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  1. i been playing the game for a year but like when you meet the giving tree that tropie didn't pop what do i do?
  2. game base question. if some my trophies for main game didn't pop when i did it on main run throw what do i do?
  3. all i got say is wow. i did think it be ok.
  4. im just haveing troable with part 6 on first part season 2
  5. it looks fun
  6. i own both so its ok month for me
  7. It's great to me.
  8. How many platums can i get with game?
  9. its ok for me i really ant sure if i'll play any i'll keep adding them to game libary about it and maybe play them if i want later on.
  10. adventure time my #30
  11. i'm haveing troable with it also i don't understand how get it and what to press
  12. i got a big backlog
  13. very cool and diffend