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  1. Still freaking nothing? I want this pos game off my system already... 😡
  2. I don't think I know anything about this developer, but I could do with a good kart racer, been a little bit since the last I've played. Hopefully this is supposed to be a good one.
  3. Looks good. Quite looking forward to this one. Seems like the release date is 9/30, but none of the listings for the physical version show a release date yet...🤔
  4. Yeah those two are clearly bugged for everyone and seemingly are currently unobtainable. But the others are "your milage may vary" bugged. This game is a shit show across the board. I'm just gonna put it aside and maybe come back for the trophies after a few patches. Don't even feel like playing a franchise anymore...
  5. Not true, I'm also having issues with other trophies. Haven't been able to get Primetime, Throwin' Dots, Lockdown Corner or Saw it Coming despite meeting the requirements multiple times.
  6. Just here to say I am one of those that plays Sakura Succubus in it's entirety and I do it properly. As I do for every Visual Novel I play. Easy plats are just a bonus in that regard 😝
  7. I don't believe there is any strategy to be done, aside from holding on all pairs and of course all three of a kinds. It's pure luck. I had numerous initial three of a kinds and never drew a fourth, but ended up getting four of a kind as an initial draw. Ended up getting it just before 500 hands played. Sadly, you'd just have to keep playing until you get lucky.
  8. So, quite honestly I had forgotten much of Mass Effect 3 and the ending in general, but recall being displeased with it. I played it originally before they made any extended cut (or a lot of DLC too I think), so I don't know what was different. I also certainly did not have enough war assets to get the extra bit or choice even. After finishing it again- I do remember and get why lots of people hated it. Boiling this massive choice based saga into 3 (stupid) decisions that are dumped on you by a talking maguffin is disappointing. Not to mention the entire reasoning of it's continued existence and choices forced upon you is negated in this very game where I ended a centuries long war between two organic and synthetic races and had them living together in harmonious coexistence. With that said, choosing the destroy ending (with the Shepard alive tease) did feel like a solid enough ending to series. I'm not sure what or how many scenes were added, but I got a bit emotional there. Although I think a not insignificant factor was that I romanced Tali this time and she makes the entire story and my feelings toward it better. I fucked up not doing that that first time tbh. I was far more thorough this time though, played the game in a more nuanced manner choice wise, kept everyone alive this time. I loved Mass Effect originally, it was one of my favorite game franchises but my playthrough this time was probably more enjoyable in many ways. The DLC, especially the Citadel one was a treat.
  9. The title will work as intended. I mean, It'll get me to support it even if the game is trash, if to do nothing else but fly in the face of pearl clutching puritans lmao. Visual novels can be great though. Just like any other genre, it's simply that- a genre. They can and should exist and should indeed have trophies, just like every single game that comes out, good, bad or otherwise. Normies are a trip, I tell ya.
  10. And now can confirm: no. Oh well, looks like it might have been a nice little timewaster for a couple days, but without trophies nothing about it makes it worth any time spent for me.
  11. these lists are begging for the built-in ps5 trophy tracker numbers
  12. Pre-schoolers Trophy hunters lookin for that free plat
  13. Actually I don't think so (at least not for a long while). If this was going to be a PS+ game it would have launched as one I think. But that is seemingly not the case since it's just doing this 10 day free trial thing. This 100% should be a PS+ game tho. It looks like the exact kind of thing like a Fall Guys or a Worms Rumble where it's one of those quick mode type competitive multiplayer games that you wouldn't actually spend money on but would give it a shot since it's on plus. Assuming the 10 day free thing is the full game with the ability to earn trophies as well, then it will end up being effectively the same as PS+ game for me at least, as I know I wouldn't spend more than a week with it anyway lol.
  14. Any missables to be aware of?
  15. For a game whose genre (rougelite) and concept (high difficulty focused) are everything I avoid and dislike when playing games- the fact that I want to keep playing and mostly enjoy it is a wonder. It just feels good and smooth to play. But at the end of the day it's genre will be what most likely keep me from continuing for much longer. I just wish it wasn't a fucking rougelite lol. I've died at the first boss a few times in a row- and I definitely know I can beat it. But I'm already sick and tired of running through the level again and again to gear up to face it. It's just too annoyingly frustrating. A difficult boss with a checkpoint in front of it is one thing, but this has gotten old fast. And knowing that when I die after I finally get past it, I'm gonna have do the same god forsaken song and dance over and over again drains any motivation from wanting to keep trying the challenge. I think the worst thing about it, is that I feel like my time is being wasted. Putting multiple hours into a game and feeling like you've made no progress is junk. The things that carry over from run to run are seemingly inconsequential to me at this point. The currency you do get to keep (which I have little of anyway)- I don't want to spend because I'd just be spending it on non-transferable things and since I'm more likely to die than not, I'd just be wasting the stuff that does carry over. As for the weapon levels carrying over or whatever, at this early point, there has been basically no difference between them from one run to the next (assuming you find a weapon you even feel good with before the boss). If I was banging my head against the wall but at least felt like everything I was doing was progressing me closer to finally breaking through that wall, then I could justify the bashing. But as it is, there's no gain to be found. I still want to keep trying, again because of how good it feels to play, but a couple more deaths and I'm gonna give up.