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  1. Why is it always sleeping ruins all my plans for everyday xD

  2. Nier Automata is an interesting games :)

    I think I'm in love with 2B xD

  3. Haven't got any platinum recently -_-

    I don't know why but I don't feel like I want to

    1. StrickenBiged


      I'll have your unwanted platinums!

    2. Power0fPhonixHD


      Gate_Guard hahaha same here


    3. starcrunch061


      That happened to me a couple of years back. I went almost a full year between plats. 

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  4. I got KOFXIV yesterday ;)

  5. #51 Infamous first light, good game, but some challenges were annoying.

  6. #51 God of War 3 Remastered ^_^ .. now I've got all the platinums in God of War series on all versions (ps3,ps vita and ps4)

  7. playing the witcher 3 .. this game surprised me, very great and the world of the game is charming

  8. #50 DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition ^_^ , I finished this game 15 times (on xbox, ps3 and ps4) .

  9. #49 Assassin's creed syndicate, very nice except the last annoying trophy "without a grudge"

  10. working on assassins creed syndicate , I hate the challenges of the main memory -_-

  11. Sony event was the best, so excited for GOW but a little afraid of the battle system.

    1. hore


      On the bright side, there probably won't be one of those annoying trophies for getting a 1000 hit combo, lol.

  12. #48 Resident Evil Revelation 2 , interesting game but there are some annoying trophies .

  13. Finally beat invisible mode, damn you capcom for this mode

  14. Invisible mode in Resident Evil Revelation 2 is sick -_-

  15. I've just finished Countdown mode in Resident evil revelation 2 :)

    1. NullRay85


      Congrats, must've been a challenge :0

    2. Yadilie


      Nice, Rev2 was an amazing game. Countdown mode was super stressful.

    3. Power0fPhonixHD


      Thanks, yeah it was challenging and stressful especially Barry's parts

  16. just a little bit to reach to level 19 ;)

  17. I made a new channel for video games, here is my first vidoe , the last of us glitches

  18. I've just finished Child of light , great game with a lovely atmosphere and epic soundtrack ;)

    1. LetsTurnJu-On


      Indeed :) One of only 2 titles out of Ubisoft I like and have respect for during the last 2 console generations.

    2. Power0fPhonixHD