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  1. Unfortunately, those trophies are not allowed on the leaderboards, so you will have to hide the game and move on.
  2. Even if everything you have said is true, it unfortunately means the flag will still stick. The trophies (not the player) were cheated by some means or another, and they cannot stay on the leaderboards. You can hide your game, earn another trophy in any game, then sync and you should be back. As long as you have less than 3 flagged games, you can stay on the boards.
  3. But this is flawed logic ... The current leaderboard as it stands now would not change. You want to make the argument that it would call people out who have a different ribbon number to their platinum count, but that is no different than what exists currently. Your trophy card has a completion percentage, which through your logic is designed to call people out who don't finish their games they start. That is what stats do, that is what happens when you start comparing people to one another, some are better than others in some regards, and not so in others. If your concern is that it will get people to attack others based on these numbers, those of us that would care to do so are already doing it and they don't need the help of a ribbon to give them a reason. On the whole people are good, and those of us that are assholes do not need help to act that way. The part that you are forgetting is that this is all about leaderboards. Everything done on this site is designed to compare lists or trophies by different players. There will never be anything bad done by adding more ways to allow people to compare themselves. Now, if you were to restructure the main leaderboard and base it on ribbons over platinums, you might have an argument, but this new system has no bearing whatsoever on what already exists. All of this boils down to the idea that you think if you have a ribbon that I don't that should make me feel bad. That is a broken ideology. If that was really how the world functioned, everyone who wasn't number 1 all the time should all feel shitty and fight against it because the system is excluding them. Your achievements should have no bearing on my achievements other than maybe some friendly rivalries or encouragement to do better. You can never make me feel bad by accomplishing something I could not, all it would do would make me impressed or proud of what you can do. If that isn't the case for you or anyone else, than maybe they are the ones who need to change, not the rest of the world.
  4. How is it designed to exclude anyone at all? That would be like saying the platinum trophy is designed to exclude those who don't get it. It just doesn't make sense. Leaderboards exist for no reason other than to compare you against others, the more stats on that leaderboard, the more ways you can compare yourself against your peers. If you are worried that adding stats are going to be excluding people, then you need to opt to get rid of all stats (trophies included), because they all will exclude someone along the way.
  5. I will say that I actually really like this idea. Stats are a big part of anything we as a society do, why would more information, displayed in a simple yet elegant way be a bad thing? It doesn't change anything that you have accomplished, or designed to make anyone feel bad about something they have done, it is just another stat to add to the numerous stats already provided.
  6. I typed out the title wrong both times lol, if you care about grammar it should say "than" not "that". No need to apologize, I am sure it can be moved by a mod if need be. I came on a bit strong because I assumed you were being deliberate, and that is my bad. Should have given you the benefit of doubt first. As for being on topic, I don't play the game so I am not really an expert on the matter, but on the surface I don't actually think more trophies would make the experience any better. From my own personal experience, I actually don't like games that keep releasing DLC and more trophies. I like sticking to just the initial list with the platinum being the end of it.
  7. I did, but you might have missed it because I was at work and editing posts as thoughts came to me. This was my suggestion "Why does XBOX have more achievements than PS4 trophies" (I made a typo in the title, and then copied it without reading it. It should say "than" not "that". Sorry, my bad) I am just saying that this whole thread could have used a little more thought put into it before posting. Not suggesting that you can't ask the questions you want to ask.
  8. Just take a step back and think about this for a second. You post a thread on a predominately Playstation forum, in a non game specific room, with a title simply saying "Why is XBOX better". You are being a troll. Now you may be entirely innocent in this matter and it is all a missunderstanding, but your actions speak louder than your intentions. You did not think this through very well if you are going to claim innocence. As to not knowing where to put it. Hmm, I have a question about SMITE, maybe I should put it in the SMITE room. That would make the most sense, no? But if you want to talk on topic, you also ask a very biased question to begin with. Why is more better? I think that is a faulty assumption to begin with.
  9. It isn't about the argument. It is about your title being deliberately misleading... Also, why is this in "off topic" and not You do not get to pick a fight, and then claim the person who stands on the other side "lost in life already". You are just being a troll... You want to fix this. Change your title to "Why does XBOX have more achievements than PS4 trophies" Problem solved.
  10. That is the suggestion that quantity is better than quality. Your whole thread is just clickbait. Your leave your title deliberately ambiguous to attract people thinking this is an entierly different conversation, and a deliberate attempt at a controversial one at that. This should not be here.
  11. Oh great, now I am going to get distracted in the starting area playing Triple Triad for hours on end and forget that there is actually a game to play ... Maybe this time I will actually finish the game
  12. - It has already been said, but I will stress it because it is just that fun, Overcooked. - Guacamelee 1 or 2 (I have not played the second one yet, but if it is anything like the first, it will be enjoyable - Lovers in a dangerous spacetime - Magika 2 - If you are on the PS3, the whole Deathspank series was fun to play - Castle Crashers - While it is not really a co-op, Destiny 2 is fun to play with a friend. Soon to be free to play as well, so there is that bonus - Pixeljunk Shooter Just to name a few.
  13. There is no official whitelist in the works. It was just a suggestion so far. So as of right now, never.
  14. RIP Grumpy cat (aka Tartar Sauce)

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      Oh.  In that case, yes, RIP Grumpy cat.

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      :( That's too bad.

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      I hope the parents of Tartar Sauce saved the money from their cash train wisely. 

  15. B can only be primary on one machine, but on that machine every account also on it can use the benefits of PS+ (minus cloud saves) and play all games that account has bought (even the ones bought under PS+)