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  1. Depends on the kinds of games you look for, but here are a few I loved. - Dust: an Elysian Tale - Rainbow Moon & Skies - Gucamelee 1 and 2 - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Magika 2 - Knights of Pen & Paper +1 - Dead Cells - The Talos Principle - The Witness - Overcooked (1&2) - Stardew Valley - The Swords of Ditto - The Sexy Brutale (fantastic puzzle game) - Resogun
  2. Imagine going to your mechanic, asking them to fix your brakes, and then you pay them for the service, and they draw from a box of tasks, pull out an engine part and say "sorry, you have to pay again". Loot boxes have no place in video games, but holy hell were they absolutely out of place and shit in the most recent need for speed. I have loved the Need for Speed series for a long time, but if this game has even a hint of microtransactions or loot boxes, it will be the first need for speed game I don't play. Absolute shit.
  3. I would also suggest you hide any other games that you cheated on, because if you have 3 flags you cannot save the account.
  4. Honestly, if trophies stopped existing tomorrow, I would most likely end up using Mrs Bee's Switch as my main console going forward. Other than that, not that much would change for me. I collect trophies because they exist. If they didn't, I would go on gaming as I did before they existed.
  5. I haven't actually finished the platinum yet, but I have finished the story, and it would appear that nothing is permanently missable, as you can use the mirrors in the church to go back to any dungeon you have been to.
  6. That is something called Kerning, and in certain fonts (typically more stylized fonts) there isn't always spaces between certain letter combinations. Hence my statement of just a very poor choice of font. That does really say Epic World. Further evidence given by the shape of the first half of the so called W. Notice how the second stroke slants upwards rather than down like the first one? That is an L and D, but through poor font design and terrible kerning they just happen to be touching.
  7. 1 - that is what the description says "All offline modes" 2 - nobody at this site has any control of the trophy descriptions, they are set by the publisher.
  8. but that banner says Epic World, just with a terrible choice of font ... Note the LD does not look like the W because of the line going over the top.
  9. Interesting retort without any actual information. Happily married for 3 years, and when I showed Mrs Bee this exchange of ideas she laughed and had the same reaction I did. Thank you for giving me something to smile about though, that was nice of you
  10. Ha ha, but that once again makes the assumption that doing something quickly means it can't be done well ... If you need that much time to please your partner, maybe you are doing something wrong.
  11. I would agree with that sentiment to a point, however it makes two rather large assumptions. 1 - that this is the first time they are playing this game. When someone is trying to speedrun something, it can probably be assumed it is unlikely the first time they tried it. 2 - That they are in it for the story. That may be what drew you (and even many others to the game) but being a game there are lots of different potential draws for players. As a recent personal example, I could use KH 3. I just finished the 'story' part of it, and many would argue it is a very story driven game, but it all felt like a confusing mess to me. I was in it for the gameplay, which I enjoyed immensely. While I still watched all the cut-scenes (of which there are many lol) I do not feel like I am any better off or enjoyed the game any more because of it.
  12. That is a pretty bold statement to suggest that someone cannot enjoy doing something quickly ...
  13. You answered your own question ... Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others can't or shouldn't. If you want to talk big picture, the fastest achievers leaderboard is no more or less pointless than any trophy earned in a game for any task. None of it really means anything or has any value, it is all about what we put to it. You already said that you enjoy getting trophies, so why is it such a stretch to believe someone else may like getting those same trophies quickly?
  14. Unfortunately, those trophies are not allowed on the leaderboards, so you will have to hide the game and move on.