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  1. I played on PC and it definetly worth with two big IF: IF you have a wheel to fully enjoy it and IF you are more into multiplayer racing (otherwise the career is nothing special and you end up doing a simple championship with no progression system)
  2. Started with Ace Combat 7
  3. Arkham Knight, I still have to find the will to go through the riddles to reach the plat
  4. I want to play an online competition to get the related trophy, but the game says "no competition found". Are they limited to certain days or what?
  5. ONLINE DOMINANCE (Fifa Street) This is by far the trophy that required the most effort for me. It requires to win online cups, that have elimination rounds (so you have to start it over from the beginning if you lose the final). Plus, you have to win all of the nine cups and they were playable only on weekend, with each weekend with only one of these cups playable. So if you miss one cup, you have to wait nine weeks to have it avaible again.
  6. I'd say you like game with some action, instead of slow paced ones
  7. Persona 4 Golden. I'd like to go for the platinum, but another entire playthrough is too much
  8. Persona 4 Golden
  9. Driveclub was one of the VR games that I was more interested in, but after I tried the demo I realized it's not for me. The motion sickness in that game is awful
  10. I really like it, its's something new and not the usual improvement over the last "chapter". The online races are fun, even if you don't win, because you get the vibe of a real competition. Sure, there is a lack of content and it may get a bit repetitive, since the online races change only a couple of times a week, but I don't care because I'm having fun. Even waiting for the event to start doesn't get me annoyed, because it feels really like waiting to enter an "official" event. My only regret are the championships, since they are playable only during the evening for now and it's not a good time for me
  11. Nioh, it's a game I'd really like to play