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  1. Thanks for your answer. Then should I play in normal mode for the collectables and then start the game again in grounded mode +?🤔
  2. Hello. I'm beggining TLOU and I have a question about the difficulties. If I pass the survivor mode I unlock hard, normal and easy trophies. But if I just start from the beggining the grounded mode and I pass, it would also unlock survivor, hard normal and easy trophies? Thanks
  3. Hello. I've a question about the trophy Gone with the Dreams. When the countdown arrives to 0 I see the True Ending but I can't reach the Bad Ending. This ending says that Pi pick up a metal box, but I've looking for that mentioned item with no luck... What I'm missing?
  4. Hello. I want to earn the online trophies. If someone wants too, add as friend with the subject WIPEOUT ONLINE or something like this
  5. Anyone for boost online trophies? DM with subject MBR online on PSN
  6. Me too. But Spike Chunsoft won't do it. I asked them...
  7. I'll buy it on PS4 too. But I'll wish the PSVita versión. I hope for English subtitles on Japanese version in play-asia. Spike Chunsoft don't want make the English version... I think Vita version would sell good too, better than PS4
  8. I response myself. Finally I got them. I spent a lot of time searching the way to earn them. Also, I have to load a previously saved game. In the first picture. I had to defeat 4 enemies, these enemies had a colour. I had to defeat 3 of them (green, blue and purple) for unlock the path and left the last one for reach that zone and do the dash. Once I defeated the last enemy. On the volcanican area there is a hidden path (next to the fire orb). For earn the last easter egg I had to go over the other side of the map. (see the screenshot) Finally I get the f""·$ trophy
  9. Hello. I have earned 67 easter eggs. I need 3 more for earn the trophy. Are these of the pictures. Two in the hall of memories (2nd visit) and 3rd one in Island Core (steam's guide show this place for an egg). How can I earn them?
  10. I need to fill the celestian map for earn the trophy. I've to earn these 8 constellations and I get a few hours ago these 3 traits (vengeful, brave and proud) but I didn't earn 'The diving hawk constellation'. What should I do? Throw PS4 out the window or burn it? I'm really tired... Only left this trophy and groupie one...
  11. I bought it on launch day because I was looking for a game for 4 players. I remembered those games that came out for PS1 and PS2, this was the reason why I bought it. It has very few game modes for 4 players. It focuses a lot on the online mode and those who do not like and do not want to pay the subscription to psplus, the game stays in nothing ... I sold it a week.
  12. How many trophies online got this game? I hope they are not difficult to win
  13. I prefered play in hand-held and I thought too the game had crossplay, but it didn't have. I will add all the users that appears in recent players in this page
  14. In PS3 is more easier because you can share your account with other user and create many users and accounts you want (via yopmail too) . In psvita you can't share them
  15. Hi. I recently removed my progress in worms revolution and again I am about to reach the 20 games with different players. And my question is this: If I buy codes from the game (that code that you get when you buy a ps vita tv) and are used in accounts that I have created new (via yopmail), count to reach 20 matches? Or the trophy is based on the MAC address of the console? I mean. If it is a new MAC ID, add +1, or if the MAC ID is repeated it is discarded? Regards