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  1. Just to be clear - I'm talking about using using an in-game mechanic for figuring out Riddler's trick.
  2. The Riddler hostage order is... puzzling. I didn't notice anything odd about them at the time. According to this guide, the hostage rescues unlock based on the number of riddles solved, not the number of hostages rescued, so is out-of-order execution necessarily a problem? The dates are when the trophies unlocked for me. [initial playthrough context] 2012.05.05 - Conundrum Rescue the first hostage from Riddler (available after completing IQ Test) [newgame+ context] 2013.01.23 - Intellectual Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler (available after solving 240 riddles) 2013.01.23 - Brainteaser Rescue the fifth hostage from Riddler (available after solving 320 riddles) 2013.01.23 - Genius Rescue all the hostages from Riddler (available after solving 400 riddles; the guide indicates that Catwoman’s 40 may count toward this total—my copy of the game came with a DLC code for her, so she was part of the base game for me) 2013.01.24 - Mastermind Rescue the second hostage from Riddler (available after solving 80 riddles) Ironically, this one I actually remember not figuring out initially because it didn’t occur to me to “cheat”. 2013.01.25 - Puzzler Rescue the third hostage from Riddler (available after solving 160 riddles)
  3. I see what you are saying, but if you think about it, since Exit Stage Left does not normally coincide with Perfect Knight, they would not necessarily coincide if the former glitched. Impossible to reproduce without somehow intentionally glitching the first trophy, then noting if the two trophies coincide after newgame+. Again - memory is fuzzy, but it looks like whatever I did to continue happened 2/23/2013 when I got the Harley Quinn DLC.
  4. Thanks everyone for responding - it's easier to see when I sort by date. I guess the question is whether it's possible to start new game+ without getting that "unmissable" trophy. Or if the trophy can glitch and not pop. It has been a long time since I've played the game, and there was a rather long gap where I didn't play it. 13 May 2012 for "Broken Toys"... and the next trophy is 20th Jan 2013 for "Flawless Freeflow Fighter" I started newgame+ after taking some time to learn the combo system, which made the early 2013 playthrough a lot more fun. I'm fairly certain that I had not completed all of the side quests/challenges before continuing in newgame+; one of the reasons I resumed with a new game was that I couldn't remember the story all that well and wanted it to be fresh. Looking at the timestamps on the trophies, I can see why "Exit Stage Left" looks odd. I vaguely remember being concerned about the platinum not popping for me for the very reason that the trophy is ostensibly "unmissable" during a first playthrough, and being relieved when it finally did. I can't even recall the specifics of what action - a final cinematic? - made the trophy finally pop, and with it the platinum. It's even possible that reason for the initial hiatus was concern over going past a point of no return that would prevent the trophy from ever popping. I hadn't even thought about it since until seeing this mysterious alert in the sidebar. After five years, I don't see how I could possibly produce definitive proof that none of the trophies awarded were due to actions outside the confines of the game. I wish I could remember exactly what action resulted in Perfect Knight - Day 2 popping. I take pride in completing achievements on my own in the limited number of games that I have time for, so I won't be hiding this title. (I don't even have the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 platinum because I'm too stubborn to twirl as Rachel. I realize this is not strictly relevant; I merely offer it as evidence that I'm not interested in credit for achievements I did not earn.)
  5. truthseeker67 Batman: Arkham City What on earth is this about? I don't understand the allegation. Is this flag even for the right account? What is "too fast" about taking 10 months, 3 days to complete? Edited to add reason for flag: Reason: End game trophy "Exit Stage Right" popped after two game completions. Hostages are out of order. Obviously I'm not competing for leaderboard status, but since I'm apparently being accused of "cheating", I'd like to know on what grounds.