporting that transfering your save even if you have completed Ultimate on PS4 doesn't unlocky that specific trophy. From what I've read in this forum, in the forum for the PS4 version of the game and in Reddit, this glitch occurs when: 1. You set the difficulty of your first save to Ultimate 2. You create a NG+ on Ultimate from that first save If you do this, basically you will not earn Power and Responsibility. This is a terrible glitch and it doesn't make sense. It is clear that someone at Insomniac really screwed the pooch on this one. And if it's not a glitch and intentional, I simply don't get the logic behind it. People are doing this for the exact opposite reason - to make sure they get the trophy at the end, and instead they get a huge middle finger at the end. It's painful. If someone is doing a playthrough on NG+ on Ultimate just for this trophy, they can test out if the glitch is present by going to the Game Options and trying to change the difficulty. If you get a warning - the glitch is not present. If you are able to change the difficulty without a warning - congratulations. A programmer at Insomniac just wasted your time. Good for you. My deal is that I completed the game on UItimate Difficulty on NG+ and I didn't get the trophy. My other deal is that my PS5 got hard-locked about five times, forcing me to unplug the console from the wall socket. This should not happen, and it's not a problem with the console. I played a couple of PS4 games before this, as well as a bit of Demon's Souls and Bugsnax, and no other title has locked my console so far, so I doubt it's a problem with the console. I just can't accept the fact that a studio like Insomniac has let this slide. It seems the Ultimate Difficulty glitch is present in the PS4 version as well for some...
  12. Your console didn't hard lock even once? Enemies did not get stuck into walls/objects/cars, forcing you to restart from previous checkpoint? No audio glitches? Not sure if you are the lucky one, or I am the "lucky" one with the uncommon issues. The "next-gen" experience for this game has been dreadful. Last month there were a few consoles bricked by this game, rendering them completely dead.
  13. This pile of garbage froze my PS5 about five times during two very disappointing playthroughs. 1. Freeze, while Miles was looking for his mom - game just froze, sound continued, I couldn't even close the game or get back to HOME. Didn't have any response from the OS. Had to unplug PS5 from wall socket. 2. Froze while free roaming, same thing. 3. Froze after skipping a cinematic on NG+ 4. Froze after retrying during the Miles/Rhino mission. 5. Froze on the DLC after failing on the subway while chasing black cat. Was able to go back and try to "Close Game", which ended up freezing on "Closing Game..", had to unplug for the nth time, risking data corruption. Not to mention several other glitches: - Random cars spawning while you freeroam. - Random cars spawning while on a mission/crime. - People running through cars. - Enemies getting stuck in walls, cars and other object, forcing you to restart from checkpoint because you can't continue before all enemies are dead. - Serious sound glitches and cut offs. For a really big middle finger with a cherry on top of it, at the end of my NG+/Ultimate playthrough I didn't get the "Power and Responsibility" trophy. I'm so sick of this game and so disappointed in Insomniac for serving this hot steaming pile of broken garbage. Seriously, anyone else considering buying this shitty remaster, risking bricking their console and wasting their time attempting to complete any trophies, just don't waste your time and money. Better save up for another title. Insomniac clearly didn't care enough to ship a product that will not destroy your console and waste your time.
  14. This game has brought me nothing but disappointment and frustration on PS5. It's very unstable and several gameplay issues are present. My console froze about five times, which resulted in a hard lock and an unresponsive operating system. I had to unplug the console from the wall socket all times the game froze it so that I may be able to continue. I wonder how come such a big title from a studio like Insomniac games is filled with so many game breaking bugs. Pretty much most things about the remaster except the Performance RayTracing Mode which is pretty awesome has made me dislike the game and the company. The following freezes occurred during my spectacular playthrough and the NG+ playthrough on Ultimate Difficulty afterwards: - Froze on the mission where Miles was looking for his mom - game just froze, sound continued. Didn't get any response from the controller or console. - Randomly froze after dropping frames while Free Roaming. - Froze after failing and retrying during the Miles/Rhino mission. - Froze on the DLC after failing during the subway mission. Got the failed screen and got black screen after that. Was able to go back and try to "Close Game", which ended up freezing on "Closing Game..", had to unplug the console again, risking data corruption. - Froze after skipping a cinematic on NG+ After one normal playthrough the campaign and DLCs on Spectacular Difficulty, I set the difficulty on that save to Ultimate in order to create a NG+ from it and play for the last 2 trophies, and it seems that this is what is causing the glitch. Setting your normal save to Ultimate Difficulty and then created a NG+ on it will not get you the "Power and Responsibility" trophy at the end, even if you completed it on Ultimate difficulty and set it since the beginning. I tried several things to mend this to avoid another playthrough, like setting my normal save to Spectacular and then reloading the last battle of the game, in case they are tied somehow, but nothing like this works. In order to earn the last trophy, one would have to create a NG+ from a save that is not set on Ultimate Difficulty, and then set the NG+ to Ultimate Difficulty, or just start a new game and set it on Ultimate. I loved this game on PS4, and really wanted to 100% the remaster, but doing another playthrough and risking my console freezing or bricking (not sure what the chances of this are, but there are reports of PS5s bricking on Spider-Man Remastered), and risking another trophy glitch is just not worth it. Overall this seems like a sick joke and it kind of left a really bad taste. I really can't believe such a large studio can ship out something like this. Edit2: Maybe I'm one of the unlucky ones, as several other players report that they did not have any issues, but I really don't want to risk it. I wrote to Insomniac Games about these issues, but I really doubt they will fix anything.
  15. Because the developers of these games have released PlayStation 5 versions of the games. Completely different builds for the PS5. Don't expect From Software to do anything like that for Bloodborne. We don't even have a 60fps Patch to fix the frame pacing issues on Bloodborne, yet a PS5 release lol.. It's funny how a lone developer made Bloodborne to work on 60fps even on the PS4 Pro, but they completely ignore it and throw the fanbase under the bus. Thank you From Software! Much appreciated!