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  1. hmm, do I buy Need for Speed rivals for just $7.50?  It is very tempting ...

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    2. Sir_Bee


      I have until the 28th, so I will think on it this weekend :).  It has to be better than Payback lol.

    3. snakebit10


      I'll wait on Payback. I have the one after Rivals and still haven't played that one yet.

    4. Sir_Bee


      I would not recommend Payback to anyone.  It is a game purely designed to sell loot boxes.  Everything from the grind, to the way you upgrade your car is stupid and predatory.  The only reason I am playing it at all is because I started and just want to finish it.

  2. Made my last black friday purchase today, and it was an exciting one :).


    We got a new vacuum, and a reciprocating saw, which were kind of exciting, but today I bought a 75 inch TV with a ps4 pro.  It won't be delivered until December 9th, but I am still super stoked for my new tv :).

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    2. Sir_Bee


      I bought a Sony X900E.  It is not a curved tv.  And our couch is about 6-6.5 feet back from the TV, so the big screen shouldn't cause us any issues.


      I think we did pretty well this sale, so I am happy with what we got :).

    3. Lorajet


      Congrats!  Know you are going to have a blast!  

    4. PSXtreme_
  3. There are very few games that I actually seek out a physical copy of. I would buy physical versions of FF games, and a few others I want to have, but outside of that I am perfectly happy getting the cheapest version I can. Sometimes that is the digital version as there is no sales tax on the Canadian PSN store, and sometimes that would be ordering through amazon prime and getting 20% off.
  4. Do you guys remember the sale that was recently on the store where you pre-ordered or bought at least two games from the list, and then you were supposed to get a discount code to use later.  I did that, and still have not received my code, and now I cannot find any info about it ...  Anyone else know what is going on here?

    1. Lorajet


      Yes.  It was buy 2 and get a 20% discount code.  You should get the code today via email.

      BTW, when you get the code, it expires December 19.

    2. Sir_Bee


      hmm, thanks.  That sounds like a pretty shitty deal if you ask me lol, but may as well make the best of it.

      Might actually use it on the GOTY edition of horizon ...

    3. Lorajet


      Hey, with the PSN sale that just started, maybe you'll get something!

  5. So I beat the story in NfS Payback.  I do not like how they handle either the drag class or the runner class.  The drag races themselves are decent, and a cool idea, but then they make you take your drag car, that specifically says it isn't designed to go around corners, and then they make you run sprint races or time trials.  So annoying.  And holy crap, the last few runner missions are terrible.  Lets forget the fact that all cop chases have been reduced to start here, get to point B to magically escape.  There are so many cops, and they are so aggressive, with absolutely no regard for personal or civilian life.  Not to mention that you seem to move a lot further when they hit you, than the do when you hit them.  And it also seems like they have prior knowledge of the course I am supposed to take, because I have seen them start to slow down for a turn before I do. I am going to be happy if I never have to use a runner or drag car again.  Next order of business is to try and clean up the map that is littered with collectibles...

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    2. PSXtreme_


      IMO there hasn't been a quality NFS game since Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2.

    3. dermarx


      " but then they make you take your drag car, that specifically says it isn't designed to go around corners, and then they make you run sprint races or time trials.  So annoying "
      Yes, this and the Cops are like as fast as you are, even if they have a pretty standard car and you have like a Porsche or a GTR or whatever. Still have to finish all activities with three stars for platinum, but not motivated at the moment.

    4. Sir_Bee


      I will say that I do get some enjoyment out of just driving around, so the collectibles don't seem too daunting to me, but overall this game has been terrible, and I am usually pretty forgiving.

  6. I am not sure I would say that it is especially difficult, but it is a massive boring grind. You will have to run the same race over and over again, and since your cars progression is tied to loot boxes, you may get lucky and get a good boost early, or you may run several races and get absolutely nothing of use. There is no way for you to win some money and then buy a new part for your car, no it is all locked behind shit random chance boxes. Especially since you are forced to have at least 10 cars (5 different 'classes' and the 5 starting cars will not be able to win late game races), and the speed cards you win are not only tied to the class that won them, but they are tied to the car that won them. So you have to go through the mind numbing grind AT LEAST 10 times. Now there are some trophies that are tied to specific cars, so you may even need more than 10 cars, or god forbid there is a car you like that you want to drive around in ... But to make a post that is actually on the topic you expected, I am not actually looking forward to any video game on sale for black friday. I might consider Fallout 4 GOTY if I happen to see it around, but other than that I am pretty set for games on the moment. That being said, I am hoping to buy a big TV if there are some good deals around, and we already bought a new Dyson vacuum (I know, that is hardly very exciting, but we needed one to clean up the pet hair, and it was a really good price).
  7. This game broke my heart. It is terrible. Sure, the driving may be fun, but the speed cards are absolute shit and ruin any sense of joy the game gives me. Now just to twist the knife while its in deep, it goes on sale. I learned the same lesson you did, never pre-ordering anything from a big name developer ever again...
  8. I cannot recommend you buy Need for Speed. The game is just a grindfest. The loot boxes have ruined any chance of the game being enjoyable at all. If you really want it, I would buy it used so that EA doesn't get any money from you playing the game. Everyone is going on and on about Battlefront 2, but Need For Speed is just as bad, only difference is that it does not have as large a fanbase, or the multiplayer portion. Please don't buy it. I know that it is on my profile, but I had pre-ordered the digital version long before I knew about the loot boxes and micro transactions, and because it had been so long ago, there was no way for me to get my money back. If I could have, I would have.
  9. Need for speed is so horribly balanced. To anyone who ever says that loot boxes and micro transactions are just optional, this game is just another in a long line that should prove otherwise.  They balance the game to either require stupid grinds to get what you want, or they then give you the option to fork over money to get it.  In this games case, even if you spend real money, you are still gambling to get what you want.  It isn't like i could even spend a few dollars to make my car better, there is still a good chance I won't get the part I need.  This is so unbelievably annoying, and it breaks my heart.

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    2. hugglebunn-e


      I would love it if the industry got a black eye for the move towards treating games as a service, but realistically unless consumers cancel pre-orders en masse and refuse to buy games such as Battlefront 2 things will never change.

    3. Phil


      What a coincidence. Look what popped up this morning. The only thing consumers can do is vote with your wallet. If nobody buys into this shit, they'll stop doing it.



    4. Sir_Bee


      I watched that as well :)

  10. Yesterdays task.  I walked into Lowes with a bag of stripped bolts, spent 20 minutes trying to find new ones that were the same length and the same thread, so that I could re-build the futon bunk bed in our spare room.  We did manage to finally get it built after a lot of hard work, but now that means we don't need to replace the bed for when my sister stays with us.


    Also, Need for Speed downloaded last night, so I will see how badly the loot box and speed card system has ruined my ability to enjoy sliding a car around the streets.

  11. I will be sure to use this, so thank you for taking the time to post it. I was very much looking forward to this game, and I am sad that they got greedy and seemingly ruined the whole experience.
  12. Got the TV set up, and managed to beat one more boss in Borderlands last night.  Tonight I have to take a bag of stripped bolts to Lowes to see if I can get the same sizes so I can rebuild the bed in our spare room.

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Cooking is not the most difficult quality to learn.  It just takes an enjoyment of food, and practice.  As Gusteau would say, anyone can cook :).


      Being an upstanding citizen should be the easiest of all, just don't be a dick lol.

    3. Superbuu3


      My cooking prowess is at the level that I had to google Gusteau to know if you were serious or joking.


      In terms of being an upstanding citizen I feel their is a time and a place, if it seems like discussion will deteriorate to namecalling, being a dick and just getting it out of the way seems to be the fastest method. Good chat though I need to force you to game with me at some point.

    4. Sir_Bee


      I am not sure there is a relationship between cooking prowess and having seen the movie Ratatouille...


      I would happily game with you sometime, lets just find a game :)

  13. I think you aren't understanding what I am saying, because you are talking to me like an asshole when I am on your side. I am asking a question. We have decided that it is against the rules, and that it is not ok to do. Where do we go from there? How can you decide who has cheated and who has not? Do you have a method to distinguish the two that is reliable? If you do, that would be what you should lead with. If you don't we are no better off. I never once said it was ok, in fact I agreed that it was cheating. My point is that there is nothing we can do to stop it... This has nothing to with you caring about anything at all. And yes, you (the royal you, as in anyone) would have to make an accusation of someone cheating for anything to happen in the given system. And since there is no method currently to prove said accusation, we are at a standstill. Some players are breaking a rule, and we are powerless to do anything about it because we live in a world where you are innocent until you are proven guilty. So please, find a way to prove that a script was used, and then we can come back to this conversation, until then, what is the point?
  14. Ok, it is now breaking the rules. What are you going to do about it? How can you prove that anyone did it? There is no method with which to prove any accusation you make, and therefor there is no consequence for anyone who breaks this rule. We are back to the same place we were before this conversation happened.
  15. I am super disappointed with the addition of Loot Boxes and random upgrades via 'speed cards' in Need For Speed.  I mean I guess I should not be surprised with EA being the shit company they are, but they have basically ruined a game I was very much looking forward to.  If this is what gaming is becoming, I am going to be scaling back my gaming by huge amounts ...

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    2. MMDE


      I think the pool has become larger. :) This heavily relies on what genres you enjoy of course, but there's plenty of low budget and smaller dev team games released on consoles these days. Sure, some is garbage, but much is actually pretty decent. If you enjoy the genre, a lower budget doesn't really make that much of a difference. It's often made with more love and not so focus tested and generic. On a related note, a game I want that I see just got it's trophy list published is Hand of Fate 2. :D The first game was a lot of fun. Very interesting idea and they nailed the mood (the dealer, the art style and the music). :)

    3. starcrunch061


      That sucks for you. I hope you still find something in the game you like.

    4. Sir_Bee


      I agree that smaller budget games can very easily be better than much of the sludge with get from the "AAA" market.  I mean Rainbow Skies is a game I am very much looking forward to, and East-Asia Soft isn't a big budget developer (at least I don't think they are).  So there are still games that I want and likely games I will enjoy.  This new trend into the freemium structure in a full price game has started to piss me off and deter me from gaming.  I honestly would rather have paid 100 dollars for this game to be made properly, and not broken in to pieces and balanced to make people spend more money 'gambling' in game to get what you need to keep playing.