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  1. Just reached lvl 78... I bought the Armored Kuruma not too long ago, No Hay Bronco doesn't give me as much RP as you though, It nets me between 3900/4300 RP and it takes me between 7mins 30 seconds / 8mins 30 seconds to finish it. Meanwhile Blow Up II gives me 4000RP for 15 minutes (12 minutes being AFK) It takes me 2 minutes to drive to the cars , Plant the bomb and bring the Banshee back, then I wait 12 minutes before blowing the cars. I think so far this is the best, as I can basically be AFK for 12 minutes, play 3 minutes, then spend12 minutes on my computer and so on. Still this is gonna take a lot of time...
  2. Thanks, how can I trigger that mission ? and more importantly grinding it
  3. Well I have to say after playing a couple of hours online today. I have no idea how the fuck I'm gonna reach lvl 100, no idea what to do in solo to get me RP and I tried doing heists with randoms and it honestly felt really hard and they all sucked and kept dying.
  4. Looking at my trophy list it always bothered me that I did so much in GTA V (all collectibles and 100% completion of story) but didn't bother finishing with the online trophies. I'm lvl 67 (checked on Rockstar social club) is it still possible to reach lvl 100 and also get the Numero Uno trophy ??? I heard the online on PS3 is a mess filled with hackers, I alreay have the bounty related trophy, I just don't want hacker to reset my RP/Level, any way around that??
  5. Damn I bought it a month ago on sale on the Canadian store and I haven't played it yet it was so cheap.. less than 5$ Personally I'm hoping for one of these game : Killzone Shadow Fall Mirror's Edge Catalyst Doom Ghost Recon : Wildlands Rainbow Six Siege What Remains of Edith Finch The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Watch Dogs South Park : The Stick of Truth Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition I'm bound to be right about one game , come on ! Titanfall 2 would be great, I have the game and I don't want to say it's underrated because everyone who has played it know how good it is but it definitely has been overlooked and poorly marketed. It would be great to have even more people online and more people to play this gem aswell. The campaign even though short is really fun.
  6. Oh damn, I never started this game and only just learned about this
  7. Found in a garage sale, again really cheap. Feel strange to buy Call of Duty games I bought years ago for the multiplayer but this time for the Campaign
  8. Forgot about Sleeping Dogs, such a good game, shame the sequel was cancelled. Wow feel weird to see Ryse Son of Rome so high on your list, sure it's ahead of most of your unfinished game but still.
  9. Bought really cheap, now I just need to play The New Order that I bought a year ago and is still sealed... 🙄
  10. If The Last of Us Remastered is considered current gen then it's definitely my #1 pick if not then In no particular order. Uncharted 4 God of War Batman : Arkham Knight Life is Strange The Witcher 3 Firewatch Worth mentioning : Titanfall 2 (short but really fun campaign that really surprised me, had a lot of fun) Horizon Zero Dawn : Great gameplay, really fun to play but felt like there was something missing. Still a realy good game and a must play for PS4 owners.
  11. Titanfall 2 is dirt cheap, often on sale, the campaign is really good and the multiplayer is so much fun and still very much alive Uncharted : The Nathan Drake Collection. Pretty cheap and you have 3 games for the price of one. Bethesda Games are often super cheap aswell so if you like Fallout 4 , Dishonored, Wolfenstein watch out for their price. Telltale's Games are often on sales on the Ps Store if you like those kind of games watch out for those aswell (The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead etc..) inFAMOUS Second Son should be really cheap now, really fun to play. The Last of Us Remastered : Imo a must play on PS4 but others may disagree, it should be quite cheap now. Now it might be a little more expensive but The Witcher 3 offers you a lot of hours of gameplay, so it's up to you to see if you want to pay a little more but having a game that will last you much longer. God of War III Remastered should be really cheap aswell.
  12. Oh wow, didn't expect replies that quickly well I guess I'll download the game then How does the game work with newcommer in term of level/weapons?
  13. I totally forgot this game came with PS+ it looks really fun and I wish I had played it back then when it was given as I'm sure it boosted the multiplayer activity so now I'm just wondering if the multiplayer is still active ?
  14. Anyway I got had to collect them all again to open the doors and get Conversations and Photo I missed. Btw I believe the photo can only be triggered after the conversations so if you're missing a photo and conversations in Chapter 4 it's probably those two.
  15. I really liked Arkham Knight, haven't played it in a while after I platinumed it, the season pass goes on saile every once in a while and at this moment he is at 6,99€ on the european store. Are the DLC's worth playing , I know they'll add a lot of trophies but I'm just talking about story DLC. As far as I know there is two DLC : "A Matter of Family" and "A Season of Infamy" judging by Howlongtobeat their average length are 1 hour and 2 and a half hour respectively. As for the rest of the DLC there is 5 Missions DLC which are roughly between 20 to 30 mins each. The rest of the contents is AR Challenges and Skin Packs, don't care much about that. So my question is it worth getting or do the DLC don't add much ?