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  1. I was wondering why I didn't get the 'no kills' trophy in Alien Isolation even though I'm 100% sure I didn't kill anybody. Turns out the STUN baton counts as a kill. WHAT?!

    1. CandiBunni


      What a SHOCKING twist!

    2. SaltySoph


      That would suck, the story is pretty long even I haven't done my clean up yet

  2. If you didn't like LoS I'm pretty sure you won't like LoS 2. Heck, even a lot of people who enjoy the first game hate the second one. I love them both for their amazing art design and music mostly.
  3. There is no PSN under Account Permissions on my end unfortunately. No YT on PS4 for me I guess.
  4. That's not entirely true, I can think of Star Ocean: The Last Hope and Resonance of Fate off the top of my head. They both had Japanese text options either in game or by changing your PS3's language settings.
  5. Played through Resident Evil 3 in one sitting today. I love playing games without trophies from time to time, it's strangely liberating :)

    1. Cxyguy69


      The game is so good i have beat it on gamecube last year and it was soo awesome .

    2. CloudyMemory2


      Yeah, I haven't played any of the old REs in many many years so it was a huge nostalgia trip. I can't wait for the remake of RE 1 to come out!

    3. Cxyguy69
  6. Well, I hope Crystal Dynamics is ready for the shitstorm coming from all those angry PS fans. I was looking forward to the sequel myself. Oh well, money talks, I suppose...
  7. CAPCOM is really grasping at straws now and this could be the thing that saves them from drowning, at least for a while. Considering that this really is the best RE game in the entire franchise, they could really score with this. And I really hope they do and bring out RE Zero as well The cheesiness of the original dialogue has been dialed down considerably for the remake, so lines like this are not there anymore. UNFORTUNATELY
  8. I played both the Alpha and the Beta and I can honestly say that I'm hooked. I have the game on pre-order and can't wait to jump back into the full version. What matters the most to me in Destiny is that it's fun and addicting, because it's a game that's very obviously going to be based on a lot of repetition. Doing the same stuff over and over again never seemed boring and the shooting and looting is a blast. What I'm still kinda on the fence about is the whole worldbuilding and storytelling aspect. The story, setting and lore seem a bit generic and bland to me, including some of the enemies. They've done their best to hide all this under a thick layer of gloss and huge production value (and that music OMG!), but the world lacks the credibility and depth of say the Mass Effect universe. But it's serviceable and I'll reserve final judgment until I have experienced more of the universe.
  9. Right now I have 3. My main PS3 account which is JP (this one), my secondary PS3 account (EU) for trying out random games and purchasing EU stuff, and I made a new EU account for all my PS4 gaming which I assume will become my main account with time. I used to live in Japan which is why my main PS3 account is JP. The reason I made a new one for PS4 is because playing EU region games on a JP account can be a bit of a pain sometimes (not being able to access the PS store from within games, certain PSN exclusive content not working properly in other regions etc.). Most of the games I buy these days are from my current region (EU) so I decided to start over on PS4.
  10. Did the Pawnee challenges pretty much in one sitting today. Reading about it online I was really afraid I would take my room apart playing these, but they're actually quite doable. I've had a lot more trouble with the challenges in The Loop where I had to redo challenge 10 like six or seven times. Got Pawnee challenge 6 on my second try. Anyway, if they ever make WD2, and we all know they will, they need to take out all these nonsensical mini-games. What the hell does drinking and playing chess have to do with any of this?!
  11. I had the same problem two days ago. I downloaded and installed the latest PS4 system update and I couldn't d/l anything after that. I tried changing my DNS manually to and and it worked. But there's definitely something weird going on with PSN in Europe, since it appears to be mostly EU people complaining about this.
  12. Anyone experiencing Error NW-31250-1 after installing the latest PS4 system patch? I can't download anything now including patches. Never happened before...

  13. Simple. Wolfenstein: The New Order. This is without a doubt one of the best FPS I've ever played. Now I don't play very many of those unless they're very story and character driven, and this game falls exactly into that category. The amount of care that went into the characters, story, dialogue, art and design took me completely by surprise, not to mention that at a constant 1080p 60fps the game looks absolutely gorgeous on the PS4. It's a shame that a phenomenal game like this remains largely unnoticed due to the crazy hype surrounding what I fear is going to turn out to be just a mediocre affair - Watch_Dogs.
  14. Happened to me as well. The game crashed several times during my playthrough but I was lucky in that my saves never got corrupted... until I finished the game. I watched the end credits and just as I was about to enjoy some NG+ and read all the confessions, the game crashed and my save got corrupted. No NG+ for me I guess
  15. Digital copy of Diablo III for the PC, day one. Worst decision I've made as far as game purchases go. It was expensive and I didn't really enjoy it for too long. Many patches later, I hear the game is rather good. I *might* give it a chance on the PS4 when the price goes down or something.