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  1. Exactly the same way it is possible to receive certain trophies at the same time, if the trigger is not working properly, right? Do I argue illogically? Why does the exculpatory side work for some, but for others - not? I've never done this kind of business and I'm not going, I certainly do not really value a place in the rating table, but I do not want to denigrate my honest name. I can make another assumption, as I said earlier, if a mistake in the trigger was not discovered by someone before me, does not mean that it does not exist, right? I have no idea what the reasons for this problem are, but I can not go through the game in order to achieve this effect - I will not do it at 18 hours :). The only problem is that the game - not very popular and make specific in this issue and achieve a repetition of the error from other users - is problematic.
  2. If the site gives an opportunity to blame people for anything, I have the right to take this opportunity if I consider the user to receive any trophies illegitimately. In any case, that my, that your accusations are only conjectures, so judge all honestly. I got the trophies honestly, my fault is that the triger did not work correctly - no, the accusations are very controversial and do not have any ground. How is the presumption of innocence? You ask me to prove my innocence, but you can not prove my guilt, paradoxically. If it looks like some kind of revenge - no, I help the resource like other users, I make assumptions about what could have been obtained is not legitimate. Yes, these are the assumptions, because it is impossible to know exactly how and what happened. The administration will be judged, I played the game and I assure you, 18 hours is unreal, the game is not long, but very problematic, even if you do not sleep for 24 hours, it's impossible to do that, so I dare to suggest - was used save file and the trophies were obtained dishonestly . This is a weighty reason?
  3. bigpebro Sonic Adventure Too fast? No, it's too fast to go through the game 100% in 18 hours (<br /> In my case there were several trophies is glitched(This game is very unstable, maybe there is a problem in certain regions), some people complained about this problem and I ran into it(, after doing all the conditions of some trophies - they did not pop up, after passing a certain mission I got a few trophies at once, my fault is not.
  4. Free way to quickly refresh all stamina. Use all stamina and exit to the map. Hold PS button and turn off internet. Go to the PS Vita Settings. Change time, set +2 hours to the current time Return to game, hold PS button and turn on internet. Wait game connect to the server (Tap on the icon at the bottom of outermost right few times).
  5. Nice, tested now, working, thanks, my Isaac come back .
  6. Guy`s still pop-up this trohpy and nobody don`t know how?