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  1. I think the trophies are a little annoying in this game, sure, but the only reason why they are so annoying is because the game is just so bad. And before I get hate for that comment let me justify it. So, a game has a few main tenants needed to be upheld in order for a game to be 'good' generally. Those being, aesthetics, mechanics, performance, sound and a bonus for creativity/quirks. This game, while looking kind of pretty in some areas; tricos feathers, the trees and occasionally the lighting, does have some horrendous textures, bland environments, a formulaic world with little fluidity and that water...ouch. I don't really feel like going into mechanics is necessary as nobody on this planet can argue that the mechanics of the last guardian are anything but unforgivably terrible. And, yes, I understand that trico is supposed to be difficult to control as he is a wild animal that you create a bond with over numerous hours, but he is not the issue here. The player avatar is atrocious. He controls as poorly and unwieldy as trico does; worse even, yet he is supposed to be a digital representation of the player in the game. There is not and never will be an excuse for making a player avatar react so poorly to your inputs and the developers should be shamed of that. Performance. Frame drops are constant on the PS4 pro. Not ok and that's all that needs saying. The roar of the wind and the sounds that trico makes are incredible. Testament to the sound crew. Quirks? Now this is the issue that people can actually argue on, in my opinion, as the other things I have said are mostly factual. This games only notable quirk is the naturalness with which trico reacts and 'learns' to trust you (in spite of the fact that this is all trigger based). It's wonderful and heart warming and it's like watching your favourite pet grow. However, and I know that other games often don't focus on this natural bonding, but so many games actually do this better. This is not a new concept and it's not done well enough to make the entire game BE that. It's just not. So how can anybody justify saying this is a good game? Enjoyable? Maybe. Entertaining? Maybe. Heartwarming? Possibly. Good? Simply no. The last guardian is a bad game.
  2. No. It's one of the worst games I've played on the last ten years. And I've grinded done really quite miserable games in my time. And if you're coming to this game feeling like there is merit in the emotional and artistic elements then you've been drawn into a rouse designed by the marketing team to cover up a terrible product.
  3. Get, congratulations on finishing Ng. To answer your questions; 1) yes, you can farm the soul. It's not guaranteed but it's extremely common drop. 2) no, the only benefits you get from your secondary spirit is the bonus skill that is highlighted in white when you choose your second spirit. The soul cores it has are only active when you switch. Just to help your confidence in Ng+, it is astoundingly easy compared to Ng and nioh 1. You'll smash it.
  4. I was really interested in this game until I saw my housemate playing it and now I think it looks terrible. It's glitchy and buggy as hell, plays about as smooth as gravel and with so little interaction with NPC's and fmvs it just feels empty and bland and boring. And having played a lot of other games in this style I can say it just doesn't hold up. I think it's on a par with lords of the fallen but perhaps with better map design.
  5. Happened to me as well. So annoying.
  6. The main reason I am in two minds about whether I love REmake or not is because it's incredibly short. You can run through each scenario in an hour. And yes I know you can do that with some of the other resident evil games, but with those it's genuinely a perfected, planned run. With REmake you can just sit and play and be done with it before lunch. Everything else about the game is bloody fantastic.
  7. Yakuza 0 - You're obviously not afraid of a little grinding and it looks like you enjoy a good story. Sink your teeth into Yakuza.
  8. i know the spot you are talking about and i had the same problem. In the end i just kept latched on with the harpoon and accelerated away at different angles and boosted and spun the car and eventually it just started to react. Only took about 2-3 minutes to react to me but it's worth giving it a go for the time it could save you in restarting a playthrough. This was actually the only issue i encountered on the way to platinum which was lucky, i hear. Great, somber and huge game though. In spite of the lacking narrative i really quite enjoyed it.
  9. Personal Decorator in BO3 is my rarest according to PSNProfiles.
  10. Thanks for the info. I just tried taking it on tonight at level 61 and royally destroyed every stage up until the last fight. I took about 50 swings and got the boss to within an inch of defeat and then, when i was on 999 HP, the boss one shot me with an attack that usually does about 160 damage. So, yeah, now i feel the way the OP does. I like the build up and having to use the other characters but the Jaster part really is just stupid; the pacing is all wrong.
  11. I know this is slightly off topic but what level would you advise taking on the final boss? I am approx. level 59 at the moment without any grinding and I have not found much in the game too difficult so far but I don't fancy going in blind.
  12. Resistance Specialist with; Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Resistance 3 Resistance: Burning Skies Duke Nukem Forever
  13. You earned my respect with; Life is Strange (PS3 or PS4) Tales from the Borderlands (PS3 or PS4) The Walking Dead (Standard PS3, JPN PS3, PS4, or Vita) The Wolf Among Us (PS3, PS4, or Vita) Until Dawn
  14. Protagonist with Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
  15. I'm a friendly visitor with Skylanders Trap Team