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  1. Late reply, but after checking the DFS steam discussion boards earlier this week, they said they were manually handing out steam keys after filling a survey pinned in the official Grimm Bros twitter page (which was posted in June). As long as you've played the game and it shows up in your trophy list (and as long as your trophy list is set to public), no matter if you bought the game via PSN, as a Kickstarter backer reward, got it for free with PS+ last year or any other applicable scenario, you just need to leave your PSN handle and where to send the steam key (email, twitter PM, facebook contact, etc).
  2. According to a recent interview to Vlambeer, they're (hopefully) going to patch Luftrausers. When, no idea.
  3. You mean, those games we still play nowadays, with the latest one called Elite: Dangerous, which has a Milky Way with 400 billion planets? Sadly I'm from the 90's, so the franchise was unknown to me until E:D was announced. I do own the original via DOSBox though (which I should learn how to play someday). And as I said up there, the way NMS is depicted looks more like E:D than any other game out there. Sure thing, NMS's galaxy is 46 million times bigger than E:D, which worries me in how close to other players we'll be when we spawn into the game (IIRC from an old interview, you'll be "near" other people, but you have to "link" your systems to those discovered by other players). And even the concept of endgame is quite similar, because there's nothing set in stone, but whatever the player may want to achieve as his/her final goal (a million discovered planets, meet with people, get the best upgrades, etc). Now, if Hello Games decides to create a "bubble" accessible from anywhere that could work as a "hub zone", allowing people to gather up for exploration/combat/trading wings, that'd be awesome.
  4. I'm quite pleased with the trophy list. To me, it means you're not playing a game just to get the plat and straight to the "finished/100%, do not install/open ever again" lot. This is more in the lines of Elite: Dangerous. If you play just to get the trophies, you'll be missing the main idea of the game (explore, trade, fight). I have almost 670 hours logged into E:D since November last year, not even close to my first 100M credits, let alone managed to fly more than 2K LY from Sol. And the game still has a lot to offer for me. It'll probably be a game you'll play a lot during the first days/weeks/months, then occasionally whenever you want to do some exploring or hunt stuff. Not everyone's cup of coffee, but surely my favorite. If you're just going to get it for the trophies, rather than the gameplay, then I'd say save your money.
  5. I preordered a day one copy when it was announced (tried to grab a collector's edition, sold out in seconds), and got it 2 weeks after launch due to international shipping. IMHO, I have mixed feelings, coming from a fan of the franchise. I don't usually 100% MGS games (other than MGS3 back in the PS2), but I forced myself to 100% Ground Zeroes (which I preordered as well) for the transfer bonuses and to get an idea of the new controls and gameplay. I've yet to progress through Episode 2, I'm right on the children search extra quests (the yellow ones tied to plot stuff), but I just can't seem to bring myself to do so. And yes, I know the Ep. 2 plot thanks to some arseholes from the MGS Wikia site. Nowadays I just log in to get free resources, develop new weapons that most likely I won't use (the same issue I have with Peace Walker), check a few FOBs, get S++ staff from the passive leagues, check how empty MGO3 is on PS3, then log out for the week/month. In my head, I just say "welp, Sahelanthropus is out of commission, Skull Face is dead, Huey is a dumb ass. Guess I'll just continue with the EXTRA stuff". And what I believe is the cherry on top, is knowing there are two extra cutscenes that most likely we will never get the chance to see (in a legit way) because of the community and how the game mechanics work. There'll always be a nuke hidden somewhere blocking the Nuclear Disarmament cutscene, and there'll be people stealing and dismantling nukes blocking the Nuclear Armament cutscene. Plus, Konami stopped reporting on nuke progress since January.
  6. According to a reply in the DFS forum announcement: They also mentioned they'll give a free Steam/DRM-free key to those that bought the game via PSN. Not really sure if that deal extends to PS+ members.
  7. You're not serious! Unlock all trophies. Taking aside the almost dead online community (luckily found a random guy that helped me with both MP trophies), the still invisible stone tablets in chapter 9 (they're there, but it's not funny to walk around until you see hieroglyphs) and those tricky as hell secrets (blaming the poor texures and polygons in certain surfaces), it was a nice game. Still have to beat Jewel of the Nile since it's considered as chapter 9.5, though.
  8. Serious Sam 3: BFE Top Secret Find all secrets in single player. Now... If I could find someone for a quick run of episode 7 and get both MP trophies at once...
  9. Try White Knight Chronicles International and 2 without servers. ~1.2k (ish) hours for a full offline platinum. Georama community was a major thing for the game, because you could focus into one specific category for your town, then go to another player's town and get the materials you can't get because of your choice - so if I filled my town with miners, I'd have to go to another player's town to get plants and whatnot. Without servers, it means that: You have to upgrade your Georama to max level (which already requires GR21+ and a bunch of cash). Have access to all the possible recruitable residents (from lv 1 to lv 10 and their ridiculous extra requirements). Max a main + sub category (which I think it's nearly impossible without statues, which were online-only). Stockpile as many ingredients from that particular category as you can, then remove everything. Choose a new main + sub category Repeat steps 3-6 Also, having 4/6 players with specific roles for quests, way better than 2 multi-role NPCs, or going solo (as in WKC1).
  10. What started as 2 playthroughs, ended up with 3, because even though I scouted all 3 islands twice, I couldn't find the last shard. Gave up, started a new game, didn't bothered to move to the next island until I was sure I got all the shards where I was. Few hours later, trophy and plat. As for the AC MP trophies, you can actually clear Revelations and III in less than 2 days if you spam MP all day. A friend lent me his copies of Rev and III, and since you require an online pass, I had to rush through the trial period. Rev took me a bit over a day and AC3 was a single day IIRC. Never bothered to play Brotherhood on PS3, thanks to that insane MP trophy list. The bane of my existence was Thanatophobia in Rogue Legacy (beat the game without using the architect (save the map layout for your next heir) and without using more than 15 heirs (dying less than 15 times). Finishing the game at your own pace, unlocking stuff and whatnot is quite simple. Trying not to die, while trying to farm enough money and bosses for your next heir to be a bit stronger, THAT was the challenge. It's like trying to NOT unlock "This is Dark Souls" in DS2.
  11. Titan here. I should download Ascension this week (if my HDD allows it)
  12. Lord of Cinder with Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Sadly, no PS4, otherwise I'd have Bloodborne's plat by now. And if someone needs help with bosses or just fancy a bit of JOLLY CO-OPERATION in DS2, let me know (bit over lv 200, bit over 10M SM, NG++, no DLC).
  13. If you never played Magicka, you won't get the gist of friendly fire. It's Arrowhead we're talking about. There's a reason FF is always on in Magicka and Helldivers: You may be able to save a friend, say, that is completely dry, by killing him ASAP and then have another party member with a reinforce in hand for a quick resupply, instead of waiting for the resupply stratagem. In Magicka, you may want to combine opposing beams to create a blast that hurts anyone in the vicinity, then have another wizard with resurrect ready to be cast, or someone throwing healing bombs.
  14. I just got the trophy right after I ding'd.
  15. I may have yelled a bit too loud when I saw Helldivers in the IGC. And kudos for being the whole pack instead of the base game. P4AU should keep me busy for a bit and cool down my urge to play Xrd (since I'd just rather wait for the expansion), and I've had an eye on GRID Autosport since I got the plat on GRID2, but the MP grindfest was telling my wallet to wait. I just hope the online (then again, being the time hogger in Autosport) is better than GRID2... That "Global Domination" trophy was the bane of my existence. It's been 2 years since current gen was released, and people still complain about this. Seriously.