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  1. My friends always do that. "Oh Sora is gonna join up with the Avengers. Imagine Sora fighting Darth Vader(trolling)". My rage reaches new heights wenever I think of the notion. Disney and Final Fantasy was a unexpected dose of chocolate and peanut butter. Please don't add anything to my peanut butter.
  2. Now if only we can get it early.
  3. 11 Pipers Piping: Burnout Paradise 10 Lords A-Leaping: MARVEL'S SPIDER MAN 9 Ladies Dancing: LIFE IS STRANGE: Before the storm. Lately i haven't started many games unless im gonna finish them so hopefully that doesn't slow me down. It just bothered me knowing I had a 39% completion average!!!!!!!! Im better than that lol
  4. 1: Life is strange: before the storm 3: Two world 2 4: Plants vs zombies: Garden Warfare 5: Naruto Ninja Revolution 8: Tekken Tag Prologue Life is strange before the storm wasn't as good as the original( I mean i kinda figured as much) but it had some decent moments. Kinda interesting to see how Chloe was actually trying to reach out to MAX but ended up getting straight dodged or ignore. I liked reading all the letters Chloe wrote but never sent because she knew she wouldn't get a reply. kinda makes me think Max was an ass I mean cmon that's your best friend!
  5. Got my 10 and 11 11 Pipers Piping: Burnout Paradise 10 Lords A-Leaping: MARVEL'S SPIDER MAN
  6. I would play Final Fantasy X first then ignore X-2 as it doesn't do much justice for X. You will slightly be lost by playing 13-2 without 13 but I feel as 13 isn't very good so you should skip it just look up a summary of the story. I though 13-2 was a damn fine upgrade from 13. 13-2 wasn't my favorite but I enjoyed it. My favorite is FF7 but that may be too old for many's taste
  7. I'll join! I do love me some could old fashioned trophy hunting competition but.....everything in moderation I guess. I do like the trophy competitions but I feel as if life just kinda takes over among other things. I used to be in the Trophy Hunting league and the Team Trophy Hunting league but my job kinda took a hold of things moving up the corporate ladder and then I started hanging out with friends who I cared about. I remember actively earning trophies for about 4 seasons and even earning the most in a fixture and then I just lost interest for one reason or another and continued to be on the fixture list for several more seasons until a purge took place. I came back here and there but that was probably every 2-3 seasons.
  8. Rise of the Tomb Raider 12.99. Nice picking that up
  9. 3: Two world 2 4: Plants vs zombies: Garden Warfare 5: Naruto Ninja Revolution 8: Tekken Tag Prologue I havent been keeping to my list and just hoping watever I plat makes the list. I have Spider man and Burnout Paradise almost done BUT THEY ARE 3'S! I ALREADY HAVE A 3!!!!!!
  10. Beautiful can't wait to go home and change my avatar. Now if only I'd get a sequel I'd cry.
  11. The original THQ bundle and Encore bundle were league better. I kinda just want to give $1 for Lock's Quest but Black Mirror is speaking to me for some reason and some of you apparently really like BattleChasers
  12. Count me in. For clarification can the games have been started previously and do you have to do the games in order of the 12 days of Christmas?
  13. .......huh my ps3 wont let me sign in psn either WAIT WAIT NVM PSN IS DOWN
  14. Just added #3 to the list Two Worlds 2.
  15. I ended up getting 4 & 5 yesterday. Was starting to think I fell behind with all the plats I saw you all popping. 0 1 2 3 4 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (ps3) 5 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution 6 7 8 9