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  1. How do you steal weapons with a throw? I've tossed a lot of enemies and never once got their weapon. EDIT: Answered my own question. Throw with no weapon equipped, so with Samurai Fist in use.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Next time I play, I'll give it a try.
  3. I came back to this months later. I found out that Ryuko's triangle charge move has a quick follow-up. If you tap triangle, then triangle again, she sends out one blast move, then a follow-up blast move. If you charge it, the follow-up homes in on targets with two energy blades. I managed to get A rank on episode 8 A part, I got a B rank on offensive, I'm guessing for a lack of combos. I got As in Time and HP though. Man this one is punishing. EDIT: Just got S rank. Use the charge triangle move, then follow up with homing to get early stuns on the boss. Go for combos against the Covers. Another Edit: Kill la Kill IF, the last Ryuko battle against a powered-up Satsuki can die in a fire. On one-star, she's like the sister Sephiroth and Cloud didn't know they had. There has to be a way to cheese that. I managed to beat her, but only because, once fully powered up, you can't die.
  4. I think I stunned it when it was winding up to do the mouth blast move, the red kamehameha thing. I don't know how I did it though, I think it was a normal combo. That blast move does shield break, I've seen that firsthand and got KO'd. I'll keep trying on it, practice makes perfect and everything.
  5. I've been dreading that trophy. It would be neat if we could use super Satsuki. I haven't seen super Ryuko, but Satsuki's Square move regens health. I was thinking Ragyo or Nui might be a cheese character. As an opponent, they can combo to hell and back. EDIT: Nonon might be the real cheese character. The Triangle move hits from across the field, homes, and combos. The Circle move is the Kamehameha, and the charge up follows the opponent. Do you have any advice for Ryuko's episode 8 part A match against the Primordial Life Fiber? I can get A in Time and Offensive, but B - D in HP, ending with a B as the final rank. That thing hits hard. I thought sticking near the neck might be a good move, but it only helped on Time.
  6. It's all Nui clones. This one happens in that arena, not the Life Fiber Palace. Though that mission would be 100x easier if we could target specific enemies and not just whoever the computer decides we should target. One enemy right in front of me, and I'm keyed into one on the other side of the arena. EDIT: That might be the plan. That's what accidentally happened on the mission I was fighting with, and I did nothing different besides that. I just happened to be fighting the real Nui and I got A in Offensive. I got S in episode 6 part A while making sure I left Nui for last.
  7. If given the chance, the Nuis will combo me to heck and back. So I need to hold back and work on performing more specials. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Episode 5 Part B, taking on 10 Nui clones, I always get Offensive B no matter how well I do. It's not a mission where you can use Bloody Valor either. I used the Triangle, Square, and Circle specials to make sure I used them all at least once. I can knock them around like a champ and get A for HP and Time, but only B in Offensive. What do I do?
  9. I haven't started Ryuko's story yet. I finished Satsuki's with all S rank thanks to SpaceCoresDad's tips with Valor. I thank you both for the advice.
  10. Ah alright. Thanks for all your help. You came with your own problem, getting a D in time. I've run into problems with time too, but my way to get a higher rank there was just cheesing them. I've found that with Satsuki, if I do that O move from the air, they launch and I just hit Square to chase them, getting them into a quick combo. That's the only cheese move I've found, and it makes things a bit easier. Doesn't work on COVERS though for some reason, those things need to be AOE'd somehow.
  11. Oh, thanks for telling me that! Is there a way to guarantee a win in those match ups? Your trick is to use Mock at the last second. Is there a clear way to see what they chose, or is it all blind RNG?
  12. Where you tap L1 + R1, right? That only does the aura thing that breaks enemy combos. I don't know how to raise Valor rank up to pull that off, or do the SEN-I-SOSHITSU moves. In-game guides don't really explain how, just that they are things.
  13. I have a similar problem with Satsuki's mission. I forgot the number, but she takes on the Elite Four. No matter how well I do, I get B on Offensive, and end with an A rank. I get A in Time and HP, but always a B in Offensive.
  14. I got a new email from SE Support. To sum it up: it is indeed an error and will be fixed, the themes are supposed to be free. Here's a screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/sIXMu
  15. I'd rather not pay $2.99 for something that should be free. 1.5 and 2.5 had unlockable themes for free, and it's apparently free in PAL and Japan.