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  1. You absolute hero! When is 5 to you btw because I'm Welsh see Also I've already played Tales of the Abyss if that's what you were talking about, it's amazing!
  2. Hey! Already completed the main campaign once with Zero and have started playing with Salv but don't want to run through normal grinding through it again until I can start raid bosses and DLC. I'm working ridiculous hours atm so don't have the time really :/ I would love someone eternally if they could take 5-10 minutes to boost me to 30-35 max just so I can speed through it? Sorry if this bugs anyone (: PSN - JoshhhD4
  3. Thanks, really appreciate it. All the best
  4. Oh wow I wasn't aware it was such a fo par. Well I really do apologise, I wasn't even aware it was against any terms and conditions considering it was Sony themselves who implemented such a system of sharing games. Okay no problem, ta for the replies any how, I'll have to find another way I guess, worth a shot.
  5. Getting married in August!

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      Haha I'm also extremely sorry, my gaming career is going to take a massive Kamehameha to the face I'm afriad. Thanks for the gratz an all.

  6. I feel awful for begging but would anyone consider sharing dark souls 2 with me? I'm a massive Dark Souls and Demon Souls fan and even get into the lore of them both. I'm trying to save for my wedding but It's harder than I first though. I have absolutely no money to spare so it would make me ridiculously happy if someone would be kind enough to share this with me. I don't mind talking on Facebook first or something and I haven't shared a game before so I have no idea how you do it. Completely understand if no one wants to help out a stranger, I just thought it was worth a shot I guess. Sorry if this offends or upsets anyone. I normally buy games full price but for the foreseeable future I just can't. Thank you, Josh