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  1. i’ve sent you an invite as well. I can easily contribute rep since i am still actively playing.
  2. How do you remove a party member? I don't see any options!
  3. It can take awhile but it does work on random thugs. Just run in circles until they arrive.
  4. How do you get the staring trophy?
  5. Was there a 4wd yesterday? I did race yesterday but i dont really remember it since i didnt know the patch would drop today. I did download the patch before i started the game today.
  6. At least the trophy is retroactive. I just logged in and the trophy popped. I didnt have to place in the top tier again.
  7. I agree, i keep tweeting them about it and sent them an email as well.
  8. This trophy list was created because the disc version did not sync up with the psn servers when it came out last week.
  9. I submitted a ticket to skybound too.
  10. Just send skybound and telltale some tweets.... maybe someone will notice....
  11. Yeah i have the same issue. I hope its just because its a seperate trophy list.
  12. Same here, what a bunch of bs. Have you upgraded any before the last patch? If so downgrade them to level 1 and then upgrade them back to the highest level again. That worked for me.
  13. Update: I deleted my save file, did a 100 laps time trail on speedbowl and now the 100 laps trophy unlocked. Took me 45 minutes for the 100 laps. That means it will take about 75 hours to get the 10.000 laps trophy. I tried to use a rubberband to let it drive itself but that does not really work. Car goes off the track a lot and sometimes it crashes into the pillars and then goes the wrong way.
  14. Patch 1.3 - Drove way over 100 laps, still no trophy popping. - I killed over 500 opponents on patch 1.2, killed 10 more with 1.3 to see if it would register but trophy did no pop. - The 700 km/h average speed trophy did pop. It's still buggy and i am getting sick of it.
  15. True but the devs are not even working on the PS4 version patches. I emailed them and got this reply: The PS4 will be getting various patches, the next one being for trophies. Unfortunately I can't give you date, as we don't handle more than the PC version here at Caged Element Apologies for the issue!