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  1. Surprised there are no topics on this game yet. The list looks very reasonable and the gameplay seems good. Playstation Lifestyle seems optimistic.
  2. Pretty excited to Fartkour all around South Park
  3. HEY Ichiban! Please give me back my rightful seat as Ultimate Soldier! Finally got my Infinite Warfare Platinum. Can't wait until next November!
  4. Not to be a little bitch in the 21st century, but the fact the used colors in the Simon Says part is a kick in the teeth to color blind people like me. Lets be honest, red, green, and yellow all look the same, come on now people.
  5. Tried that too GTA but still nothing. May have to wait for a patch. Still gotta work on zomb trophies n e how.
  6. having the same problem here too. Keeps switching between reavers and DCMs on all maps.
  7. Hey Ichiban-Hybrid, can you update my total to include Modern Warfare Remastered, and stayed tuned for Infinite Warfare!
  8. Downloading as I type. Preordered Legacy edition digitally!
  9. List looks very straightforward and quite easy! I had this preordered for a while now and was surprised the list wasn't released earlier. Now only 2 hours to wait
  10. All artifacts level up to level 10, all i did was remote play on my vita while watching "the 100", when your maxed out stats wise its easy to defeat all enemies without even looking at the screen. Charge - release - charge - release - rinse and repeat. Luckily, you can get artifacts randomly from each level and from each boss. For the air combo trophies I had maxed out stats so I had to dumb down my magic damage through enchanting, but keep the critical % chance and knockback % chance up. Than you can also equip the artifacts which would benefit a knockback. While playing the final level, use magic to get them in the air and quickly rotate left analog stick, or gain the "boost boots" and continuously rotate the left stick. I found the best enemies were the ogre-like things in the last level. Although I never really tried to get those trophies before the last level cause I didn't know how to air combo. lol
  11. lol ofcourse it is .. after i went through the trouble of creating a Hong Kong psn bought a 80HK card for 15.86CAD... just to platinum it. I wonder if the NA version has a different trophy list?
  12. Hear anything lately? Still can't find any news on it
  13. Good Idea buddy. How inconvenient is it if I were to ask you to put the Est. time to platinum? What I would like to accomplish is start my 7-day free trial and get as much out of it as possible.
  14. Anyone have this on their psn store yet?? Can only find it on Hong Kong site
  15. Just tried this myself and it does work. Turn off your network before starting the game and change your date to saturday and start the game.