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  1. Do you have any screenshots by any chance? This is interesting. Are they still there when you close the application and restart it?
  2. It seems they aren’t even replying to questions about the transfer too. So who knows what’s happening.
  3. I know everyone is focussed on the arena/arena trophies but we shouldn’t forget about the rank mode trophies. I think that would make it a total of 5 trophies unavailable since December 9.
  4. Interesting that they aren’t really acknowledging it. I made a post in the official Discord and haven’t had a response either.
  5. Can you open earned kegs at least? Looks like this one is gonna be an uphill battle. Simple fix would be to revert the game back to before it was taken apart. It’s looking less likely now.
  6. They have shown that they are capable of changing requirements for a trophy. The 5 leader skins trophy was adjusted but that was when an update was released.
  7. So we’ve lost the ability to get both trophies for arena and now the ranked trophy. As much as I like the game I don’t think I can be bothered to get the rest of the trophies that are available. I wouldn’t mind if they changed the requirements but there really aren’t enough people affected so it’s not looking likely. To be honest that would be the lowest effort option for them as it doesn’t require re-enabling ranked and arena modes. As everyone has said it would still be a very low priority for them.
  8. So from what you said, DerelictSoul, it seems they have simply turned off the option to access the Arena and the backend is still there. I guess that makes it possible for them to re-enable it without too much of an issue. The question is will they?
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s it. I doubt that they’d even bother to change the trophy requirements now. It would be a nice surprise if they did.
  10. It seems only the Japanese page states anything about ore being stopped from being used. No message about English language versions. It might just be a region thing.
  11. To get into Arena you need ore which you can earn in game. I’m hoping we don’t lose this ability because it will make the arena trophies unobtainable. It’s already hard enough as it is without a time limit.
  12. Thank you for the response. It shouldn't be too hard I guess just time consuming.
  13. In terms of trophies does anyone know if the killing of 200 Izvergs is a personal thing or does it count when other players kill them in the town that you are in?
  14. It is likely you may be close to being a veteran now. I only started about 4 days ago. Potentially we could both get the items together if that still works for you. Edit: I believe I have been a referee for TallestTrev.
  15. Bloodborne Bloodborne All trophies acquired. Hats off!