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  1. [Tales of Arise] Working on this game again after some crap that happened over the course of last year. Needless to say it makes handling the grief of the breakups and abuse I went through a lot easier but... Still. Plan on getting back into hunting more often. So far, trying to get all the weapons I can. I need to find a good way to farm gil.

  2. I can't stop collecting figures, as well as pokemon merch and anything nerdy. It's been a big thing for me... Also rocks and random nicknacks. One would think I would quit but here I am, still collecting it all lol
  3. I've actually gotten back into writing and working on stories! Same with trophies and livestreaming; been enjoying falling back into those little enjoyments I used to love so much. It's been kind of freeing to just do mindless things instead of having to worry about the next day. Also refurnishing my apartment.... And role-playing let's not forget that.
  4. Hey all, I'm back what up? Been getting back into gaming since I live in a stable place now... Mostly. Drink lots of water and take care of yourselves! Can't believe how long I've been here. I really should have been active more.

  5. The fact that it has been about a million years since I logged into this site.. Yo, sup? Thought I would try to get back into PS3 Gaming. No, I don't have a PS4. Ain't got the money for that. Being an adult and all.

    1. AJ_Radio


      I waited until I would get a good deal out of my PS4. Got Batman Arkham Knight with it.


      I almost never buy consoles anymore unless they already come with a game or they are very cheap.


      Got my Vita for cheap since it was already years old when I finally bought it.

  6. Holy butts, I almost forgot I was signed up here woops lol.

  7. the reason they do it is to ruin other peoples days so they can't have an enjoyable evening etc, it helps make them feel all strong and powerful yet they forget if you keep attacking one place for so long the IP can be traced even if you're using a Botnet or some crap but yeah they tried to say that they'd attack all these other places too that aren't involved with games at one point I think lol I read somewhere that steam ended up getting got at some point also Bit unfair but life isn't fair I guess. Ah well, Sony needs to up their security lol.
  8. They did, me and my GM couldn't stay on for more than a second, was going down like crazy and the servers kept coming on and off and Blizzard was having a bit of a problem getting it under control but they did, NCsoft had it happen to them too, Runescape as well as Eveonline and guildwars 2, PoE, and League also... I think AT&T at some point but that internet service sucks so lol.
  9. Evi omg that would be really crappy! LET'S NOT SCARE people like that. Gamalier nope it's not maintenance else it would have been maintenance everywhere else that decided to go down like this. Sony is working on fixing the issue so no need to panic or anything.
  10. Yep ;/ which is pretty dumb if you ask me and effecting the lives of other people who use PSN and the games etc as a means of relaxing and unwinding from a stressful day or something, but it's not just SONY tonight, it's been a bunch of places; it'll get worked out and the ones causing it will be caught and then everyone can be happy... I hope anyways.
  11. Everyone Sony is down due to a Massive DDOS attack, they are working on getting it taken care of so please don't worry.

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    2. leonhardyhardy


      May as well do offline trophies then.It's easier for me because I wont get swarmed by invites lol.

    3. xVolloxx


      Wow , well idk what people have against Sony , it's extremely unfair for the millions that play online and with friends , family .

    4. TheNebulaSystem


      Yeah it's not fair at all but all we can do is wait :/

  12. Well at least they worked on the names and stuff a little better than they did the first one... I'm just glad there isn't a loot lord trophy.. Or is there and I'm just seeing things? Loot Lord and Pirate king for me on ToX was a pain because of having to find 800 items for Loot Lord HAHAHAHAHA lot's of back tracking there and then trying to figure out where I missed treasures at lol... Oh well ToX2 will be fun I think I hope... Been getting a bunch of titles randomly so.. eeeh.
  13. I recently just finished the first and second season of Fate/Zero and I must say I was impressed... Now to finish all of the others I have not even started yet woops.
  14. Would be the three that I recently got, I saved some money eh, normally never like to buy pre-owned but, I couldn't pass up Journey collectors edition... I also couldn't get them all in a picture at the same time because my phone sucks, sorry for the large pictures! Resizing was being a pain.
  15. Mine would be have to be if I remember right well... I can't exactly remember the first game I ever played but I was little back then, like... 2 or 3 or something, it was Mario Paint and zelda I think?... Or one of those. Not sure.