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  1. The XCOM 2 avatar project is a bitter sweet design choice.  I like how it defeats the typical long game trope of allowing the hero to be off collecting random side quests while ignoring the main looming threat, but on the flip side I don't like not being able to do side quests, and wait for my research to get better gear.


    In the end I would say it is a good game mechanic, and I wouldn't take it out, but sometimes I would rather just be able to hang out doing my scans rather than race to clear encampments to slow progress.  It can be frustrating to fly halfway around the world and just starting your supply drop scan to have an emergency quest come up that you need to fly around the world again to do.

    1. starcrunch061


      It's tough, right? I remember playing Final Fantasy Tactics back in the day. It is a great game, but let's be honest; it was really fun to pretend like the threat to the world was irrelevant to gaining levels and JP. I think Velius waited in-game hours (which translated to weeks, if not months) while I leveled up all my folks in their jobs.


      Not really realistic, though.

    2. Sir_Bee


      I think that was one of the things that I enjoyed about FF XIII Lightning Returns so much.  Even though the time constraint was loose enough that you could easily still accomplish all the side quests, you were always aware that you only have so much time.


      I do think that it is a good mechanic, but sometimes I feel the aliens are just being rude trying to take over the world on their schedule, and not waiting for me ...

  2. Another slight variation if this is still giving you a hard time. Run with the following artifacts: Command, Glass, Honor. Hope you get into a world with an equipment box, and pick up either the preon or the rockets (I don't remember their proper names), pick up a few Armor-Piercing rounds if they are convenient, and then run to the boss. You do not have to survive the teleport event, just kill the boss. Your equipment should do most of the work, and then you just run around in a panic until you can kill the boss. Mrs. Bee and I managed this with both the Huntress and the Artificer after a few tries. It may not be as easy as taking it slow, but it is certainly quicker.
  3. #152 - Risk of Rain 2.  Mrs. Bee and I enjoyed this game.  She isn't quite at the platinum yet, but she is very close.  I will say that the artifacts, especially the artifact of command make the game much easier.  It would have been far more difficult if we could not choose our build.  All in all, fun game.


    I recently restarted XCOM 2.  I never got around to finishing a single run, partly due to a glitch I encountered that actually caused the aliens to just stand around and do nothing for their entire turn, every time, BUT their turn took about 5 minutes of nothing ...  The game kind of lost its enjoyment after that.  I have since started a commander difficulty run and going to try and keep everyone alive and see how it goes.

  4. This may not be the answer you are looking for, but Mrs. Bee and I looked into it and apparently you can run co-op as long as you are at least AR 16, have the same WR, and are in the same server. You will each control 2 characters. That being said, I still don't know what it is you actually do in this game, so I don't really know how that applies.
  5. A study was recently done, and it found out that 40% of all sick days taken by people under the age of 40 happened to be on a Friday or a Monday.  I can just see the incorrect headlines now lol.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sir_Bee


      The laziest, most entitled generation that never stops working to feed themselves ...  Yep, checks out.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Monday seems normal, you'd think people get sick over the weekend mostly with more non-regular human contact, like going out, hang out, etc.
      Friday also is likely since you can get little sick over weekend because of that contact and spread it thruout the week to others who end up sick on Friday...and spreads it over the weekend to others..oh my god what a cycle!

    4. Sir_Bee


      @NERVergoproxy I see the logic, but I think you missed the joke.  Any two days make up 40% of a work week.

  6. I have a bit of a moral quandary.  I hate the scalper market, on all accounts.  The people who have bots scrapping the internet looking for pre-orders, to snatch up as many as they can in order to sell them on a third party market for a massive markup.  Its gross.


    The problem however, is what if I were to just pre-order 2 systems.  I could sell one for the scalper prices, and effectively end up with a nearly free console.  It would save a tonne of money, but then I would be taking part in the market I hate.  That being said, if I didn't, someone else surely would ...


    This is all also ignoring the fact that these launch consoles aren't coming with anything.  If I were to wait a month until Christmas, or maybe into March of 2021, there may be bundle releases with games like Ratchet and Clank, or something else.


    I am not sure what to do ...

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    2. DaivRules


      The difference between the PS5 and stocks is everyone gets the same shot to buy the same stocks at the same time for the same price. 

    3. Sir_Bee


      @DaivRules Yeah, and pre-orders open and everyone has a shot of buying them at the same time and the same price.  Billionaires sway the market just by buying stocks.  Also, managers have the ability to buy in bigger bulk, and quicker than you could at home.  Not to mention those in the business have much more knowledge about when something is worth it.  By the time someone in the public finds out this information, many times it is too late and they have missed out.  There is no even playing field, never has been.

    4. Dreakon13


      Personally, I don't give a crap about scalpers when it comes to something like this.  With the pandemic, people hording medical/sanitation supplies and trying to re-sell them are the scummiest of scum.


      But this is a game console.  People don't NEED it, public health and lives aren't at stake.  If you can manage to pre-order 2 consoles and actually find people dumb enough to pay 2-3x the price just to have it on or around release day... go for it.  It'd be nice if people didn't do that, and if these pre-order windows went smoother, but this is reality and things don't work out sometimes.  Blame the scalper a little, but blame the person actually buying it from them more.  People need to be smarter and more patient with their money.


      I haven't been able to pre-order a PS5 yet (and trust me I've been looking) and dunno if I will get to before release.  Such is life.

  7. Looks cute and fun. Did I see a FF Tactics like battle system? Interesting. Thanks for this, it will certainly be on my list to look out for.
  8. Super Meat Boy has defeated me for now.  I will come back to it eventually, but for the sake of my sanity and my desire to continue playing games, I need to move on.


    #150 The Talos Principle.  I figured this was a fitting replacement for the milestone.  It was an absolutely fantastic puzzle game.  Not only were the puzzles varying and challenging, some with multiple solutions, but the philosophy discussed in the writings you would find and conversations you would have was incredible.  If you at all enjoy puzzles, I cannot recommend this game enough.  As a side not, @Squirlruler this is my public challenge to you so that maybe you finally get around to playing this game.  All 94 red sigils (no stars needed), without any internet help, 10 hours 39 minutes 55 seconds.  That is your benchmark.


    #151 - Colour Guardians.  This was a cute runner type game that Mrs. Bee and I took turns playing.  She really enjoyed it, but I felt that it went on a bit long.  Either way, we got it done.


    Void TRLMM() is on sale for $25 and I am very tempted to pick it up.  I have been interested in it since I found out it was being released, and nothing has turned me away yet.

    1. Squirlruler


      Congrats man! Yea, I do need to get to it. Maybe after I get through ACO (who knows how long that will take me hahaha) I will :D


      Oh man, I might have to pick up that game as well. I have really enjoyed their other games and def am interested in this one...

    2. Sword


      In the same boat with Super Meat Boy. I find playing it in dedicated bursts has helped me. For example beat my head against a wall trying to get past light world Hospital for several days straight (after only having "Wood Boy" completed) before I quit for a few months. When I went back to the game, I did a dedicated 2 week sprint on the game... and managed to grab almost half of the No-Death trophies this time around (and beat the game, and beat Cotton Alley) before I hit that "I literally cannot do this anymore I need a break". 


      Might never get that plat, but taking breaks has been my method to the madness so far. That way when you return you can dedicate yourself with a better mental state than trying to do the entire thing without playing literally anything else. For seasoned players it probably doesn't matter but for me, oh hell no, can't do it. No sir no how.

    3. MidnightDragon
  9. Mrs. Bee and I just unlocked this last night, will make getting good builds much more consistent. Now we just need to figure out our favourite items to stack
  10. Started Risk of Rain 2 with Mrs Bee last night.  It is actually quite enjoyable.  Completed a few runs on easy, and managed to unlock our first artifact (allowing us to choose items).  Looking forward to going back.

    1. hugglebunn-e


      Is this local co-op?

    2. Sir_Bee


      No, at least I found no way to play it locally.

  11. I can appreciate the sentiment. Striving to get the platinum is part of the enjoyment I get out of a game. So a game that doesn't have a platinum trophy starts at a disadvantage over a game that does. It isn't the end-all-be-all part of the decision, but it for sure has an influence.
  12. Alright, ignore me then
  13. One of the borderlands games had locations that were not tied to any specific trophy, but I cannot remember if Borderlands 2 was that one ...
  14. It should count. It just needs to be anything but the default as far as I know.
  15. It doesn't look like it.