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  1. I am disappointed with Diablo 2 ... The game is fun enough, but the network and game instability has made it all but unplayable.  They implemented a login queue, which I am no stranger to having played FF XIV.  I am not happy about it, but I would be ok with it if not for one big flaw; the game crashes all the time.  You get a crash, better get back in that 20+ minute queue.  It does not seem to crash much at all on PS5, but on the PS4 version, it would crash after almost every boss fight, and many quest completions.  Unsurprisingly, this makes progression difficult, and ruins any chance of having fun with the game.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Every time i see something like this same question pops in my head. Why are we paying Sony to play online? It doesn't look like they are doing anything to insure quality of experience. 

    2. Dreggit


      If nothing else, Endwalker is soon (if you still play I mean) and that should be pretty great as a capstone to the Hydalyn/Zodiark arc. I'll likely stop playing it too, since I've been playing since 1.0. Endwalker seems a good exit point to me

  2. I have made it all the way down to floor 19, and completed them all thus far in Dungeon Encounters.  I actually love how brutally unforgiving the game is.  I wiped in an unlucky fight with an imp because I just happened to have my whole team at a prime number level, so I got killed in two shots.  When that happens, you have to go back to the start, make a new party, and find your way back to the dead heroes, pick them up (party can still only hold 4 people, so better go in with only 1 or leave more behind), and bring them back to a revive spot to start using them again.  After learning this, I have stashed parties in the small "towns" I have found in case I need something nearby.  Petrify does something similar.  You have to leave that character behind, and then go find a gorgon alter, un-petrify them, and then go back to the tile you left them on to pick them up.


    Also, decided to try my hand at a treasure hunter fight ... I came out of the fight with -4,000 gold ... I did not know it would go below zero lol.


    Overall, I am really enjoying the game.  Very glad I decided to pick it up.

  3. Got down to floor 7 completed 100% in Dungeon Encounters.  Battles are already starting to get more interesting.  For a system that looks so simplistic on the surface, it is already starting to show depth.  I will say I also really like the idea of physical defense not reducing damage, but acting as a shield to protect your health until it is gone.  This means that if you have even 1 point in PD remaining, your HP is safe from 1 more attack.  Same goes for the enemy though, so you have to try and time you heavy hitter better to not waste them on small numbers.


    All in all I am enjoying the relaxing nature of the exploration, and the strategic nature of the combat system quite a lot.  Glad I took a chance on the game.


    Only 92 more floors to go lol.

  4. Was supposed to play Diablo 2 with Mrs Bee and a buddy of mine this weekend, but both days the servers were down for several hours in the morning.  Saturday it didn't open until about 3 pm and Sunday not until after 12.  So I was left with a lot of free time on my hands.


    I got a few Hades runs in, also set my new in game time record with just over 25 minutes, was happy with that.


    Got a few more hard mode post-it marks for Blue Baby (Satan & Lamb) in Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+.  Looking forward to the console release of Repentance.  True co-op would be a solid reason for Mrs. Bee and I to revisit it.


    I also picked up Dungeon Encounters.  Sometime about the simplistic visuals and complex strategy caught my attention.  I am currently only on floor 4, but I have found it to be quite enjoyable so far.

    1. MidnightDragon


      From what I read, Diablo II servers are fucked up

  5. I am no expert, so don't just take my word for it, but I am pretty sure that your wife can play the games you bought on your account, only on a system that is designated as your main system. If you were to have a second console, she would only be able to play your games or play online on one system, not the other. That being said, If both of you have set the same system as your main console, I don't see why it should not work the same way with PS Now games.
  6. This actually looks pretty interesting. Knowing absolutely nothing about the game, the trophy list looks like a pretty standard "Do everything" list. May have to add this to my watch list.
  7. I should qualify for the top spot. All 10 platinums achieved
  8. I cant speak to where he is found post game, but you always have the option of getting his evolutions to level 50 and "reborn"ing them.
  9. This is a great idea to recognize the great guide writers this site has. I am not among them, but I technically still qualify for some of these with my one and only guide lol. Puppeteer - Published 1 guide - Guide has over 10,000 views - GOTY finalist 2014 (third place)
  10. I have to say that for the vast majority of games, once I get that platinum, I tend to move on to something else. Very few games have gotten me to go back, even when DLC trophies are involved. I do still occasionally pick up Binding of Isaac, but I have long since given up on 100% of that game. Still enjoy the odd run through. I have re-played games that had another trophy list come out (Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to mind). I think Hades may be one of the few games that could keep me coming back, but I am still a ways away from the platinum, so we will see how I feel then. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but without trophies, some part of my brain seems to think that playing games on my own is just a waste of time. I get that it doesn't really make sense, but trophies give me something to play for, and that makes me feel better about it all. That being said, playing games with Mrs. Bee or other friends is a completely different story. I will happily play almost anything they want, regardless of trophies or console.
  11. So Mrs. Bee and I bought and started Diablo 2 this past weekend.  I must say, while it has been fun, the games age shows.  Also, I have never really been a fan of shared loot pools.  Everything was just easier when we both had out own loot drops. 


    All in all we have been enjoying it.  She has way more Diablo 2 experience than I do, most of my old school Diablo came from Diablo 1.


    We also "finished" the story in Hades.  Of the 10 required clears, I got 6 and Mrs. Bee got 4.  She massively improved as time went on, and even holds our fastest clear.  I am proud of her improvement :) 

  12. Wow, that is exactly what I was looking for. I bow to your superior Googling skills . Thanks.
  13. Are there any resources out there that people have, that lets you know which creatures can be found in each area? I like trying to catch everything before I move on, but it is difficult to know if I am chasing a phantom mega rare that simply won't spawn. A quick google search is difficult, as you get a lot of Extinction results.
  14. Excellent, that sounds like exactly what I wanted to hear. Mrs. Bee has her own blizzard account (we played Diablo 3 together). Also, it would appear that buying the PS5 version also gives you the ps4 version, which I assumed, but probably shouldn't have. But that is good to hear as well. I hope you and your son continue to enjoy the game, thanks for the response.
  15. I have 2 questions, one I am pretty sure I know the answer to, the other I am not so sure. 1 - If I am playing on a PS5, can I play with Mrs. Bee while she plays on a PS4. I am pretty sure this works, but I am getting conflicting information online. Granted, the ones saying no are all very old, hence why I am pretty sure. 2 - Is your copy of the game tied to your blizzard account? I.E. will we need 2 digital copies of the game to play together? Most co-op games we can play with one copy of the game, I play on my system signed in as me, she plays on her system where I have set it as my primary system, signed in as her. This won't work however, if the copy of the game gets tied to a blizzard account. Thanks for any help.