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  1. What are the other 3 games? COD games as well?
  2. I finally got myself on the board 1:SAW The game was definetely not as bad as I thought it was going to be especially since Konami had a hand in it. Getting further in and realizing theres some lore to the game that ties into the movies actually made me want to watch them all.....if I had the time anyways.
  3. I started playing Resistance Burning skies and earned all but one trophy which was the Online one which requires an online pass.... I will definitely be playing something easy soon just to get up on the board.
  4. An update, I have nothing to update, carry on!
  5. I was so happy there was a humble bundle then I saw its the same thing as last time, im disappointed all to frequently as of late.
  6. I am that is my sword shall wield for me As much as I loved RedWall I am going to be very skeptical of this game. I'd probably buy it for about $5 but thats about it.
  7. im in once again. badge looks better than last year
  8. image not showing, to lazy to fix
  9. nice I'll post a screenshot when I get home today. I got some good ones lol
  10. Tekken is my most beloved fighting franchise. Been playing since I was a kid and nothing beats a man wearing a cheetah mask kicking the absolute shit out of people. I found out how great Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was playing against friends and the Naruto games although many wont consider them fighting games. soul caliber 2 was great since U could play as Link other than him I used Raphael
  11. I waited til the original Rage was about 15$ to get it. Think I'll wait again, $20 maybe $30 is the most I would pay.
  12. Works for me as well. Finally got the platinum passed I earned months ago. Exchanged that for a $10 PSN real quick. Still waiting on like 5 gold passes I did a long time ago.
  13. Yeah I got 8000 points back when they gave that lump sum earlier this year. It could still be taking a while to update. I only got my 2000 points for 20 plats and 100 points for 100 silvers but I have yet to get 2000 points or so for all the gold I wracked up during march. Check back in a week or so. Keep in mind it took over a month for me to get points from march. If they still owe you points ur bound to get them at some point whether that's soon or in Sony's case Later
  14. I just wanted to let you all know I earned about 20 ish plats in March so I was waiting for my trophy passes to update so I could redeem them for points. I have now just received 2000 points for those plats. If anybody is still waiting on points from March you may have them now.
  15. I'm actually somewhat happy with this. I already own Darksiders Re and MG Survive so at the very least ill have two more games I didn't already have. I do imagine ill be pissed when MG Survive and Darksiders do eventually find their way to ps+