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  1. Gonna try this, the other ones took to long so I gave up.
  2. They patched it last week.something about you can only do tutorial once when it was possible to do it multiple times.
  3. I know this post is old but this video helped me with this trophy
  4. Odd I have you on SPN friends but never had you on follow here! WTF!! Well Im a follower now!!! :yay: Hope its not too late!


    1. NERVergoproxy


      Oops..I meant "PSN"


  5. If it happens to me I'm going to delete the game from my PS4 it's already takes forever I'm not doing it all over again.
  6. Some of the jump scares though.stupid dog almost gave me a heart attach.
  7. Grim fandango, Lego lord of the rings and will be playing destroy all humans.
  8. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.
  9. I gave them my money.
  10. I love dinosaurs and a name like birthday the beginning sounds interesting,before I throw my money at them just want to know if it's any good.
  11. Mamorukun Curse! Is on sale at PSN for $1.49 if you guys want to play the game. The game is pretty fun sale ends on Sunday if I remember correctly.
  12. What made it easy on me I reloaded the quick save when ever my buddy died and the match ended.
  13. I can help you out I'm on my 11th playthrough it's one of my fav games. Will definitely buy the new one.
  14. You can still press to speed up the talking that won't keep you from achieving the trophy. They talk a lot