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    Beach volleyball, playing with computers, and new tech toys. I enjoy all kinds of video games, but action RPG and FPS would be near the top of the list, while music and RTS would be near the bottom.

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  1. 3 people now have challenged me to try and make Super Meat Boy my 150th platinum (Mrs_Sir_Bee, @Squirlruler, @MidnightDragon).  I am not confident I will be able to get the platinum, but I am going to give it my best shot.  Last night I spent all evening working on it, but managed to get Maggot Boy (beating CH 5 Rapture Light World without dying).  5 worlds left.  Probably going to try Salt Dark World next ...

    1. Squirlruler


      YESSSSS you def got this! :D:D

    2. Sword


      Good luck. That plat would be one for the ages. I gotta go back and try to at least get everything but Demon, Girl and Impossible boy one of these days.

    3. Angel


      Wishing you the best of luck and support on my end, you can do it! 😇