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  1. So I watched this recently... My Letterboxd review Sergio Martino is a filmmaker whose work I have come to enjoy. I'm always enthralled by his style, which is certainly evident in this. This has an elegance that would be hard to imitate as Martino carefully handles it. In particular, the party scene in the beginning is both elegant as well as harrowing, but it sets up the tone for the rest of the film. That said, the tension is well-built as all is calm before the black gloved killer cuts into the flesh of beautiful women. The fact that they are unsuspecting victims is an aspect that Martino uses to his advantage due to the visceral feel of the murders. The score by Bruno Nicolai is second to none. It works well in both sensual and ominous scenes, and it contributes fittingly to the atmosphere. Nicolai's mindset never feels out of place nor does it come up short. You can tell that not only did he get along with Martino, but also that he treated the score as a labor of love. Furthermore, Nicolai's pieces are very much in tune with the interesting camerawork. It's quite a thing to experience the intensity of a typewriter repeating the same word over and over as well as the clandestine nature of peeping through a keyhole -- both of which are accentuated by the score. This is a unique take on a familiar Edgar Allan Poe story that will make you ponder what is driving Irina to the brink of madness. Is it her influence on the cat or the cat's influence on her? That is a question which Martino raises without causing you to feel confused or misled, especially because there is an allure to the cat. It's amazing how something as innocent as a cat is a source of distress for Irina. Add Floriana -- who is wonderfully portrayed by Edwige Fenech -- to the mix and you have a giallo which is full of startling surprises. This is a high point in Martino's career that is a must watch for any giallo fan. Give this a whirl as you'll be glad you did.
  2. I enjoyed Creep even though I found it to be a little predictable. Still, it's worth checking out if you like isolated horror.
  3. A friend and I met him back in 2013, so we will continue to cherish that memory. I'm the one on the right. RIP Stan Lee. You will be missed.
  4. Dark Sector Heavenly Sword The Orange Box