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  1. While this may be for another conversation all together, but why are these words such a problem? You cannot say FUCK in a username, but you can say 360NoScope, or BrutalMurderer. Why is it we are so afraid of a bad word, but are seemingly perfectly fine with violence, or the idea behind it? I have the same opinion towards nudity. How in the world could that be deemed worse than shooting someone?
  2. Dropped the texture from the second bedroom in the house, and I am shocked at how good a job they did with the drywall on the ceiling.  It looks to be in fantastic shape.  Usually when a builder is going to texture the ceiling, they don't need to do a good job taping, as it won't show.  I am not going to complain though, makes my life easier :).

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sir_Bee


      Thanks :).  It is.  We are making slow progress, but at least we are making progress.  It is sometimes difficult to be motivated to get much done after a full day of work.  

    3. PermaFox


      I've been there, and am there! Even if you make headway inside the house, then I notice that outside needs work!  It is really nice to do upgrades and put your mark on a place.  

    4. daftprophet


      No kidding!  That's my current struggle.  Finding motivation and energy after work. :/

  3. Every time you turn on the news, you see violence and murder displayed front and center. The vast majority of entertainment provided to your society has some basis in violence (video games are among this, but not front and center). I mean you can have violence in a movie and still get it rated PG, but you show one naked body and that rating is gone. The US political system is heavily focused on military, through recruitment and spending. I mean many american focused books, movies, and video games parade the military as heroes killing the bad guys. When you combine all of this, and blast it nearly 24/7 into the eyes and minds of your population, can you really be surprised when a number of them follow suit and become violent themselves? Video games are not the 'cause', but they are part of a larger problem in a society that is so full of violence and 'heroism' that does create violent individuals like this.
  4. Everything is offensive to someone somehow. That seems like a bullshit cop-out. I mean your name suggests that Daiv Rules, and I think that is offensive because I disagree. Should that be a banable offense? If he was given the option to transfer all his trophies and games to a new username, then I am still unhappy about the stupid things that people get offended by, but at least nothing is really lost. If he loses all his games and time because of this, that is way over the line. I mean lets face it, MadaFaka is no worse or different than F***. What if his name was MadaFa*a? Would that be obscured just enough to no longer be considered 'offensive'. If you are going to take away someones time and money, you need to have a much better definition that "Anything and everything we want".
  5. I am not sure that I agree that this is a reasonable response. I mean SONY let him make the name... That name isn't even bad, it is just kind of close to something that may be bad. That isn't a good reason to lose your account... If that is the case, where is the line? What is too close to a curse word or an offensive term? FU? FuYo? FukU? FukYou? FeckYou? F.u.c.k.U.? Fu Ck Yo U? There is no clear rule, and MADAFAKA is not in any way a bad word...
  6. I beat Uncharted 4 on Crushing last night.  Also got all the misc trophies.  So I just have the speed run, accuracy, and multiplayer trophies left.


    After that experience, I will say that I found Uncharted 4 on Crushing the most difficult out of any of the Uncharted Series.  At certain points it left he realm of fun, and was just becoming overly frustrating.  After going through all that, the Peaceful Resolution trophy glitched on me multiple times and I had to play through it 4 times.  I am glad all that is over, and I don't think that the speed run trophies should be all that difficult.

    1. Cleggworth


      I agree with you about crushing. Lost legacy is even worse in my opinion. I appreciate hard but most of the time crushing is just cheap and designed to frustrate you

    2. DamagingRob


      Glad it wasn't just me that felt it was harder.

  7. Here is a list of games that My wife and I have enjoyed playing together. When we started, she had almost no interest in games, but she did find a way to enjoy these. - Borderlands (the whole series). It took her a while to get used to the controls, but she enjoyed the co-op idea, and that if she was struggling with something, I could come help her. After a while, it was her that was starting to help me when I was struggling. It just took time to get there. - Diablo 3 - Destiny 1 & 2 (It helped that borderlands came first, so by this she was used to the FPS controls. - Castle Crashers - Tokyo Jungle (it is a one player game, but she still enjoyed taking turns) - Deathspank (all of them) - Guacamelee - Runner2 (another single player game that she enjoyed taking turns on) Good luck finding a game that you can enjoy together. I find that they don't always need to be co-op games in order to enjoy them together. You could also consider a game that she would enjoy playing on her own, and you watch her and try to give her some guidance. After she finds one game she really enjoys, maybe she will be more open to others.
  8. This is excellent. I always enjoyed the Spyro Games, and would love to play them again with updated graphics and controls. That said, it makes me smile a little bit when the "source" is IGN, but right at the start of the article, they say "According to Kotaku UK". Now I understand why, but it is just amusing is all.
  9. SO I just checked online and I could get a custom plate for my car as "SIR BEE" is available lol.  Just not sure it is worth $300+ ...

    1. Sir_Bee


      After taxes, it turns out it would cost $350 for the plates.  That is a lot of money for something that seems unimportant.  That isn't to say I don't think it would be cool, just stuck on justifying the cost.

    2. LordNEET
    3. Sir_Bee


      Lol, interesting.

  10. Since I accidentally screwed up my plans to have Rainbow Skies platinum be #100, I am now going to try and make the platinum trophy #7000.  This would require me to know how many trophies are in the game, so I figured I would ask eastasiasoft if they could let me know, and they got back to me. "At the moment 26 Bronze, 13 Silver, 3 Gold, 1 Platinum. But the game is still in development, so changes are still possible.".  Honestly I was surprised they got back to me at all, but that information is very helpful.  So to anyone else who cares, it looks like there will likely be 43 trophies including the platinum in the game :).

    1. MMDE


      Yeah, they're one of the devs that reply to player feedback, requests and questions! :) 

  11. Watching DBZ is making me want the new game more and more.  I am likely to give in and get it, probably sooner rather than later ...

  12. Got the last coat of paint on the ceiling last night, it looks great.  Soon I can move everything from the other bedroom into the finished room and get started scraping the next ceiling.


    Also started watching Dragon Ball Z again, and I am enjoying it.  It is making me want the new game more and more, but I have to catch up to know who all the people are.  So I will watch Super afterwards :)

    1. PermaFox


      So how did your ceiling turn out?  Did you need to skim coat it before painting?

    2. Sir_Bee


      No, it was actually in excellent condition.  Had to patch a few dents where the screws were not patched well, but other then that it was easy.  Thanks for asking :)

  13. hmm, too slow i guess lol.
  14. This past weekend I decided to try and scrape the popcorn texture off one of our bedroom ceilings to see if it could be done.  Not only was it easier that I expected, but it looks great smooth.  I am really happy with the results, and going to try and remove all the popcorn texture on the main floor over the next few weeks.  Oh, and I also managed to get the DOOM Platinum, so there is that too.

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    2. daftprophet


      Oh man.  We've been painting and some things about it just piss me right off.  Glad to hear the ceiling was an easy process for you and congrats on the DOOM platinum. :)

    3. hugglebunn-e


      Popcorn ceilings are the worst. Good choice.

    4. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the Plat! 

  15. Glad it was of some use to you. Belated congrats on the platinum