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  1. I just got the trophy. I am pretty sure that I was touched but instead of restarting the checkpoint I quit to the main menu and then resumed. I did this several times and finished the level and got the trophy.
  2. Perfect that worked. Just got my first trophy on the EU version with my US account .
  3. I need just some more detail on this. I did buy and downloaded the game on the EU account but i get the lock icon when trying to play it on my US account. How do i make the EU my primary and won't this mess up my main US account?
  4. I am a little confused on how to able to play a digital game that has JP, EU and NA trophy lists on my US account. How do i purchase the EU or JP version and be able to play it on my US account?
  5. Servers still up?
  6. Patch notes for Mafia 3: MAFIA III: DEFINITIVE EDITION Further graphical improvements have been made for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles General bug fixes Very helpful patch notes, I assume the trophies are not fixed because in the Mafia 2 patch notes they say they fixed a trophy issue.
  7. Not quitting the game might fix it but I just finished my second playthrough and on both playthroughs I got a BSOD..... I have low hopes for a trophy patch since it looks like this issue isnt new and they did not fix it before.
  8. I think another truck nearby can cause this to glitch. I also had cargo falling through a trailer. I was loading it with another truck. I moved the trailer a little down the road. Was able to load the cargo on the trailer then. Moved the second truck away from the trailer and was able to pack the cargo.
  9. Did you do the radioactive material contract? That was the last cargo for me to get the trophy.
  10. I was able to get the Goliath trophy with the Oil Rig trailer. Uploaded short video on youtube:
  11. What winch did you use?
  12. Does anyone know if I missed the chance in pipe dream to lift the semi trailer if i can start a new game to get this trophy? i’m wondering about the ingame trophy tracker and the psn trophy list. If i unlock Goliath on a new save file if it will unlock the platinum on the psn trophy list?
  13. i am doing 3rd person and not even moving the camera at all. Still crashing constantly. I getting some wooden planks from the first map to see if that crashes too....
  14. Game keeps crashing on Island Lake after picking up wooden planks at the log station. I dont think its related to one task because it crashed on 2 different tasks but i think it only crashes when the task is active because i was able to pick up the planks and drive around with it when i did not have an active task but with an active task it crashes about 20 seconds after i load the planks on my truck.
  15. What about the out with the old contract from dyson diesel? It says deliver construction rig semi trailer. I have not tried it myself yet. I was just wondering.