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  1. I beat the game ages ago, I was actually in the post-game working my way to the platinum but I wanted to play all games and lacked space at the time so I uninstalled and never installed again. I'm just looking at games I really enjoyed and didn't plat and MGS V is one of them so I want to get that done at some point.
  2. I meant how long does it take to gather the materials needed to craft it, not the time it takes to build.
  3. Thanks, how long would you say it take to build the nuke ? I haven't touched the game in years but I remember enjoying the gameplay and while I'm in no rush to get platinum I think I'm gonna try to get the online trophies for games that has them incase I want to go back and platinum them one day
  4. Good luck, friend.
  5. I did check the trophy list, but it's been a while since I played the game and I barely touched the "online" feature back then, so I automatically assumed that online required meant online against other players. So this means that FOB Infiltrations are not PvP. good. Thanks for the reply
  6. Haven't played TPP in ages, but I want to get the online trophies before it's too late, are they still doable or do you basically need boosting sessions ?
  7. Without a doubt Extra Effort (2.40% Rarity) from FIFA 15. Not only it is almost impossible to do by just playing, you need to have two controllers, touch the AI sliders and then get an insane amount of luck, and even if you manage to do it, it may not pop if the game deemed that your player wasn't "completely on the ground"
  8. Probably Assassn's Creed Origins or Middle-Earth : Shadow of Mordor. I am not a fan of the AC franchise but I heard Origins was very different, took me a bit to get into it but I eventually had a great time with it. Shadow of Mordor probably one of my biggest surprise, I had so much fun with it and weirdly enough I couldn't get into the sequel, barely touched it and it's still sitting on my shelf. Biggest surprise though has to be Titanfall 2's campaign. I expected the generic FPS campaign but I was blown away by how amazing it is. God damn if it isn't too short but the campaign is absolute quality.
  9. Is Batman Enemy Within any good ? I usually enjoy Telltale games , the first batman was pretty average although I liked (don't know if it's original or has been done in comics before)
  10. Oh I know that. BTW when I said "This is just stupid" I mean the petition, not the ending. the game makes it clear that there is cost to your actions. I didn't dislike the ending, it made sense like I said, it was just me wanting a happy ending.
  11. Joel is still my favourite character ouf of both games and one of the most memorable characters I've played. It seems to me people viewed Joel as a hero just because we got his perspective first. the first game showed up that he isn't a good guy. And they did that from the very beginning before Sarah even died. He refused to stop to help that family while even Tommy and Sarah wanted and would have stopped for them, now I'm sure most people wouldn't have stopped and thought of themselves first, understandable but this is the first hint that Joel isn't a hero. Then we know that he was a "Hunter" meaning he and Tommy killed/robbed innocent people for their food and provisions, Joel says this to Ellie and we get the confirmation at the Dam when it is mentioned again with Tommy obviously stll not over what they did and even full of regret. While Joel is the opposite and think that their survival justified what they did. "This is how you gonna repay me, for all those god damned years I took care of us, you survived because of me " I didn't like that he died, I loved the character so much and I think he is the best acted character , no disrespect to Laura Bailey or Ashley Johnson but Troy Baker's performance as Joel is just one of the best acting I've seen in a video game. But all the bad he's done caught up to him. We really have no idea just how many innocent he's killed.
  12. Yeah that is just stupid. Personally I think the ending would have been better if it ended
  13. And it's a fucking damn shame, I started the game about 2 weeks ago not knowing about this event. When the cartels would spawn I thought those were just normal ennemies and basically a feature of the game. I'm almost done with the story but the game feels a lot more empty without the Cartels thugs spawning constantly. It was actually so much fun to go through an area and have bonus ennmies to kill. I probably won't be playing this game when it will come back , so I'm just really bummed this was a limited event and I didn't get to thoroughly enjoy it or even do the quest attached to it, I just played the game and really thought this was a normal thing that was happening. the mini-boss at random should have stayed
  14. Sounds like you got the O.P.Q ? I got it too and from a cartel drop (alongside a Yellowcake) the game is already not very hard but it makes it an absolute joke. I down main story bosses in seconds.
  15. Just reached lvl 78... I bought the Armored Kuruma not too long ago, No Hay Bronco doesn't give me as much RP as you though, It nets me between 3900/4300 RP and it takes me between 7mins 30 seconds / 8mins 30 seconds to finish it. Meanwhile Blow Up II gives me 4000RP for 15 minutes (12 minutes being AFK) It takes me 2 minutes to drive to the cars , Plant the bomb and bring the Banshee back, then I wait 12 minutes before blowing the cars. I think so far this is the best, as I can basically be AFK for 12 minutes, play 3 minutes, then spend12 minutes on my computer and so on. Still this is gonna take a lot of time...