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  1. I didn't get the trophies a few times as well as some of the ending trophies, What seemed to fix it was closing and reopening the application.
  2. I was looking forward to it having a platinum trophy, but i am not really that surprised and will still play it again considering that the Resident Evil Series is one of my favourite game series. They had the potential to add more trophies or add a platinum trophy. But i guess that they didn't see the need to, or they thought that the PS3 trophy list was good enough. Capcom have altered a Resident Evil PS4 port trophy list before by halving the requirements for the RE5 versus mode.
  3. No you should be fine challenges always reset when you enter a level if you press down on the d pad it will say if they have been completed in previous playthroughs of the level.
  4. .
  5. If your planning on getting the platinum you will have replay the mission anyways, so you don't need to worry about replaying it until you consider doing hard mode.
  6. Had the same thing happen to me, unfortunately you have to create a new character and unlock 10 skill mods again.
  7. Thanks, You'll get me this month, doing my backlog this month so I won't earn as many trophies
  8. i'm at 57 for march so far, not a bad effort
  9. 7 Platinum's in January not a bad start to the year
  10. I sent you a message not sure if you saw it finished the legend of Korra off of my backlog
  11. So far this month my totals are 5 Platinum, 24 Gold, 47 Silver, 105 Bronze