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  1. Try this site: I think you will find pretty much everything about Dark Souls 2 there.
  2. This game has been at $19.99 (PS4 version) on Playstation store for year now. $25 is a little high. Anyway, it's a great game with all 3 DLCs included. No offense, but if people are tight on cash, instead of spending time on video games, get a job.
  3. Just in case you don't know what its purpose, basically, the seed of a giant tree is used to make the host enemies attack the invaders. Does anyone would like to trade seed with me? I want to stock up 40 seeds (I'm not greedy, 40 will be enough; if you want 600 seeds, you will have to find another friend). I currently have 5 seeds, but we can double them up per each summon. 5 10 20 40 (repeating as needed to get to 600, but I will stop here, but no worry, once you use up your 40 seeds, I will drop you another 40....that is what friends are for) So, after 5 summons, we would each have 40 seeds. Although there are room in the box for 600 seeds, I think 40 is the limit per each summon (note: that you can carry only 5, so how can you drop 40 per each summon? well, I will show you how if you are in). Let me know if you want to stock up seeds.
  4. If you don't have a PS4 yet, you should get the PS4. Warning: you can't play Dark Souls "online" on PS4 without PSN+ membership. On PS3, it's 100% free to play online; on PS4, most games require PSN+ to play online.
  5. Yeah, exactly what FlimFantic said, make sure you get all the spells in all DLC areas. No worry! It's pretty easy to platinum.
  6. In DS2, there is a silly concept called "soul memory". They use "soul memory" (not soul level) to determine online summoning/invading. This concept is so bad so they introduce the "Agape Ring" in the later patch. Basically, if you wear the Agape ring, you won't gain souls... that's cool, but without souls, you can't upgrade your weapons for purchasing supplies... didn't I say it was "silly".... so to cure the silliness, they introduce another silliness. Anyway, if you want to know how to get the Agape ring, check out my youtube videos on how to get there (links on my sign below). Since I journey through this entire game naked at level 1 and using only weapons/items that I found along the way, you should have no problem following me with a more powerful build.
  7. Most invaders, especially red phantoms are at great disadvantages (i.e. less health, lower level than the host, half estus, etc.). Even 1v1, the host still at an advantage. When I'm a buddy phantom, I usually stand my ground and invite the invader to fight me first, everyone else can just stay back and watch. If the invader ignore me go after the host first, then it's fair game....and I will do everything I can to protect the host. If I invade someone, I will wait for the host to send his champion or himself to meet me. If he decides to run for cover, I will simply return home. If they all decide to jump on me, then sure, I will do everything I can to survive. It doesn't really matter if I win or lose, no hard feeling!
  8. Of course, you are right! With training or battlefield experience, a tank can be deadly too. I should have chosen my words carefully. Next time, I would say "IMO", or "based on my personal experience".
  9. I have been playing Dark Souls for a long time (since Dark Souls 1 on PS3) and quite frankly, I never care much for the guy in full Harvey armor with giant weapons. If I see one with heavy weapon, s/he is pretty much a dead one. It's the naked one with a dagger that I fear. So light and fast is better than tank.
  10. I could never get the password matching to work for the covenant items. I wish it does, but it doesn't. Anyway, the reason I like the low level is to avoid um-invited guests. For example, we could hang out at Anor Londo at level 1 in ember form all day and no one would invade because in order for the invaders to invade level 1 host, they have to be level 1 too. Just how many red invaders out there at Anor Londo that are playing at level 1? And because there aren't many other people that fit the summon criteria in that specific area, we would be the only people in town Sure, the invaders could be anyone that can kill the host... we get Proofs for helping to protect the host from being killed by invaders.
  11. If you just need the 30 grassy things for the covenant, just to the "Perimeter" bonfire at Farron Keep, then quickly kill the three wolves that were sitting down near the bonfire, rest at bonfire and repeat. You should get 30 grassy items within an hour or two. It's very easy... since all three of them were sitting down, you could easily kill all them with at level 1 with a non-upgrade weapon. If you want to pvp, just go to the Anor Londo bonfire. There are all types of summon sign there for 1 vs 1 pvp.
  12. Welcome to Dark Souls! You may hear a lot of stories on how difficult this game may be; don't believe them! This is the most easy game in the Dark Souls series. If you have trouble getting pass a boss, check out some of my youtube videos (link on my sign below)... all bosses can be killed at level 1. I will be making more videos... beating them at level 1 is easy, but beating them without getting hurting is hard... I'm just playing game for fun, but when I make the video, people demand "perfection"; hence, the reason why I turned off the comment section.... no matter what we do, there will be always complains or unconvinced people. lol. I'm ok with that now....these days, they don't bother me no more.
  13. Well, I didn't get this trophy during my first play through, so I started over with new rogue... this time, I made sure I completed all the challenges during boss fights to get the orange items. I killed the Annihilator last night with the Unity Staff and the trophy popped. Didn't even have to kill the two brothers. Btw, the Curse sword doesn't count for me; it was "white" when I picked it up, upgraded to "purple" after buried. I don't know if it's possible to pick up the "purple" version, then upgrade it to orange. It's a good sword against ghosts.
  14. Frame rate? Not sure what everyone is talking about. Comparing to those games I played back in the 80's, nowadays, these games are like the gifts from heaven. Anyway, I have not noticed any problem in Dark Souls III.
  15. Well, most people (unless they have a death wish or really good with pvp), don't usually hang out at Farron Keep...because those Watchdogs invaders are really "dog" hunting in pack. The first time I was at Farron Keep, not knowing what I was doing or where I was going, I got invaded by two of them ganging on me. I killed one of them and another one invaded shortly....and they drank estus like no tomorrow.... so I ran back to the bonfire, sat down, and those invaders kill me anyway... ganging and murdering the innocent when she was just sitting down... no honor! They were really behaving like a pack of zombie dogs!