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  1. I doubt they will make any dlc story installments when they can get more money out of an actual physical release.
  2. Nice. got it myself. Dont remember missions being so damn hard
  3. Got it free as well. Still sad base game trophies will not unlock during dlc
  4. nice
  5. Ah I see the error I made. Was looking at the PS4 version's 100% club. The timing did seem a little off.
  6. Darn I just started Goat Simulator. That would have been some easy points, should have waited.
  7. Man they went even lower!? I thought it was 31$ recently
  8. Says $8.99 on my end. Man that extra $3.99 is a deal breaker.
  9. Glad to see old members coming back. Too bad Prinny dood and Dragon Archon are still gone
  10. I really hope it's a straight up cat fight/slap battle. NO MATERIA/ NO POWERS ALOUD!
  11. Man for a second there I actually typed Depression into the PS store thought it was an actual anime lol
  12. Either that or start a PS Now free trial and play Spiderman(Vanilla) tht way.i didn't feel like the dlc added anything really.
  13. For me it was 8 years & 8 months THE FORCE UNLEASHED It had a bunch of pricey DLC that I sure was not going to pay for. Eventually the Ultimate Sith Edition came to PS NOW and I started a free trial just to play the dlc
  14. Oh wow $4.76 is a steal. I haven't played this but Im definitely tempted to grab this. Cant go wrong with $5