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  1. Sure, I understand that to you the game itself holds the most weight in your choice. There is nothing wrong with that attitude. I do however hold issue to saying any other way is "backwards", that's all. This would be like telling a speedrunner they are playing the game wrong, because they didn't pick up all the coins in a Mario game. It's not backwards, just different.
  2. I have a problem with your initial question. You say that putting the trophies first is "backwards". Why do you think that? You may get more entertainment out of the game without trophies, but that doesn't mean that nobody could or should get more entertainment out of the trophies over the game. This is a hobby we all share, and we should all be able to enjoy it however we want, and not have to worry about others looking down on us because we don't play games the way they do. Whether you meant it that way or not, that is what it sounds like. As for me, I will say that trophies are a large part of why I still play games. It is not the end all be all, but I most certainly look at trophy lists before I buy a game, and a game with unobtainable trophies, long grueling grinds, or even missing platinum trophies will fall lower on my priority list of games. This is because I find trophies give some small meaning to the games i play, and when I play games without them, that part of my hobby that I enjoy is missing and it feels almost as though I am just now wasting my time. Are there potentially great games I miss out on because of this? Absolutely, but we all only have so much free time to devote to playing games, so there will always be games I don't play. We all have arbitrary lines we draw for games we want to play and ones we don't, mine just involves the trophy list, and I am not bothered by that.
  3. So, I may have made my over-leveled situation worse in Fairy Fencer F ...  I am just starting my Vile God run (it has just been locked in) and I am currently level 98 on all the people I use, with their skills all maxed out ...  It is like I am playing the game on easy and just getting to follow the story.  As soon as I gain access to all of my characters, I fully expect I am going to get everyone up that high, and I want to try my final run on the DLC difficulty (after I make sure that will unlock the hard trophy as well).  Overall, I am still enjoying the game :)


    Celeste update, currently have chapter 1-3 complete in the C-Sides.  I must say, I have been enjoying the c-sides so far.  Also, as a measure of how much better I am getting as I play the game, I have fewer deaths on each of the C-sides I have completed, than I did on the main levels associated with them.  I wonder how long I will keep that streak going ...

  4. A sate of emergency, and stay at home orders here in Ontario.  Guess who is working from home for the foreseeable future?  I am grateful that I have a job which I can do so.

    1. DaivRules


      I am both grateful that I can do my job from home and that I already had a setup at home to do so since the company I work for allowed working from home 1-2 days a week for about the last 8 years.


      I'm extra grateful because before taking this job I worked retail for 16 years and would not have had the option to work from home.


      And most of all, I'm grateful that this afforded me much more time with my kid and family that I would have ever gotten otherwise. Circumstances might not have been great, but having the extra time with my kid while he grows up is what I'll choose to look back and remember about the last year.


      Hoping you and Mrs. Bee stay safe and enjoy any extra time together!

    2. Sir_Bee


      Mrs. Bee happens to be a dental hygienist, and for some reason they believe that it is save to work in someone's mouth when their is an airborne pandemic ripping through the population just because you have some protective equipment.  So sadly, she will still be working as normal, but her office is taking steps to take care of them, and it is nice still bringing in the income, so it isn't all bad.


      I am glad that you too have been able to find some positives in a pile of bad situations.  Stay safe and keep pressing on.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Not here yet, but expecting it with the incoming administration.

  5. Hide this game, and any other game that your "friend" may have cheated on if you would like to stay on the leaderboards.
  6. Unfortunately, this is indistinguishable from a cheated list, and it would be unfair to leave it on the leaderboards. You can hide the game if you want to be back on the leaderboards (as long as you have 2 or fewer flags).
  7. potential minor Fairy Fencer F spoilers below...


    So, I was absentmindedly grinding some levels in Fairy Fencer F last week while watching AGDQ, and I think I may have accidentally over leveled myself.  Main character is level 40, but all characters have maxed combo and maxed physical attack stats, along with most, if not all of their high damage combo moves.  Also have every fairy I have so far up to level 10, and I am just entering the desert dungeon of my first Goddess playthough...  Oops, oh well lol.


    Been enjoying the game overall, even the ridiculous dialogue.  Also have everyone in their uniform (either a towel or a bathing suit if available).  And of course, they are all wearing their masks, can't have anyone catching covid, I need them all in fighting shape.

  8. Mrs Bee and I finally hit level 100 in Torchlight 2 last night.  Now just have a quick Hardcore run on casual difficulty left to do.


    Overall, I would say the game is ok.  I think the best way that I could describe it would be Diablo, but a little worse in every way.  By no means is it bad, but there are just many little things that could have made it much better.


    On the other end of the gaming spectrum, I have been playing Celeste, and it is absolutely fantastic.  I have fully completed 5 chapters so far (B-Sides as well).  People compare this platinum to Meatboy, but having experienced both games, I would have to say that so far there is no contest.  Celeste is certainly difficult, but at most you need to have a minute of difficult gameplay, and then you get a checkpoint.  Meatboy requires 15+ minutes of consecutive perfection for each trophy.  Maybe the C-Sides will be much more difficult, but so far nothing has stopped me.  That being said, I have over 2000 deaths so far, so it has certainly tried lol.


    I also started Fairy Fencer F.  It was on sale over the holidays.  I am not very far into the game, but my impression so far is that it feels very much like a PS3 game (which it is), but it also feels like exactly the kind of grinding turn based game I love, so I think I am going to enjoy it.

  9. So I bought Doom Eternal on the weekend while it was on sale.  I started playing it, and I must say it doesn't feel as good as I recall the original feeling.  Everything feels a bit too "live service" with the 'battle pass' like leveling system, the main menu, etc.


    As for the actual game:

    Things I like so far:

    - Exploration and secrets.  I really enjoyed the collectables in the first game, and this game seems to have done it well again.  Especially with the implementation of the fast travel system, makes finding everything without a guide rather easy and enjoyable.

    - The music and sound direction both seem rather strong so far.  Enjoying them a lot.


    Things I don't like:

    - This one is difficult to put my finger on, and even more difficult to put into words.  I think the game is just too hectic.  We have so many new options of things to do, all needing our attention, and everything seems to happen so quickly.  I have only finished the second level so far, and I have yet to die, but it feels more like I am just lucky rather than good.  Everything happens all at the same time, and I am getting warnings about ammo, warnings about health, use your chainsaw, use you fire, glory kill, oh wait big guy over there, better deal with him, low health again, don't forget your double jump, climb that ledge, swing on that pole, out of ammo again ...  It all seems overwhelming.  Now maybe as I get better at the game, I will become more used to the multitude of things I have to do, but for now I feel like the protagonist in many action movies.  I may have just slaughtered all those demons, but I feel most of it came down to luck, and that is bound to collapse around me sometime soon.

    1. MikeCheck--


      I loved the game! I recall that sense of overwhelming-ness as well but as I kept playing it became fun, like was in control. If you go for the Platinum your second playthrough will be a much different experience 

  10. It is difficult to build a defense if you don't say anything at all ...
  11. Platinum #153 Bloodborne.


    I enjoyed this game, quite a bit, despite a few walls that got frustrating at times.  I started this game just over 3 years ago, and I quit playing then because it was too difficult for me, and I felt I would never be able to finish it.  Since then, I believe I have become a better gamer, because this time around I was able to persevere.


    As for what comes next, I do have Crash 4 to work on, but Hammerwatch just came out on PS4 and it looks like a fun co-op game to play with Mrs. Bee, so looking into that as well.

  12. I just noticed this game because I saw DF playing it the other day. I did a little reading, and from what I can tell, local co-op is not supported on the ps4 version ( Is this info just outdated, or is it online only? Also, from a quick look at the list it was not obvious which trophies require co-op to get? Is that the mercenary system, because that sounds more like an AI companion rather than another human player.
  13. Then this may not be the game I am thinking of. Is this not the game where you cannot just go to the store and buy a part, you buy a card that has a random set of perks (brand, slot etc)? It isn't about whether or not it restricts your ability to finish the game, it is about the experience. And that is a choice that adds literally nothing while only making things worse for the player. Those types of choices are the ones that ruin games. Now I know that there were updates where the loot box system was changed, but I stopped playing long before that happened. It may be better now, but it is far too late for me.
  14. Getting close to the end of Bloodborne.  I need 2 more Red Jelly in order to open the final chalice dungeon, and then I only have to do the multiple endings, and buy the NG+ weapon.  This is a game I gave up on last time I played (three years ago I believe) because it was proving too difficult, so I am very happy with the progress I have made.

    1. Copanele


      Congrats, that's a lot of progress! 

      How did you enjoy the game so far? 

    2. Sir_Bee


      It has been fun.  A bit stressful at times, and a few enemies/bosses have been rough, but overall I would say I have been having a good time.

  15. It isn't about real money vs in game money. The upgrade system required you use currency (real or not) to buy a random upgrade that may or may not be better than what you have, or even what you wanted. It was a stupid and pointless system that honestly, ruined the whole experience for me.