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  1. This is not new. As a culture (especially in North America) we are constantly bombarded by violence and war on the 24 hour news channels. It is all they seem to talk about. The US has a gun issue, and a very pro war/military attitude. Violence is commonplace in society, and thus everyone has become desensitized (for better or worse) and it becomes 'ok' in the eyes of society. I mean the ESRB still exists, and they still try to protect children, but it is a cultural ideal that allows, and even promotes it. I mean think about it this way, so many people are trying to fight to take sexual education out of schools, and parents fight to keep their children from doing anything even remotely sexual, but I would bet most of us played games like "cops and robbers" when we were kids, or even had toy guns ...
  2. The game put you in a wheelchair? Man, that is rough ... Good advice for others though :).
  3. If it is something you can do on an unmodded system, in an unmodded game, with your own unmodded save file that wasn't transferred from another system or account you should be fine. In this particular example, I don't know what "commands" you are talking about.
  4. For clarification, you can hide as many games as you want, you can hide 2 FLAGGED GAMES and still stay on the leaderboard.
  5. An apology means a lot. If it leads to an attitude change, you may be more likely to get some sort of help. I can understand that you are upset, as you quite possibly had no idea that this was being cheated, but in the end it needs to come down to the dispute teams verdict, as the trophy still technically required a modded lobby, and cannot be replicated legit. We will have to wait and see where this goes, as I think everyone here has had a chance to speak their mind.
  6. In a public dispute, that is the point. It isn't about the admins, it is about the public. His innocence is exactly what should be discussed by all parties here. You only think I am an asshole because I disagree with you and call you out when you lash out and retaliate. You are welcome to think I am an asshole, and call me whatever you want, it changes nothing as my life isn't reliant on your approval. But it does show your true colours and doesn't make others here want to go out of their way to help you or to give you "mercy"
  7. no, why do you ask?
  8. you posted a video that was a modded save (which is cheating) It was even talked about in the comments that it was cheated and could not be done normally. Not a good piece of evidence to suggest you are innocent ...
  9. I strongly disagree with every part of that statement. 1st, you should be held accountable for your attitude at all points. It is easy not be nice when everything is going your way and life is easy. If you just become a jerk when something goes wrong, you are not a nice person, you are a jerk deep down. 2nd, nobody here blames him for what happened. If what he is saying is all true, his friend cheated, and he lost out. The end result of this should be a flag, a hidden game, and a new friend. His trophy does not belong on the board as it is impossible to replicate. The reason why he got it the way he did does not matter.
  10. Mercy should be considered for those who deserve it. Those who are kind and helpful in the dispute, rather than those who lash out and act like jerks. To expect mercy when they have been as rude as they have been would be entitlement, and they deserve nothing. On top of this, it wasn't a random lobby. It was his friend. Not in the same category.
  11. You did cheat. Not on purpose, but you did.
  12. We live in a world where we are all connected. That is a huge benefit in many cases, but it also means that we are connected to the assholes and cheaters. It is a risk we have to take by playing in the world we live in. It isn't your fault, but you are a casualty of 'war'. The flag is to try and keep a leaderboard clean, and if you happen to get one, hide your game before you get flagged and accept it as the cost of hunting trophies in an internet age.
  13. while that sucks, it is irrelevant. The flag is for a list, not a player. Intentionally or not, the trophy is cheated and deserves a flag. If that is the case, get better friends.
  14. You haven't even posted a link to a video of this powerleveling technique that is "everywhere" as you so put it. The only video you showed us was cheated.
  15. If you think that others have cheated the game, and you own it, go and flag them for it. You can look into it for yourself.