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  1. I was thinking the other day that it would be really awesome to have Blockbuster around right now but mainly for games. Streaming films/tv shows is way more convenient than going to Blockbuster and renting a VHS/DVD and bringing it home. But I don't think there's any real way to rent games. I know stuff like PS Now exists but it has a very limited library. Like I'm working my way through my PS3 backlog and certain games like the Lego games can be completed in less than a week for me. I wouldn't mind paying £5 to rent it and give it back at the end of the week. I'd prefer that to buying it on ebay and having to resell it after or trading it in at a game store when they reopen
  2. Yeah it did. The game was around £15-20 on Ebay. Plus an £8 online pass. It just didn't seem worth it when the digital copy including the pass was something like £12. I could've got the game physically, platinumed it and sold it on like I usually do but I thought I'll just take the loss on this one game than deal with that effort. Same for me. I saw on here and on, they made it sound like you didn't need anyone else and you could just get it easily on your own but that didn't work for me. The lobby trophy popped fine but the trophy for playing a game didn't work until I had an actual person in a game with me.
  3. I doubt I'll be playing this. It seems so unnecessary. I'm not saying only PS1/PS2 titles can be remade. PS3 titles can also be remade but have it be stuff that would actually look and play significantly better. Stuff like inFamous, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 1, the Resistance games, etc. A game released at the end of that generation that's basically maxing out that console is almost a PS4 launch title. Plus I think I draw the line at platinuming a game twice. I feel like anymore than that and I'm not doing it to replay a game I loved. I'm just doing it for the trophies
  4. I bought the game digitally on 1st March 2021. I was going to buy it physically and then sell it on after I completed it but the cost of the online pass along with the game made me think buying it digitally would be better. I got all the online trophies on that same day and played a few games with random people online over the last month. I put on the game and was able to get into the online part. It wasn't greyed out or anything. I didn't play the game with anyone today but I didn't have the problem you guys are having
  5. Well I play games because I think I'll enjoy them. I've only ever played one game for the platinum without enjoying it and I regretted it as soon as I earned it. I've made a list of all the game I currently want to play and I'm working my way through them. So I disagree with what you're saying. Just because I have a backlog of games I want to play, doesn't mean I'm doing it just for the trophies. I wanted to play this game for the longest time. I heard about it back when it came out and then I ended up not playing for various reasons. I finally got around to it now when I'm clearing my PS3 backlog. Using a guide doesn't mean I'm just here for trophies. But I would like to optimise my time. Sometimes, certain games can be platinumed in 1 playthrough on hard and it's doable. If I were to play some of those games on easy, then medium, then hard, I'd probably lose interest having to redo them over and over again. I was never really planning on playing Edge of Time. I saw that the reviews for that one weren't great. I thought if I fell in love with this one I'd give that one a go but right now, it's not looking like I'll give it a chance. I'm not going to force myself to play it just for the platinum.
  6. I totally agree that it sucks that movie tie in games have sort of stopped. When I was young most of my favourite games were those just because I would pick up games with characters or movies I knew on the cover. X-Men Origins Wolverine Way better than the movie it was based on and a real love letter to Wolverine fans. Wish it could've been a standalone game just so it wouldn't have had to tie in to the movie storyline. Toy Story 3 Doesn't really follow the story of the film but still fun. Really polished nice looking game that's fun even if you're an adult. Best part is getting to play the Buzz Lightyear level from the beginning of the second film. Tron Evolution Just platinumed this last night. It has a proper story that is meant to be set before Tron Legacy. It looks really cool to be playing around in the world of Tron. It's not the greatest game but for the price you'll pay nowadays for it, it's worth it. It has a few online trophies that can be earned in less than half an hour with another person. I was genuinely surprised to learn the servers were still up. The Amazing Spider-Man A decent open world Spider-Man game that continues the story of the movie but it takes it in some weird directions that wouldn't work in a movie. Not as good as Spider-Man 2 or the PS4 one but still good. The Lego games These are always good fun and usually follow the story of a movie series. The ones I'd recommend are Indiana Jones 1 (no trophies), Star Wars The Complete Saga (no trophies), both Harry Potter games, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lego Movie. Haven't played Jurassic World or Star Wars The Force Awakens yet but I've heard good things. Ghostbusters the Video Game Basically the third film. It's so much fun and it literally feels you're back in the 90s and a new Ghostbusters film has come out. The gameplay is nothing special but the story, characters and dialogue are what made me love it. Servers have been shut down so you can't get the platinum for it (you can on PS4 though) Back to the Future The Game Continues the story after the film trilogy with a new story. It's a Telltale game but it's more about puzzles and doing quests than making choices like the The Walking Dead. The story is good but it gets a bit cartoony at times. It would be hard to imagine this as a film with the real actors. If you're getting it, go for the full game instead of individual episodes on PSN. You'll get a platinum that way. Other games I've heard good things about but haven't played myself are the Wanted game, Lord of the Rings Conquest, Lord of the Rings War in the North, Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 and 2, and the Captain America game
  7. X-Men Origins Wolverine It's such a great game made by good developers that treated the character with respect and gave us that R-rated Wolverine we wanted long before Logan came out. It's really underrated and unheard of because a lot of people assume it's just like every other lame movie tie in game and because the movie it was based on was pretty crap. But this is amazing. It similar to God of War in some ways. It just lets you be Wolverine and do violent acts against faceless enemies and fight some of the bad guys from the movie like Sabretooth, Gambit, The Blob, not Deadpool and another awesome from the comics that I won't spoil. It really bums me out that it was a movie tie in game (same as Spider-Man 2 on PS2) because we'll never get a remaster or re-release for that reason no matter how good it was. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time IMO one of the best Ratchet games. It's just so much fun and such a good story. Ratchet does his own thing and that's great like normal. Clank is separate from him for most of the game and he has to complete puzzle that involve time. So you can throw an orb that slows down everything in it to get across something that might be moving too fast to walk across. Or recording multiple versions of yourself doing different tasks to complete a puzzle so jumping on a button lowers a platform and jumping off it raises it so you need to record a version of yourself that jumps on that button, then a version that runs to the platform, then re-record the first version jumping on the button, waiting for the second to get on the platform and then jump off the button, then re-record the second version jumping on the platform when it's down and jumping off it when it's up. It's hard to explain but it's so much fun. Also, being able to fly between different planets and moons in actual space listening the radio instead of jumping straight to the planet and 100%ing each moon/planet is awesome. I really hope this part comes back in the new game. Toy Story 3 A simple game you could probably platinum in a day or two but it's really fun. It's not really based on Toy Story 3 but more just inspired by it. It doesn't follow the story of the film. It's just set after the film and involves the toys in different levels based on certain scenes from the film. My favourite level is definitely the one that lets you play the Buzz Lightyear video game from the beginning of Toy Story 2. I've been wanting to play that fictional game for years ever since I first saw the film at the cinema and that was a childhood dream to finally be able to do it and it being just as awesome as I always imagined. It also has a Toy Box mode which is the original thing that eventually became a big chunk of Disney Infinity (same developers, was so sad to see them shut down but glad WB reopened them and have them working on a Harry Potter game)
  8. How is it pathetic? None of us signed our soul to Playstation. I'm sticking with them too but just because I prefer their games and their developers to Xbox's. If in 5 or 10 years time, consoles don't have exclusives anymore and you can stream the other console's games to yours, I would have no problem playing on Xbox. The ones that "jumped ship" to PS4 did it because Sony was doing good stuff while Microsoft wasn't. Now they're going back because Microsoft is doing good stuff while Sony isn't. IMO it's more pathetic to say you'll only stick with one brand and you'll accept everything they do wrong and mock others for going where they'll get better value
  9. I don't think any of it is to do with Naughty Dog. They developed the original games and that's it. The PS3 version was ported by Mass Media Games. That was sold at a reasonable price but it's 9 years old now so it's harder to get and that's why it's a bit more expensive. The Vita version was also by them and that was for a console that was a flop and it wasn't a good port apparently so they didn't make as many copies as the PS3 version so the prices are high for the few copies that are out there. The PS4 version came was released digitally and then Limited Run Games made physical copies of them 4 games a few years later. Limited Run Games only make a limited number of their games. The games they release are digital only games so they make their physical copies as a collectible item for people that really want it and they get bought up soon after they're released
  10. Same. I was always interested in it even though I never had a Nintendo console. I might pick this up. Especially if all that drama above is happening. Might get delisted quickly
  11. DLC won't be much. Probably about £10 max (just the Agents of Shield DLC for Lego Avengers but I haven't checked the price of it yet) Games are where I'll mainly be spending more money. Vita God of War Collection £20 The Sly Trilogy £20 The Ratchet Trilogy £20 Persona 4 Golden £9 Final Fantasy X/X2 £20 PS3 Far Cry Classic (not sure about the price) The Oddworld games (not sure about the price) AC Liberation HD (on the fence about this one. I'm playing it on Vita right now and I like it but I think I might skip the PS3 remaster and go straight to the PS4 one)
  12. I just looked it up and Ratchet Trilogy was cross buy if you got it digitally. Not the physical version. I got the physical one on PS3 but I'll need to buy it again for Vita. Jak was only cross buy in Europe (weird)
  13. What do you mean? They're all cross buy aren't they? I know Sly trilogy and Jak trilogy definitely are and I'm pretty sure about the others
  14. This was my biggest worry. I still have about 20 games to play on PS3 and most of them are on disc but I was worried the patches might not download after the store goes down That doesn't sound right. What about Sly Trilogy, Sly 4, PS All Stars, Sound Shapes, God of War Collection, Jak Trilogy, Ratchet Trilogy
  15. The ones I can think of are: Tokyo Jungle Assassin's Creed Liberation HD I would've said Far Cry Classic and Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator but it's already been mentioned