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  1. Does buy items from the shop count for the gold trophie for obtain 50 things ?
  2. I have 76% so its bugged i think. I choose the green personality ( forgot the name but i think it doesnt matter which one you get on 75% ) .
  3. I platinumed the Fifa Series since Fifa 16 and this will be definitely the easiest one. The hardest thing will be win a Pro Club league match and maybe the volta match with 3 friends
  4. Batman Arkham City i think 440 Riddles was it. I completed it on ps3 and on ps4 my motivation is missing to complete at the moment
  5. Trophie Thoughts? Better buy a game from Ratalaika Games or Eastasiasoft. Easy games as well but at least they are FUN and they are GAMES
  6. Fifa 23, modern warfare 2 and (not yet but when money comes next weeks) : Plague Tale: Requiem, New Tales from the Borderlands, Gotham Knights, God of War Ragnarok, Calisto Protocol and when it’s available for Pre Order OF COURSE: Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 Remake
  7. Im Platinumed Saints Row yesterday. My next Projects are: The Last of Us Part 1 (Remake) , Fifa 23, A Plague Tale Requiem, Gotham Knights, God of War Ragnarok, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 , The Calisto Protocol and (hopefully) Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core if it’s coming this year still. A lot of work 😃
  8. I thought I was dumb. I surely played Saints Row mininum 50 hours and my ps5 still shows 19 🤦🤦🤦
  9. Best thing you can do and what I learned in the past years is to ignore other oppinions and most importantly the Reviews. In the end no one except YOU must like the game. There are so muchj Examples where I dont buy the game and later I loved it just because I heard on some idiots who want to make the game bad. I have Fun as well with the new Saints Row but I also be glad if I have the platinum. Its really really buggy
  10. Sarcasm? Only the Boost from 6 people in 30 seconds is bit hard the rest is a joke.
  11. In the new game from the Pretty Girls series from Eastasiasoft there had someone the Platinum as well even before it released in EU,US,HK, and JP Store. Dont know if these people have special connections like drug dealer or something
  12. I have 502 Platinums. Yeah i make often stackable easy ones, but I dont do the Jumping Crap things. I made some from the Breakthrough games but I quickly realised there is just no point of feeling good even before and after attempting the platinum and I stop doing them. I want to make more challenging games in the future again. Some weeks ago I made Sekiro and it was so damn fun. I still have a lot of fun in trophie hunting. Its always a thing of how much can you motivate yourself.
  13. I heard they add a Speedrun Mode so i would like to have a Speedrun Trophie. More Story related Trophies would be nice because they are very rare in the original but i doubt they do that. I just hope you cannot do anythink like Save Transfer. I know its a complete remake but maybe they say you played the game on the remastered so your Progress with all upgrades can be used. I had the problem on the Resident Evil 2,3 and 7 Remasters. When it comes that the game is good but you get annoyed for example a DLC on resident evil 2 you make the save transfer but when you know you must do it on your own there is no other chance. I think personaly there is more motivation then.
  14. I think the answer is Nostalgia. Same as Crash Bandicoot 1-3. Many players has played them in their childhood and are comfortable with their levels / tracks. For me I gave up CTR 3 times til I fight my way to the platinum. No after 300 play hours I will go in the near future on the developer ghost times. It would really interesting how many player would get the platinum if there would a trophie to beat all 4 Ghosts 😁😁😁