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  1. It's a real shame. The gameplay is alright and some of the foundations are there for the makings of a good/great game. However the current state of the game and the rocky launch pretty much killed all good faith I and a whole lot of people had in the devs and their game. They can't pull a No Man's Sky as they didn't have the massive hype/sales that allowed them to support further dev time. It's gonna be a slow death. PS+ could keep it on life support a short while, but if I was the CEO/Game Director, I'd iron out what's there, finish the promised content and move to something else as fast as possible.
  2. Given this is the PS5 forums it's a moot point, but I haven't seen an argument that the PS4 version is harder. Some trophies are bugged, sure. The game frequently crashes and run poorly on PS4. Ok, but that just makes the game tedious and frustrating to plat. PS4 users sure have legit reasons to complain about the poor state of that version of the game. The games themselves, trophy requirements wise, are the same. The mechanics are the same. Damage outputs are the same. Stability issues and poor coding doesn't make it a different game. Jason is right, you keep moving the goalpost everytime your points are rebuted. Complaining here won't do any good to anyone. You're better of reporting the issues directly to the devs and hope they actually fix them. After that, you can either go back to the game, hone your skills in order to beat the harder difficulties or move on to something else and come back once the game is fixed (if it ever happens).
  3. You guys should chill out
  4. Hopefully they'll announce a release date soon
  5. They only way I found to fix it is by enabling performance mode in the game menu and dropping the raytracing.l Haven't have a single crash since then but at that point, it looks pretty much like the ps4 version, so what's the point of the upgrade?
  6. Buggy as all hell. I spent the entire afternoon trying to complete level 15 to no avail as the game keeps crashing and throwing me back at the beginning of the level when I boot it up again­. The game should not have been released in this state.
  7. Can't help but laugh everytime I see ™ in trophy descriptions. I find it absurd and soulless, soulless being a good qualifier for this game's trophy descriptions as a whole.
  8. Given how it looks on the store, it doesn't appear to be an option as of now. From Gamefaqs : "As Enhanced was developed after the release of the PS4 version, we have recently been informed that there is some additional work that needs to be done on Sony's side to ensure that the upgrades from PS4 to PS5 happen smoothly," it reads. "As of the moment, we have not been given a final date on when Sony will be able to complete this. As a result, there is a strong possibility that the PS4 to PS5 upgrade will not be available for the launch of Terminator: Resistance Enhanced on April 30th and will follow a short time later." The safest bet would be to wait for the issue to be fixed.
  9. I bought the PS4 digital version last year on sale and I have access to the PS5 version for free.
  10. I did it last year after a 4 year (I think) break. Best advice I can give is take a break, don't try for hours on end. Try for an hour, if it feels like you're not making any progress try again the next day. It worked for me with this, The Surge's final boss and a bunch of Dark Souls bosses.
  11. I hope it's at least less of a slog than Warriors Orochi 4
  12. As stated above, no it's not possible to transfer from PS5 to PS4.