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  1. That's not possible. You have to complete a chapter with an online player.
  2. Can't find an online partner
  3. 'Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood' is not correct. It's 'Max: The Curse of Brotherhood'.
  4. That's not true. Sometimes you get the trophy for 2 endings in 1 playthrough. I didn't play it 7 times.
  5. For that trophy you have to go to the Tchois when you're in the van from the auction house (when you found the real piece in the box with the hidden compartment).
  6. It's one of the best party games I've played. A lot of stress and fun!
  7. Lol. Batman is a lot shorter than this game... Level 1 has 15 sub levels. Level 2 has 22 sub levels. Level 3 has 26 sub levels. There is a lot to do in Thumper. And it is hard. Very hard
  8. Yep! But you have to play the cases till the end. Sometimes you can end a case very early. That way you will not be able to do some sections required for some trophies (like Phantasmagorical Journey).
  9. You can skip the puzzless. Some trophies are tied to them, so if you skip these specific puzzles, you will not get the trophy tied to that specific puzzle/game. If you don't skip any of these, your platinum trophy will pop after you have completed the game.
  10. Skipping them by pressing the touchpad.
  11. I completed the game with 22/25 trophies, not knowing what the trophies were. I could have them all if I didn't skip a few 'puzzles'.
  12. I'm playing it with a review code.
  13. I have the same problem. We have to wait for a fix I think.
  14. It's a good game, that's all what matters. The trophies are very easy, but it's fun to search for the right locations. If you're not buying this game because the trophies are easy to obtain, wel...
  15. Lol, this is a very easy platinum. The original SingStar is an other story, that's hard. This is easy, just as the 'free' SingStar for PS3 where I have platinum. They have the same trophies, so I'll get another easy platinum.