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  1. My doubt with this game is simple, for the platinum I have to have 100% of the map or only with chests and secrets is good enough for me... I have the ice caves(ilum) at 98% but I don't know where can be what I am missing x'D is desperate... Greetings and happy holidays.
  2. For the trophy you have to build the 72 items of the game, however after I do all the UCA installations and complete the story I have 71 objects...where do I unlock the last one I need? Thank you
  3. Sometimes I deliver parcels, don't the stars climb on me? It makes me very angry and I don't know why it can be....I always read the emails but not for those...what can I do?
  4. It was published twice, I don't know why ...
  5. How many shipping categories are there? Where can I see how many of them I have? Thank you
  6. I'm doing the challenges but it's impossible to get the Firewall Mortars and it's the only challenge I'm missing, any idea how to get them? I don't know what to do sincerely anymore x'D
  7. Having only the basic game is it possible to get platinum today without buying any DLC? A trophy consists of completing 30 challenges but I can't see where those challenges are....