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  1. If you think it is unreasonable that they shut the servers so quickly, don't buy their games?
  2. Absolutely nothing like HZD. Doesn't really have much of a story, gameplay is very grind heavy. Controls are a bit heavy, and take some getting used to. All that said, it is fun. EDIT. I know you asked for something to compare it to, but I honestly have not played anything else like it. I don't really have something to compare it to.
  3. Awesome. Your generosity is fantastic
  4. I would be pretty confident in agreeing with @black__bunny that codes for expansion packs included in the collectors edition should not have an expiry date on them.
  5. I think there is a problem with how some (and lets face it, it is a tiny percentage of the whole, sad they just have the loudest voice) "criticize". We should all be upset that the video game industry seems to be ruled by greed, and whoever is making the decisions is not looking out for the consumer, they only care about their short term bottom line. BUT, and I cannot stress this enough, there is a massive difference between being upset with a concept and voicing your concern over it, and attacking people. The moment you start throwing insults around, you have crossed a line that should never be crossed. To all those that don't understand this article, or why they would ask you to "think of the developers", you are not the problem. They don't want to stop criticism, they want to stop the death threats, and threats to peoples families, that come from that very loud, very small percentage of people. Keep up the criticism, keep fighting for these companies to start making good games again instead of just money generators, but lay off the insults and attacks. They help no-one.
  6. I know a lot of people loved the multiplayer in this game, but I just could not get into it. It was the only thing stopping me from the Platinum in both versions. I will not shed a tear should it not be a part of the new game.
  7. If I am being honest, the only fight I lost was trying to beat Pennance without Yojimbo. It is not really a fair comparison however, as I was not playing blind, so I always went into a fight prepared for what they could throw at me.
  8. Is it just me, or does this mentality that seems to be commonly shared among people that "snitched get stitches" is actually hugely detrimental to society as a whole, and really only benefits those who want to wrong others?  And yet it seems to be the common ideology...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Parker


      Punishments in the city where I work are a joke. We had a guy who was already on home incarceration for robbery cut his anklet off, he then went to a parade where he shot two people and killed one. The judge gave him probation because he was young and he didn't want to "ruin his life." This man killed one person, shot two others and robbed yet another, but he is free walking the streets, it disgusts me. 

    3. gruffiiti


      Its never Little Johnny's fault ...

    4. Sir_Bee


      I agree that punishments are insufficient, but that isn't actually the core of the problem.  It starts when we are children, and the term "tattle-tale" is used as derogatory insult.  Right from childhood we are taught that you mind your own business and don't point out when others are doing wrong.  Now I say we, like this is everyone, and that obviously is not the case, but i do fear that it seems to be the majority.

  9. I have mentioned the idea to her and she is going to consider how to bring it up with the Dentist.
  10. That is a perfectly reasonable view and I can respect it :). The problem with getting her patients on board is that they technically aren't her patients, they 'belong' to the dentist that she works for, and that relationship isn't very strong. I will pose the idea to her and see if she can figure out a way to let them know. Thanks for your input
  11. I don't know for sure that you cannot vote while living out of the area, I just assumed as such. Give it a shot if you want That is absolutely reasonable, she is worth it. I agree, and I try to get her to see it as well. I do think that she is pretty happy with this nomination. She only just found out about it, so it may not have fully sunk in yet.
  12. So Mrs. Bee has been nominated for Best Dental Hygienist in our area, and the winner is chosen by votes, so I am reaching out to any and all interested to help my awesome wife win this title. 



    1. Sir_Bee


      As it turns out, you need to register an account and likely be in the area to vote, but I am still very proud of her :D 

    2. starcrunch061


      Were you trying to subvert the time-honored process of online voting? FOR SHAME!!!

    3. Sir_Bee


      Subvert, work to my advantage ... six of one, half dozen of the other ...

  13. EDIT: Scratch the request for votes, Just wanted to share my pride in the awesome work that Mrs Bee is doing. So something very exciting for Mrs. Bee (and subsequently me) happened this past weekend. She got nominated among 11 others for Best Dental Hygienist in our area. She has always been one to have a low level of self confidence, and often undersells herself, so I am super proud of this nomination, and I thought it would be great for her if she could win. That is where you would all come in. I am reaching out to those who would like to help, and asking that you go to the link below and vote for "Jessie Peloso from Waterloo Smiles". There isn't any prize (that I am aware of) but I am sure it would make her very happy if she manages to win. Thanks for your votes EDIT** As it turns out you have to make an account to vote, and since they ask for your postal code, it likely would not work if you are voting from other places in the world. That is a shame Needless to say I am still very proud of her for the nomination, so I don't want to remove this post all together.
  14. Yes, SONY will shut it down. When? Sometime in the future ...
  15. Sure, I was just giving one easy example. That doesn't mean there aren't many. He could be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde incarnate, and trophies are the only way to tame Mr. Hyde and he is doing a service to us all by playing at all hours