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  1. Visual Novels are the best game genre don't @ me
  2. i don't remember this game, but I did love spongebob in my youth. collect-a-thons are not my thing tho.
  3. I love this series. Ngl, the plat for MoD and MoT were a pain in the balls (especially the rng grind in MoT). So hoping this one will be a bit more chill; will go for it anyway tho. I will say tho, that while the majority of time is spent in the visual novel sections, the SRPG gameplay is no afterthought. It's quite good, one of my favorite SRPG systems actually.
  4. Her Story was really enjoyable, so I'm interested in this
  5. I was looking forward to this, there aren't many Overcooked like games that I've found... of course the apocalypse had to come so no couch co-op for god knows how long. I wonder how reliable share play would be, any lag that fucked you over in this kind of game would probably make you flip a couch irl
  6. The dude from Upgrade, yeah. And the chick from Westworld. The Blonde looks familiar too but I can't place her name.
  7. Ordered the physical vita. Happy to support them.
  8. I guess some people just see a Ratalaika game and just think it's low quality because they put out easy trophy lists, but it has no bearing on the games at all. Ratalaika is a publisher, not a developer. Honestly, I've gotten a few Rata games just for the Plat. Generally not really interested in taking even the hour or whatever it is to bother for that these days, and most of the games they publish aren't what I'm into (2D platformers)- but this actually looks fun and unique. Will be getting this one.
  9. ah was hoping it was an asia english physical version
  10. I'm not finding by searching, hmmm Tried pulling it up from someone else's account and took me to a page unavailable. Did they remove it? Or is this an EU only digital title?
  11. Ah, I see you're not a man of culture.
  12. I;m going to get because of that thumbnail
  13. I don't see it on the NA store yet Edit: search wasn't working but found it just looking under new
  14. It's an alternate world-line dating sim. It was removed from the drop, but perhaps still coming today? If not, it looks to be soon.