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  1. Kingdom Hearts 2
  2. try earning a new trophy, re-syncing and updating your profile here. My trophies disappeared last night. But I have since earned another couple of trophies, synced them with PSN and my trophies are now updating fine here again 😛
  3. same thing happening to me as well.
  4. There are new challenge tokens in the DLC. Also, when you start NG+, the challenges on the map reset but you retain any tokens earned on you first playthrough. This means you can earn them twice. You also retain all your skills and upgrades from the first playthrough, making things easier on the second playthrough
  5. I can confirm that the try it all trophy is now unlockable. It was my final trophy before getting the platinum. I had to play a match in every game mode again post-patch for it to pop. Best of luck to everybody else who is going for the platinum 👍
  6. A wee update on this. I've now been able to get the Ashes to Ashes trophy. But I had to play another full male and female ashes tour after the latest patch in order to get it. The only trophy outstanding for me is the one for playing a match in each game mode which I'm pretty sure I've done - looks like I'll have to play them all again just to be certain it's an enjoyable game. It will take you a while to reach level 40 in career mode. Hopefully we will have figured out how to get the 'try it all' trophy by the time you finish career mode 😬
  7. The latest patch did make On Target achievable. But Try it all is unobtainable as things currently stand, despite a new patch being released today. Each patch glitches other trophies as well. For example, nobody has earned Ashes to Ashes since patch 1.04 was released but a couple of people did manage to earn it before this.
  8. I've now got it as well now. I played 4 or 5 clan matches. Thanks to kantera for playing the first few matches with me. You just need to set up a clan match as 3 v COM. Set the skill level to beginner. If you want to make it even easier, you can set your team to Barca or Real and set the computer team to a D-rated team. Just wait for somebody to join your room and then start the match. After 4 or 5 matches of scoring and assisting a lot in each game, you should get the trophy
  9. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one stumped by this trophy
  10. Glad the trophies finally got patched. For anybody wondering how to trigger them, just replay any level and they should pop as long as you have already met the trophy conditions
  11. ah, I didnt realise that
  12. I'm in the same boat. None of the trophies have popped after installing the patch. 😠 The best thing to do would be to contact the develops via twitter to let them know the trophies are still buggy. The more people who contact them, the better. They've obviously fixed something because a few people now have the platinum
  13. Thanks for the info. Have they given any ETA on the expected release date of the patch which will fix the trophies? I'm glad you are getting a better response than I did when I contacted them with details of the issue on twitter - they merely told me to exit to the main menu and replay a level (which doesn't work)
  14. there's a patch out now but the trophies are still goosed. Patch notes don't mention any trophy fixes and state that it 'fixed issues for ps4 when system language is set as french)
  15. I've tried that and it didn't work for me unfortunately