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  1. When I played the first Mayo game my father came in the room and looked like I am crazy or something and he says „ is it allowed to get trophies that easy“ 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Im Pretty sad it only have one stack. Hopefully it comes more version. I don’t want experience this masterpiece only one time ;(
  3. There is a New Update with 2 gb. Do you think the Time trials get (hopefully) easier now ?
  4. Thank you very much that you are doing this. There are so much VR Title out there without Guides.
  5. I’ll give it a try. I loving Plattformers and am searching for new good VR games.
  6. Didnt even finished Shadow of the tomb raider. I only loved the first one. The second was ok but far away from a very good game and the third I don’t know I can’t motivate me to play further.
  7. Ok Problem solved. I made Chaos 5 Solo and got instantly 60% after that. So you can make the Chaos Levels in a Strangers Lobby but you MUST do the Next or the Stage before 10 and 20 in solo. I do not know what happens when you do Stage 10 in another Lobby and Stage 11 Solo. Pretty dumb but yeah I have a better feeling now lol
  8. @HuntingFever are you or have you someone in a similar situation? Of course as soon I reach Chaos 10 and nothing pops I’m coming back here
  9. WTF but couldn’t power pyx or someone warned that this happened? That cannot be. When no trophie comes at Chaos 10 I definitely going to stop to play this for a while
  10. Hey, my Trophie Tracker stucks on 10% 2/20 Chaos Levels but in the Game I am on Chaos 5/10 and cannot repeat older Chaos levels. Have someone else this problem. I should mentioned that I made stage 1 and 2 solo and 3 and 4 in a coop session. Does the silver and gold trophie come normaly now? What do you think
  11. I thought I accedently finished a side quest as not being host. Is there any way to not start all quests again on a new character? I have 8 side quests left now and just hope the trophie comes naturally
  12. Yes I cant play Fifa 22 and Stranger of Paradise online but you can play offline and earn trophies normally?
  13. I don’t think you need to play anything solo except the last Story Mission? I playing mission 1 and 2 on chaos in coop and got every reward. I hear this the first time that you only get something if you do it alone. I also did the mission It’s chaos stage 170 Poison Memories right?
  14. I can help you later. No its really the best farming spot i know. So if you want i can add you and we can make it later. On what Level are you with your Job and which Stage are doing the marlboro on chaos?
  15. I managed to got the first Mission on 300 but with a little help in coop. On the second mission these „Pirate“ Boss. There comes the bug that i couldnt finish him. I will try it later again. Hopefully for everyone who hasnt Platinum yet this do not happen on any boss in the Game