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  1. It certainly helped, but there are still crashing issues, just seems like fewer than before the patch. I did not encounter any soft lock issues so I cannot speak to that.
  2. Seems like a new patch was released yesterday, in the patch notes it states that: Many crashes are fixed across the game. Let's hope this is the case
  3. It crashes quite often. I have started saving after every battle which seems like overkill but is necessary unless you want to lose a decent amount of progression. It's pretty annoying as it is a really good game but terribly unstable.
  4. I'm having this issue with Sleep Tight, Little BB. It did not pop at the story part where it popped on PS4 and I have tried comforting BB over and over.
  5. This trophy did not pop and I haven't been able to force it by continually soothing BB on other deliveries. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. I'm very happy with it. If you go back and play games on the PS4 you'll definitely see a difference.
  7. There is a ton of similarity between this and Dishonored in the mechanics and abilities. I hated Dishonored but am enjoying the story on this so far. I am very bad at games that reward stealth and Deathloop has given me a bit of forgiveness on going all out attack.
  8. Have you been to the upside down portion of Two-Town yet?
  9. I totally understand, I find it to be a bit punishing. I've been stuck at Adolucia for years and just never went back.
  10. I didn't see Tales of Symphonia, though I only ask because I want to love it but I'm deadly stuck at an early boss fight that I just cannot beat and I was going to ask for a suggestion.
  11. This worked, once I backed out and went back in they began to pop.
  12. I tried as well and am not getting them.
  13. Worked exactly as described! 😀
  14. This happened to me with the PS5, I needed to go into my PS5 settings and make my profile public.
  15. I don't use 2 controllers, I just play against the CPU. I've won a number of games and completed a lot of the objective but the only one I've gotten is Outscore the opposing team by 10 points in a quarter. All of the others have not unlocked for me for some reason.