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  1. #140 - Final Fantasy VII Remake.  I really enjoyed this game, and I am excited to see where they take the story from here.  If I want the exact same game as the original, I have many versions of those to go back to.


    Games I am working on:

    - Graveyard Keeper: I believe I am in what I would call "end game".  I am just trying to make tonnes of money to unlock everything and clear quests.  I had a rough start with this game because there is no push in the right direction at first, and not to mention my garden glitched without me knowing it, so I couldn't plant anything, ever.  After some research and a restart, things have gone much better.


    - Ni No Kuni Remaster: I loved the original, and picked this up on sale.  Sometimes we view the past with rose tinted glasses, and remember things being better than they actually were, but this is not one of those times for me.  I am only a few locations in, and I am still loving it.


    - Borderlands 3: This game frustrated me right from the beginning.  It is buggy, and nothing seems to ever work the way it should.  Mrs. Bee and I have most of the trophies, but our location trophies have glitched, multiple times, (she went to every location in Pandora 3 times before the trophy popped for her).  Then I learned that there is currently a glitch where if you quit, the game crashes, or you even go back to Sanctuary, it resets all location progress and you need to start your 223 locations all over again ... Given that we have both experienced a few crashes while playing, that trophy is going to suck.  ~six hours of just running around, without being able to stop, and hoping no crash comes in the middle.  I really hope they patch it soon, because we are basically done everything else.


    - Dead Cells: I am not really working on this, but @Squirlruler is currently going for the platinum, and I am not sure I want to let him get it first lol.  We will see how quickly I can get back into it, because I remember stopping when it was quite difficult (I have boss cell 2 so far)

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      @Froopy the Temmie the max level is 50, and there has been no news I have seen about progress carrying over, although I would have a difficult time seeing how they could balance it if they allowed you to just continue on, but maybe they can provide some bonus for having a completed save file, or even the platinum trophy. Maybe something like an extra elemental materia, or a different more versatile starting weapon, or something better I can't think of.

    4. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Thanks a bunch for clearing that one up for me, @Sir_Bee.