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  1. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei & Shidonia no Kishi.
  2. Had the same thing happen aswell. For some reason it's quite heavy to run and because of that it's building up quite some heat while playing. Like mentioned above, i've given it more room aswell as some additional cooling and it improved a lot.
  3. Destiny The Crew GTA 5 (PS4) Bloodborne
  4. Although i really do get that these remasters are not as valuable for people who have played or own a copy of the last gen games, it fascinates me that there are quite a few people who say it looks the same and thereby claim it's graphically the same game. If you've actually played the previous version, which i did aswell, it's hard to not see the difference. And just for convenience sake i'll put a picture down below. (There are a couple more comparison pics, if you are interested, to find on Although we've been fooled a couple of times with gameplay footage not actually being the final product's graphical output, i'm looking at a pretty believable upgrade from Rockstar. If in the end it does prove to not be actual ps4 in-game footage the trailer showed i will eat my words, until then trying to discuss a graphical comparison with something that's based on "??" is.. well.. weird.. Edit: on-topic though to answer the question: as i don't own a copy on the ps3, i'll definitely be buying this for ps4 instead.
  5. Timesplitters. It would complete my life.
  6. This ^^
  7. Let's hope it is something special
  8. Most definitely true. I guess we will just have to wait and see like we've been doing for the past 6 years.
  9. Although i don't want to bust your bubble but kinda-almost do by saying this is that there's been 2 posts recently by russian insiders that The Last Guardian has been canceled. It's still a rumor to be honest so it could very well be happening. As for on topic, i'm looking forward seeing some more stuff in regards to The Crew and Destiny, apart from that.. i just hope to be pleasantly surprised. Secondly, i've been waiting for Kojima to get on stage during Sony's conference with Z.O.E. 3.. It's good to have some dreams..
  10. What is your character lvl?Edit: I'm sorry nevermind, didn't notice this was the US Section, I'm EU
  11. As for leaving the console and thereby your character idle doesn't really work for most people. There have been multiple statements (aswell as my own experience) that leaving your character idle to be invaded does not improve your chances of getting tailed. As mentioned above it does however seem to work better with the notority-reset trick in combination with you invading and/or tailing other people. The more people you tail, the more people will get the "Retaliation" option for some payback time, which can help you in return aswell. Yes it is down to luck, and i found it annoying the moment i knew that as i loathe those kind of trophies, however it was not bad at all to get the trophy in the end when i started tailing people myself. After i tailed a couple of players i just took 15 min breaks to walk around the city and not doing any missions, side missions, crimes etc. It took me 2-ish hours of repeating this process.
  12. The one i've enjoyed the most so far, which is a bit of a surprise to me, is Watch Dogs. I keep logging in to do some Decriptions and Hacks. As for "most anticipating games", i can't wait to get my hands on both The Crew and Destiny.
  13. I tend to keep my gaming business to myself, so not really to be honest. People who i play with or RLF are gamers themselves, although not all of them are trophy hunters, the ones that are not do not criticize or look down upon it but rather see it as something that requires some dedication from a person.
  14. No Custom Controller yet, but do have a ps4 skin. (click on image to enlarge)
  15. Too bad my only Platinum "Blocker" isn't listed, which is Luck-Based trophies.. Although my OCD forces me to do those trophies, I loathe them..