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  1. I had Limited edition cookie that was covered in chocolate and filled with rowanberry jam.
  2. So Umm.. I really don't know how to translate my work to english but I'm trainee (it's still work) in project communication as video editor, photographer and sometimes in graphic department if there is too much work going on. I really like my job but there is most of the time too much work for two people (one in graphic department and me) and since I don't get paid of any kind and drowning in work I'm really on my edge.
  3. Yeah I played some horror games with good headphones and lights off and that's something I can't do even though it's better experience. I have to sit far from my monitor/tv and have every light on in my apartment if it's dark outside. If I have friends over and somebody else is playing then I have no problem with darkness and indvidual hedphones etc.
  4. Thanks but I don't want to avoid something because I'll get fucking scared. I have played games like amnesia and even if it's something I never want to do again I liked my time with it. I just wanted to know what I'm putting myself into so I could ease a lttle bit of fearstress. Like when I played condemned I didn't do any research and that got me a little bit traumatised.
  5. So I finally..I played teaser demo and I really liked what I saw and wanted to play hole game. Problem is I'm really really really bad playing horror games heck I have problems sometimes playing games like fallout because I'm too scared. I don't want to watch any walkthroughs or gameplay cause I dont want spoilers but can anybody say what type of horror game is this like it's there lots of combat, sneaking, running etc. Thanks
  6. Okei I'm a bit of late about playing this but did anybody else found this game really depressing?
  7. Soo I don't know if this off topic but I didn't figure out any other category. So this is more about asking advise. If there is anyone that buy collector's editions any platform is fine and if you get stickers in that box what you do with those. I dont plan selling my boxes so I dont think resale value but I just don't want to put them in somewhere where they will be wasted but keeping them in the box is kind of boring.
  8. Mail-order lawyer is keeping me company at bed tonight.


    1. DF007gamer


      Sorry but i read that too quick.:facepalm: I read it like "My mother-in-law is keeping me company in bed tonight" Honest mistake:lol:

    2. untuvakana


      That makes my status even better :D


  9. Deadly Premonition :The Director's cut Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Platinum Trophy Zach, it's over, all finished.It's time for you to leave town. Are you ready to go?
  10. Yeas to ps1 version of the game and later steam version. Gregory Horror Show?
  11.  I like my early 2017 like my dark souls: fat-roll.


  12. Flu has invaded my nasal cavity and is banishing its population through my nose.

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Hope you'll recover from it soon.

  13. GtA series Fallout 3-4 Far cry series Red dead redemption Dragon age: origins Note: These games aren't bad. I just can't enjoy them and playing them feels like a chore
  14. I forgot that I'm a human

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      I thought you were a cute little chick. :D

    2. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      I thought you were a taco until my sight cleared up.

    3. miki-iki


      sometimes i think i wasnt supposed to be human. :u