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  1. Still a thing, yes
  2. There's pretty much always a mark up when you buy cards online from "unofficial" retailers. Japan Supply Code, which I also used would only save you a few cents. The cheapest and fairest way would be to get someone from Japan to buy one for you without charging you a fee. You could also fly there but that'd be a tad bit more expensive.
  3. Yeah, you'll either have to buy 2 1,100 YEN codes or 1 3,000 YEN. That's where I usually get mine.
  4. It didn't release with 3. What makes you think they won't release a third season pass for SE5?
  5. Yes
  6. It's doable, I did it from scratch in a couple of days this week
  7. It counts. At least it does when you reload a checkpoint
  8. Because your trophy isn't bugged. Your death was uploaded to their serverĀ­. Maybe loading a cloud save before your death might work. Maybe... The game makes like 10 or 15 of them, which is ridiculous
  9. Were you offline when you died?
  10. The game is far from shit but it doesn't have any replay value. It's railroaded to death. The choice to plan and release new difficulty mode as new game modes is very strange. It was probably made early in development but they didn't account for it while making the game. Guns are mostly useless or not worth using as you can deal with everything except bosses with the baton. Flicking the analog and mashing R2 is fine for a playthrough but it gets very stale when replaying the game.
  11. It's not impossible, you just have to do it the legit way so to speak
  12. The additional repleis bring nothing to the discussion. Without targeting anyone, they all boil down to : "More trophies bad because game bad. I am unhappy". It's a completely fair and valid sentiment to have regarding the situation but when it's the fourteenth exact comment in the thread, it dilutes the conversation and adds nothing an upvote (or rep boost, whatever the green button is called) would do in its stead. Like OP said, the point of the thread is to share best practices, tips, and known exploits to help others
  13. Around a 8/10 according to the guide. Having played it on pS2 back in the day, the difficulty has to come from having to complete every VR missions. There's a truckload of them. Just to give you an idea, there's an 8 hour long video in the guide showcasing all of them. You might need to retry some of them quite a lot depending on your skill level but as you go along you'll improve, so it's far from impossible to do. If you go in and do some missions a couple of hours per session, it'll take a while but you shouldn't burn yourself out. That's how I managed back in the day on PS2, playing a few of them after school.
  14. The limited edition comes with Extraction on disc in NA The GH version, on the other end, only comes with a demo of Extraction for some weird reason