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  1. I have recently started the long and difficult road to the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth platinum.  I have managed to beat mom, beat the heart once, and unlocked most of the characters.  Steady progress being made.

  2. Completely off topic, but why is it that the title "Avoid" made me click on it? I am clearly not displaying very good survival skills here ...
  3. There is another way to do this. This can be done online, even in a team. Mrs Bee and I played a game with me set to deity, her set to settler (still learning) and all the AI on prince, and when we won the game, I got the trophy. Just throwing it out there.
  4. That is true, but from a leaderboard view, those trophies do not belong, as they are not possible in the manner in which they were achieved. It isn't on you, but you will still need to hide the game to return to the leaderboards.
  5. Playing my first CIV 6 game on PS4.  I always forget just how much I enjoy Civ games.


    I was minding my own business, just trying to make the best of the area I had been provided.  Got two decent cities down, and ventured out to found my third.  At this point, I have basically no military to speak of, but well on my way in the science and culture trees, with a decent treasury.  So just after I settle my third city, I apparantly pissed off two other bully nations, by getting too close to them (our cities couldn't share tiles if they wanted, but ok ...).  I apologized and thought we moved on, even sent them some resources to appease them.  A few turns later, they both declare a surprise war on me ..  Ok, this is how we are going to play it.  I shifted focus, spent my bank, and started making units.  Before they had a chance to mobilize, I had a few solid horsemen (better than any unit they had), so I started to rampage over them.  It wasn't long before I went from having basically no military, to being the strongest military around.  I eliminated the first of the two bullies, only to find out that made everyone else mad because I was a "warmonger".  Fine, enough people keep denouncing me and insulting me, I will become what you want.  I just kept pushing my military, and kept crushing civ's one after the other.  I am now at the point where I have an army of cannons, tanks, and cavalry that just run over everyone in my way.  It is right about here that the game becomes slightly less fun.  I know I am going to win, I am more than two ages ahead of the two remaining civs, and there is basically nothing that they can do about it, but I still have to wait until my units can cross the continent in order to actually get my "W".


    That being said, I like how the game can go in unexpected directions.  I had no intention of being a military presence until I was bullied, and then my hand was forced.  Wonder how my next game will go?

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Ominous parallels to inter-war Germany there dude... feeling bullied, decides to go all in on military, ends up set on world domination... 


      Are you the baddie? 


      (Not that I can talk, I always enjoyed the perks of the fascism social order when I used to play Civ... 3 or 4 I think.)

    3. Sir_Bee


      @StrickenBiged Oh, I am very much the bad guy, but I am an enemy of their creation.

    4. StrickenBiged


      You die the hero, or live long enough to become the villain. 

  6. Well I mean op was able to be 19 seconds off world record in their Rapture dark world no deaths run, in one shot no less. Maybe they are just the best gamer around?
  7. Personally there isn't really a genre I hate, I am happy to at least try a wide variety of games. I would say that RPG, FPS (or third person) and strategy are likely at the top of the list. Fighting and rhythm games tend to be closer to the bottom. I do still enjoy both of those, but I am terrible at them, so they become un-fun rather quickly. But Sir Bee, I hear you asking, isn't Amplitude a rhythm game? Yes, hence the I do enjoy the games, but as you can see, progress is very slow lol. I am nearing the end of my ability in that game, but Mrs Bee is still having fun, so we boot it up every once in a while and try a new song. I just took a quick look at your trophy list. You have a good collection in there. Is your completion so high on purpose, or did it just happen to work out that way? I personally haven't really cared much about my completion rate in a long time, as I want to be able to try new games, and more importantly, stop playing them if they get boring. That being said, I am always impressed to see accounts that are 90% and higher.
  8. Welcome to PSNP. Don't worry about your English, it is already better than many who have it as their only language. What types of games do you enjoy most?
  9. My wife and I recently restarted a farm so we could play Co-op. It take a game I already loved, and makes it even better. In case anyone was interested, I can confirm that both host and guest will get trophies while playing. Some things are shared (for example your museum items, mine depth, crops shipped, total money made) and some are not (for example skills, fish caught, relationships). I cannot speak to crafting and cooking being shared. I would lean towards them not being shared, as recipes are not shared, but would need testing to confirm. My big question however, If you marry each other, will you miss out on 2 trophies? - All stardrops, the one for getting your marriage partner to 13 hearts. - Full House, married with 2 kids I am pretty sure that you can still marry your co-op partner and have kids, but I don't know if that will count towards the trophy. I am also pretty sure you still have to get married to an NPC in order to get that final stardrop, as I see now indication of heart level with your co-op partner. Does anyone know if it is possible to still get all the trophies while marrying your co-op partner, or would you have to marry an NPC, get the stardrop (and potentially have 2 kids), get divorced, and then marry your co-op partner? Thanks for any help. EDIT: To anyone interested, I have since found out that as soon as you marry your co-op partner, you will get a stardrop in the mail. As for the children trophy, I would imagine that since they did so much to allow you to play however you want, that having two kids with your co-op partner will allow you to get the trophy as well.
  10. @Annoyingtiger888 So, the fishing mini-game in this game is actually one of my favourite parts of Stardew valley. I am usually level 9 or 10 before fall each time I start up a game. Many tips have been mentioned already, but I will list a few bits of advice. 1 - When you are at the lower levels, there will be fish that you simply can't keep up with, as your bar will be too small and they move all over the place. Don't worry about not catching every fish you come across. Even at level 10, if I don't have a trapper bobber, there is still the odd fish I just fail on. 2 - You almost never want to hold the button. There is a rhythm to this mini-game, and it is something that you want to get used to. What you should practice early on is how quickly you need to tap it in order to keep the bar steady, and get used to how it moves around. This is a difficult thing to just tell you, but once you play around with it, you should start to get a feeling for it. Once you get better at that, you will find that you have much quicker and more accurate control to track a fish. Once you start to get better at that, you can practice what is in my opinion the most difficult skill, slowing the bar enough on a drop to not make it bounce on the bottom when you don't want to. Once again, all I can suggest is that you practice with tapping at different rhythms in order to get a feel for how it moves. 3 - I still have never eaten food for fishing, but there are several recipes that can temporarily boost your fishing level, helping you catch more fish. As to what those are specifically, I am of no help . 4 - When you have the spare money, upgrading to the irridium rod and using trapper bobbers is a great help in catching the more difficult fish. What it does is slows down the decay of the capture bar when you are not on the fish. 5 - A more advanced tip, for catching the more difficult fish. It is not always helpful to keep the fish in the middle of your bar. As your bar gets bigger, you want to try and keep the fish in different places depending on where it is. If it is in the bottom half, you want to keep it closer to the bottom of your green bar under the expectation that it will dart up when it moves. The opposite is true when it is closer to the top. As you fish more and more, you will start to notice that fish have personalities, and you can often tell what you are trying to catch, based on how it moves. That will also help you react to where you expect it to go. 6 - As for my favourite locations to fish, I find that the mountain lake, and any of the rivers have a few easy fish you can use to boost your fishing level. Ghost fish aren't too bad either (level 20 of the mines) and Carp are very easy (in the sewers). Those could be good practice places for getting a feeling for how the mini-game controls. 7 - While I have no experience with this either, it has been mentioned earlier in the thread. You can get crab pots, and make bait (or buy it) without ever having to fish. could get you a few levels under your belt so you can start practicing with a bigger bar. I know the answer of patience and practice isn't the best, but this game really does take some getting used to. If it is at all interesting to you (as it was and still is for me) putting in the time will show you results, and eventually you will be catching those legendary fish on your first try.
  11. I started Bug Fables last night (it was on sale), and I enjoy the game so far.  It is very much a paper Mario game, just with bugs instead of Mario, and I have no objection to that.  I am interested to see where they go from here.


    Also recently got Ringfit Adventure for the switch.  It is going to help get my lazy ass to move more.  Used it the last three days, and all it has done so far is show my how out of shape I am.  Here's to hopefully changing that in time :) 

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    2. Sir_Bee


      @Dr_Mayus actually, one of the three characters in your party is a young bee and her weapon of choice is a "Beemerang" :D 

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Lol, excellent. 


    4. gruffiiti


      Damn... this just reminded me I need to go back and finish Bug Fables.

      Got sidetracked jumping back into co-op with Division 2 shortly after I started on it and haven't gone back yet.

      Might be a good time as I just wrapped up another game and hadn't decided on the next one to do yet.

  12. The title got me all excited. Maybe, just maybe Castle Crashers remake will be on sale again ... Nope Oh well. There are a lot of fun games on this list, sadly I have played all the ones I saw that I would have wanted. Still, some fun inexpensive games here for those who haven't experienced them before. Thanks for the list
  13. #154 - Celeste.


    I loved this game.  I have heard the comparison to Super Meat Boy many times, but I would have to say that even without assist mode, there cannot be any comparison between the two games difficulty wise.  Yes, Celeste is a very difficult game, but even the most difficult parts take under 45 seconds of solid tight gameplay.  You can keep trying as many times as you need to, and only have to get lucky/good once.  Super Meat Boy takes 15+ minutes of perfection for the more difficult worlds.  Maybe if there was a trophy for getting all the golden berries, but even then, it would not be as grueling as SMB.  I also have heard some people complain about the fact that assist mode doesn't disable trophies.  Sure, a very small part of me considers that, but then the much larger part of me loves the fact that the game is inclusive to anyone who wants to pick it up and play it.  In the end, I know I did it without assist mode, and that is all that really matters.  If you need/want assist mode, all the power to you.  Everyone should try and experience every part of this game, and if you feel accomplished beating the difficult C-sides with assist mode on, then that's fantastic.


    As a side note, Mrs. Bee tends to shy away from difficult games.  A few years ago, she never would have even tried Celeste, let alone stuck with it for any length of time.  She enjoyed watching me struggle so much, that she wanted to try it out, and I am very proud to say that she beat level 1, all berries, and the B side, all on her own.  It was cute to see how happy she was when she got passed a difficult section, and when she finally beat the B-Side.  Sadly she had to do it on my profile, as it would have been too much work moving her system to the big tv, and she didn't want to use the smaller one at the time.  The only thing that means is that she doesn't have the trophy that I can use to brag for her online, but that's just a small downside.


    Fairy Fencer F update.  So, I went wild on the grinding as I watched some Youtube videos, and now I am over level 130 ... Nothing in the game could hold a candle to me right now, and I could just burn through the last two playthroughs for the platinum, but that small part of me is still somewhat interested in the story, as bad as it is, so I am still just moving slowly.  I will probably give up on the story at some point, and just burn through what is left of the game, but still making slow progress.

  14. Sure, I understand that to you the game itself holds the most weight in your choice. There is nothing wrong with that attitude. I do however hold issue to saying any other way is "backwards", that's all. This would be like telling a speedrunner they are playing the game wrong, because they didn't pick up all the coins in a Mario game. It's not backwards, just different.
  15. I have a problem with your initial question. You say that putting the trophies first is "backwards". Why do you think that? You may get more entertainment out of the game without trophies, but that doesn't mean that nobody could or should get more entertainment out of the trophies over the game. This is a hobby we all share, and we should all be able to enjoy it however we want, and not have to worry about others looking down on us because we don't play games the way they do. Whether you meant it that way or not, that is what it sounds like. As for me, I will say that trophies are a large part of why I still play games. It is not the end all be all, but I most certainly look at trophy lists before I buy a game, and a game with unobtainable trophies, long grueling grinds, or even missing platinum trophies will fall lower on my priority list of games. This is because I find trophies give some small meaning to the games i play, and when I play games without them, that part of my hobby that I enjoy is missing and it feels almost as though I am just now wasting my time. Are there potentially great games I miss out on because of this? Absolutely, but we all only have so much free time to devote to playing games, so there will always be games I don't play. We all have arbitrary lines we draw for games we want to play and ones we don't, mine just involves the trophy list, and I am not bothered by that.