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  1. I waited til the original Rage was about 15$ to get it. Think I'll wait again, $20 maybe $30 is the most I would pay.
  2. Works for me as well. Finally got the platinum passed I earned months ago. Exchanged that for a $10 PSN real quick. Still waiting on like 5 gold passes I did a long time ago.
  3. Yeah I got 8000 points back when they gave that lump sum earlier this year. It could still be taking a while to update. I only got my 2000 points for 20 plats and 100 points for 100 silvers but I have yet to get 2000 points or so for all the gold I wracked up during march. Check back in a week or so. Keep in mind it took over a month for me to get points from march. If they still owe you points ur bound to get them at some point whether that's soon or in Sony's case Later
  4. I just wanted to let you all know I earned about 20 ish plats in March so I was waiting for my trophy passes to update so I could redeem them for points. I have now just received 2000 points for those plats. If anybody is still waiting on points from March you may have them now.
  5. I'm actually somewhat happy with this. I already own Darksiders Re and MG Survive so at the very least ill have two more games I didn't already have. I do imagine ill be pissed when MG Survive and Darksiders do eventually find their way to ps+
  6. Yeah if you generally do it on random enemies you wont get much exp you wanna do it on Fort/Base commanders or Mercenaries. I mostly just came to post due to the fact the glitch Is still working and not patched as of the new dlc coming out today.
  7. Went from level 8 to 74 XD. I kinda wanna just max out in fear of them patching it soon.
  8. Gonna get AC Odyssey and the season pass now that it comes with AC3 remastered and AC Liberation
  9. I just helped 2 guys get the final trophy. For some reason my settings were not allowing us to kill one another even though I took off God mode. Not sure why my settings were wrong could you show others how to create a server for that trophy? I got the platinum today thankfuly
  10. no longer hosting got the plat
  11. Great job bad driver got all trophies besides online.
  13. Man I miss the good ole days when 44.99 was basically the regular price for ps+
  14. I like looking at the person ahead of me and saying to myself "Im coming for you motherf**ker" and then popping a plat or two to pass them regardless of whether the plat was hard earned or not doesn't matter just the satisfaction of passing them!
  15. I thought Devious Dungeon was good. At least its not Life of Black Tiger