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  1. Happy to help. How are you enjoying the game?
  2. are you the biggest shark you can be? At higher levels you should be able to jump much higher.
  3. I would like to add the platinum for the FF VII Remake to my list. That should make the 13 main series games (+ World of Final Fantasy) all complete for me now
  4. Hands down, no competition final fantasy XIV. We bought the base game four times (two PS3 two PS4 for Mrs bee and I) bought the PS4 expansion to the most recent one two times, then what boils down to about 3 + years of combined subscription. When all said and done, several hundred dollars spent on that game. If you were to ask me now of it was worth it, I would have to say yes, because with did provide hundreds of combined hours of fun.
  5. \o welcome.
  6. Now I cannot speak to the quality of this game, but as gamers in general, I think that we put too much emphasis on quantity over quality. It could be only 7-10 hours, but if they are 7-10 very enjoyable hours, than why does it need to be longer? There are many 80+ hour games that are 3/4 grind, and I am not sure that is actually better, at least in my opinion. That being said, everyone has their priorities, and should pick the games they want to play however they want. I just feel that quality should be a part of that choice.
  7. #140 - Final Fantasy VII Remake.  I really enjoyed this game, and I am excited to see where they take the story from here.  If I want the exact same game as the original, I have many versions of those to go back to.


    Games I am working on:

    - Graveyard Keeper: I believe I am in what I would call "end game".  I am just trying to make tonnes of money to unlock everything and clear quests.  I had a rough start with this game because there is no push in the right direction at first, and not to mention my garden glitched without me knowing it, so I couldn't plant anything, ever.  After some research and a restart, things have gone much better.


    - Ni No Kuni Remaster: I loved the original, and picked this up on sale.  Sometimes we view the past with rose tinted glasses, and remember things being better than they actually were, but this is not one of those times for me.  I am only a few locations in, and I am still loving it.


    - Borderlands 3: This game frustrated me right from the beginning.  It is buggy, and nothing seems to ever work the way it should.  Mrs. Bee and I have most of the trophies, but our location trophies have glitched, multiple times, (she went to every location in Pandora 3 times before the trophy popped for her).  Then I learned that there is currently a glitch where if you quit, the game crashes, or you even go back to Sanctuary, it resets all location progress and you need to start your 223 locations all over again ... Given that we have both experienced a few crashes while playing, that trophy is going to suck.  ~six hours of just running around, without being able to stop, and hoping no crash comes in the middle.  I really hope they patch it soon, because we are basically done everything else.


    - Dead Cells: I am not really working on this, but @Squirlruler is currently going for the platinum, and I am not sure I want to let him get it first lol.  We will see how quickly I can get back into it, because I remember stopping when it was quite difficult (I have boss cell 2 so far)

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      @Froopy the Temmie the max level is 50, and there has been no news I have seen about progress carrying over, although I would have a difficult time seeing how they could balance it if they allowed you to just continue on, but maybe they can provide some bonus for having a completed save file, or even the platinum trophy. Maybe something like an extra elemental materia, or a different more versatile starting weapon, or something better I can't think of.

    4. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Thanks a bunch for clearing that one up for me, @Sir_Bee.

  8. Aggressive much? But to your point, I could not disagree more. The casual gaming market vastly outnumbered the hardcore, which would translate to the vast majority of gamers, on any platform you can name, don't care about trophies much at all. Yes, certain developers can tap into the hardcore market by creating games designed for trophy hunters, but they will never be anything more than a small slice of the gaming ecosystem. Trophy hunting has never, and will never be "mainstream". There are far too few so called hard core gamers who would even care.
  9. I disagree that the rule is talking about just getting them out of order, as it specifically mentions in the middle "This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame" I guess what I am getting hung up on here is the definition of an "External save". To me that would be a save you say, downloaded from the internet. I don't know how you could have your own save be external.
  10. But it says that it includes using your own save. So it doesn't need to be an external save. OP is deliberately setting up save files in order to get the trophies in a timeframe that would otherwise be impossible. That is exactly what the rule states.
  11. Would this not fall under using your own save file to pop trophies in an impossible time manner? Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order.
  12. That doesn't make any sense? That is like suggesting you bought your car, so gas should be free ... You pay for access to the internet, to your internet service provider. You can't then expect that everyone else who provides you a service on the internet should do it for free ...
  13. My MLB the Show 2019 team so far:

    RF - Mike Yastrzemski (94)

    CF - Ken Griffey Jr. (99)

    LF - Ichiro Suzuki (99)

    3B - Paul Molitor (99)

    SS - Bary Larkin (99)

    2B - Gleyber Torres (97)

    1B - Shawn Green (97) (secondary position)

    C - Gary Carter (99)


    Starting Pitchers:

    Clayton Kershaw (99)

    Jack Flaherty (97)

    Luis Castillo (92)

    Nolan Ryan (89)

    Roy Oswalt (89)


    Diamonds in Bullpen

    Nick Anderson (86)

    Brandon Workman (86)

    Liam Hendriks (97)


    Now if only I were any good at the game ... That team should carry a decent player to "Welcome to the Chip", but I am far from a decent player lol.

  14. So, Mrs. Bee and I have been playing MLB The Show 2019, and for some reason I still don't understand, we have been enjoying it.  We have played enough that we have made a Diamond Dynasty team that would easily get any decent player over rank 800 for the online trophy.  Our worst player has a rating of 94 ...  There is one small problem though, neither one of us can play with any level of consistency on any difficulty higher than Rookie ...  I doubt that we will ever get that trophy, no matter how good our team gets, but we are still having fun :)

    1. closertim


      Yea, it's a great game.  

  15. The remake part 1 is a full game in its own right. Don't be held back by the idea that it only looks at part of the story of the original. After playing what I have of it, I would vote that it deserves to be added to the list as a main game.