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  1. Man I miss the good ole days when 44.99 was basically the regular price for ps+
  2. I like looking at the person ahead of me and saying to myself "Im coming for you motherf**ker" and then popping a plat or two to pass them regardless of whether the plat was hard earned or not doesn't matter just the satisfaction of passing them!
  3. I thought Devious Dungeon was good. At least its not Life of Black Tiger
  4. OH MYYYY GOD! 8,000 POINTS!!!!!!!!! 80$ IN TOTAL!
  5. Yup Love me some big ol Anime Boobies as well. If I remember correctly I can just pass all my turns and you can just destroy my base. I personally like the card game system as well as the lingering lesbianism and sexual tension. Well I'm going to add you anyways and hit you up Friday for good measure.
  6. Not sure about the two vitas but i can help you man. Add me I have to do the online anyways too. I won't be available tomorrow but i'll be down the day after(friday)
  7. The original Nier. Kaine has a whole thing written about her and her shade. Didn't like Automata much. Dark Souls when somebody actually sits down and explains it to me on YouTube lol.
  8. God I forgot infamous 2 had online trophies. onlinewas completely unnecessary for that game.
  9. I still need drops as well.
  10. I probably just going to wait until they have a Double XP event or something like they did in Red Dead
  11. Theres a tab to access the dlc in the in-game menu. When you select 1 of the 3 dlcs from the menu you will be moved to a standalone New York where there are no regular story missions just DLC Missions and DLC Crimes. The DLC are unlocked after completing certain story missions (For example Black Cat dlc is Unlocked soon after doing your first main story black cat mission). I assume the other dlcs are unlocked way later in the game as they reference certain people not met until later. You can complete all the dlc Endgame which is what I did. They are somewhat helpful btw because they will have there own crimes to gain tokens as well as challenges, and bases to earn base tokens in case you happened to need just a few more.
  12. Thanks and Merry Christmas! My favorite memory would probably when I got Final Fnatsy 12 for Christmas. Nope, dont care what anybody says FF12 was really good.
  13. A new "Nier" game. I didn't like the story much for Nier Automata I felt the original was much better. Final Fantasy X-3. Boi they can easily screw this one up but heres hoping they make a great sequel
  14. Naughty list: I was playing Dark Souls RE and found myself in Sieth the Scaleless's castle then proceeded to CLOSE APPLICATION on all the invaders farming in that area CAUSE F*** EM THATS WHY! Then proceeded to message them "You know what you get? CLOSE APPLICATION!" Nice List: Insisting I spare everybody in UNDERTALE. I had some moments of weakness questioning if I should just wreck them. I was literally screaming when being chased by UNDYNE. I remember losing to her constantly trying to spare her. As I reached the end I litteraly screamed out for Sans to help me when I saw him I was so nervous. She killed me so many times.
  15. I would like to participate if you would be so kind as to have me once again.