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  1. I don't know if Echochrome is supposed to receive the free upgrade option, but I own Echochrome on PSP and never got the option to get the 4/5 versions for free. Any chance this can be looked into? My PSN is elecmouse101.
  2. Yup, Canadian account. On a somewhat related note, I also own Echochrome on PSP but never got an upgrade for that.
  3. I got a free upgrade for this. I own the PSP version
  4. Have you tried doing it with this method? This Get There felt pretty impossible to me, but this path worked out surprisingly well for me.
  5. Ya I never did challenge mode until after the speedrun and I didn't really practice either. I just kinda winged it.
  6. I saved between every stage. I only reset if I made a major mistake. My run is no where near optimized. I bought 4 items, Energy Balancer, Energy Balancer Neo, Auto-Charge Chip, and Buster Plus Chip.The buster upgrades are nice but you definitely don't need them. Energy Balancer Neo I would say is a must. I was using Rush and Pile Driver so often that that they were always out of ammo, along with constantly using whatever weapon is good for the situation I'm in. Gear Cooling system I wanted, but I never unlocked it in that run lol. Would have bought that instead of the Buster Plus Chip if I had. Speed Boost is a great upgrade, but with how pressed I was for time there was no time to grind kills in slow motion, so sadly I had to pass on it.
  7. My first attempt at the speedrun trophy I beat the game in 1 hour 4 minutes. I started with Blast Man cause I found his stage easy then just continued the loop. This attempt I started with Impact Man just to get his weapon. I'm about halfway done and it seems faster than last time. UPDATE: I just beat the game in 59:42. I started with Impact Man like I said, and just went in order of boss weaknessess. So Impact > Bounce > Fuse > Tundra > Torch > Blast > Block > Acid. Make sure to exploit weaknesses on mid-bosses too, most of them have the same weakness as the boss of it's level. Use Pile Driver (Impact Man's weapon) as often as possible to move fast. Don't forgot about Rush either. You can use him to skip a lot of platforming challenges. For the Wily stages, as far as I'm concerned Yellow Devil has no weakness so I just bustered him. In Wily Stage 2 use Power-Geared Chain Blast to OHKO the towers. For the boss use Bounce Balls. For the final boss, phase 1 use Chain Blast (I powered it up but I never tested without it). Phase 2 I used Acid Armor, but it didn't seem to effective even though it is it's weakness.
  8. It doesn't matter if you cap or kill it. Both work. The interesting thing is that these trophies have always been in game achievements in the entirety of the franchise, and it only ever required Silver Large Crowns. So either it's a glitch or they changed them up for World.
  9. Let me clarify. There are 4 sizes of monsters as categorized by crowns. Small Gold Crown < No Crown < Large Silver Crown < Large Gold Crown. There is no Small Silver Crown.
  10. If it's like the past MH games there are only gold mini crowns. Silvers are only for large, for whatever reason.
  11. My only mini crown is from the USJ event quest in Japan.
  12. I'm currently level 13. I've been playing for a bit today and one hasn't spawned yet.
  13. I hit rank 7 last night, (this morning according to golf island time) and when I booted up the game today (same day) I immediately had a rematch ready for me. That's all I know on the matter.
  14. Just got 100%. Started last night, left it on over night for the 10 hour trophy, and just finished it up now. IMHO it's not too bad. There is a trophy guide on this website so use it for assistance. I'd say the most difficult trophy is clearing the unknown route, just because it has the most difficult stages. It can get pretty frustrating, I spent like 2 hours on the second last stage. If you're easily irritable, I'd just pass.