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  1. If you are debating between anything and God of War (PS4), I would almost always suggest God of War. It was a marvel from beginning to end. For full disclosure, I know nothing about the game in question, but I am confident in the quality of God of War.
  2. Good find, and good advice. Thanks for letting us know.
  3. Finished my first run through Valkyria Chronicles over the weekend.  Man the story was awesome through and through.  Now I am on new game plus trying to A rank everything and grind out the rest of my experience to get the platinum.  Was able to A rank most of the later chapters on my first run, and have all normal skirmishes done, so making good progress.


    Also started playing Magika 2 with the wife on Sunday.  She doesn't hate it, but we still haven't learned any solid spells yet, so she doesn't love it either.  We are making progress though, so should be alright.

    1. Cleggworth


      Good to see you persuaded your wife to play magicka with you 👍

    2. Squirlruler


      I really enjoyed playing magicka 2. I thought it was funny and silly. Glad to hear about VC. Been something I have been looking at. :D GL with your A ranks!

  4. These threads are not allowed on this site. Use the gaming sessions tab to find a group of players.
  5. I can understand feeling bad, that part I appreciate, but I still have problems. First, your example of the debug menu, is something that is in game require no external tools. It is no different than using out of bounds glitches, or infinite money glitches. If you want to separate those out, we would need to do something more similar to what speed running sites do, and have categories and evidence for leaderboard posts. I don't think we need to go that way, but that is a different conversation all together. Second, you say that "everyone who plays those games has the same opportunity to randomly find a modded lobby", but if they are allowed, there is no way to distinguish between someone who was innocent or someone who was the modder. Now the idea of white lists has been brought up before, but all we can do as users is influence minds by presenting ideas. In the end it is up to this site and its owners how they handle these. If we as users don't like it, we always have the option to leave and go somewhere else, or try to present a better idea if we have one. I will admit, I would be heartbroken if I worked hard on a game only to have the last few trophies hacked by someone else and I had to hide the game. But in the end, I would hide the game, because sometimes life is just shit and you have to deal with the shit hand you were dealt. It would not be fair if I were to get special treatment, as the rules are in place and known to anyone who would look. Third, you keeps saying that people wouldn't be able to play games. And I stand by my statement of how ridiculous that is. Nobody says you cannot play games, because there is no requirement for you to be on these leaderboards. You go ahead and play whatever games you want, in whatever capacity you want. If you want to hack trophies, nobody is even telling you that you can't, all they are saying is that you will not show up on these leaderboards if you do. When it comes to a situation where PS4 games can be hacked without your knowledge, maybe then the rules will need to change, but as it stands, at least in my opinion, they are fine as they are. Sure, some innocent people get caught, but lets face reality here, the 'punishment' has no baring on anyone livelihood. It is a private site, hosting a leaderboard for digital achievements in games we have played to pass the time. Not being on those leaderboards because of some asshole who cheated on your behalf would suck, but oh well...
  6. That is a ridiculous statement, and you should feel ridiculous for making it. Nobody said they can't play games. As for this site not being allowed to tell you how you use it, that is exactly what is allowed, as this is not a government run site. If they decided that they didn't want any Activision game to be allowed on the leaderboard, they are well within their rights to remove every user who has those games from the boards. Your recourse would be to go find a different site to use, as that is your right.
  7. So wait, who are you upset with? Because the game developers were given the chance to remove loot boxes from their games, and they chose not to. So if you want to blame someone, blame the greedy developers who don't care now that they have your money. I agree though, it does suck for the players. It always ends up sucking for us, the players. Without us, the whole business would not exist, and yet we are always the ones who lose out in the end.
  8. Why is that sad? More countries should do this so we can finally get rid of the aggressive bullshit monotization method from our full price games. I say more power to them.
  9. I just learned that Valkyria Chronicles 4 came out recently.  I am seriously considering it after my so far wonderful experience with Valkyria Chronicles remastered.  

    1. Dragon-Archon


      It's discounted in the EU store at the moment. Check the Double Discount sale.

    2. Sir_Bee


      I appreciate the heads up, but I am on the NA store.  No discount here :(

  10. So far I have made it to chapter 10 in Valkyria Chronicles.  Still absolutely loving the game.  Had some trouble with the massive tank fight in chapter 8 (I think) until I figured out I could force delay the spawn of reinforcements, and just leave one guy on the field to kill the last radiator, and place my tank right where everyone spawns in.  Worked out well for me.  I have not lost anyone yet, but had a few go down in that fight.  I am looking forward to seeing where we go form here.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. starcrunch061


      I need to play this. It's always gotten such great reviews, and it's in my wheelhouse. I don't know why I never got it.

    3. Elvick_


      I have yet to pass the tank lol. It’s where I hit a wall and stopped on PS3 actually. 

    4. Sir_Bee


      @Elvick_ From my experience with the fight.  The reinforcements do not spawn in until you take out the second radiator.  So what I did was burn down the first one on the first shot, then on the second shot I split damage over the other two so they were both 1 hit away.  Then I made sure all the ruin walls were knocked over, moved my tank to the top right of the map where the add spawn, and then had everyone but 1 lancer and the tank retreat.  Hide the lancer on the far side of the map (along the path the tank has to take to get to your base), and then blow up the second radiator at the first wall along that path.  Kill everything with your tank (except the immortal boss) when they spawn.  She cannot get far enough to hit your remaining lancer, then move your tank back towards the big tank boss, and when it fires another shot, you can get in to kill the last radiator.  By then you should have lots of CP saved up, and can take the tank down with a combination of your tank shots and whatever your lancer has left.


      @starcrunch061 I highly recommend it if you enjoy turn based strategy games.  The visuals are impressive, the story is good so far, the book method of story telling is interesting, the skill trees seem indepth enough from what I have seen so far.  All in all it is a wonderful game.

  11. Honestly, I held off upgrading anything until I had all late game stuff, and I got through just fine. That said, the materials you need to upgrade legendary stuff aren't required for the lower level stuff, and I had hundreds of thousands of Hacksilver by the end, so I say you can upgrade things to your hearts content .
  12. So I started Valkyria Chronicles last night.  Wow, am I excited to keep playing it.  I only got to chapter 3 (first time I got access to my headquarters) and I am just awed.  The art style is fantastic, the writing and voice acting is well done, the method of story telling is something new to me, and I am enjoying it.  I am not sold on the actual game play yet, but I don't hate it, and that isn't enough to make me not want to continue this fantastic game.  I hope that this keeps up through the whole thing.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lorajet


      I've never looked at this game but now I'm intrigued!  Love games that really grab you.

    3. Sir_Bee


      I will say that from just the opening, it feels almost like it could be "Democracy Propaganda".  The evil Empire is attacking the poor group of Democracies and we need to stand up and defend for what is right.  It is ok, because I mean I agree for the most part, but that doesn't detract from the propaganda ish feeling (kind of like Star Wars in that sense).

    4. mecharobot


      Some treat it with special attention because you don't get anime+large scale warfare with 20th century ballistic weapons that often. Before VC people mostly had fantasy type strategy RPG like Shining Force and Fire Emblem. Suikoden too. On the other side, PC has a history of a lot more accurate set of WWII strategy franchises and FPS. With slightly more relevant history setting, it attracted a lot of history enthusiasts who have "opinions" about stuff and project it on everything and not see it as a fantasy story, which it largely is. 


      Also if you really want to go meta about it, the game is a "chronicle". Basically it's a book, much like FF Tactics, so it's not necessarily meant to be "accurate".

  13. ... Maybe your computer is trying to tell you something?
  14. Yes, but is that kind of attention to detail really a good thing?
  15. Individual boosting threads are not allowed on this site. Make a gaming session in the relevant tab.