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  1. I got all the online trophies last week within 4 days. I would rate it 1 because you can boost to level 60 alone and it should not take more then 2 hours to get the trophies where you need other people for.
  2. So basically keep starting a new session until it works?
  3. So I am trying to boost solo. Selected Rescue, survivor and selected medkits to 20 but when the game starts there are no medkits to pickup. Did they patch this or am I doing something wrong?
  4. It happens with cars too. No one joins.
  5. When I create a session no one ever joins. Anyone else having the same issue?
  6. Can you link that tweet here? I cant find it on twitter.
  7. I assume kill assists dont count though?
  8. I dont think assists count since I only have 7 hero ship kills but I got way more assists on hero ship kills. Its also very hard to find them if they are smaller ship like Luke's X-Wing. I dont understand why they are not marked on the map but on galactic assault you can see the heroes marked on the map.
  9. I actually think GT Sport is similar to Driveclub. Sure its a little more Sim but not that much more. The drift events in GT Sport are pretty much the same as in Driveclub..
  10. I am level 20 already but of course it will slow down. But shouldnt take too long.
  11. Actually there are private lobbies so hopefully it can be boosted.
  12. I wonder if it can be boosted in private lobbies.
  13. Well it looks like a pretty easy trophy list. I did not see any multiplayer trophies.
  14. Not true since you get the rookie license when you finish your first offline race.
  15. The order shows correct for me on my PS4. I finished Flower and Flow and they both show on top on the PS4 trophy list just not here on psnp.