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  1. The only kinda annoying thing about this is that there probably won't be a legit trophy guide for the game now. I get VN's because (obviously) I like them and it's my favorite genre. I follow trophy guides instead of playing blind because it's the most efficient way to go through the entire story/every route... not to just blast through for a 3 hour plat. If people want to play these just for a the easy plat, then ok, more power to em. I want VN devs to get their money. But it just seems idiotic... Unless you get them on sale they are priced at standard game cost points, generally $40-60. It's not just some ratalakia game you get for three bucks, I don't see the value proposition there.
  2. thinking about waiting for one before I start tbh
  3. Yep, Death Mark was great.
  4. hadn't heard of this coming to vita previously. what a welcome little surprise.
  5. Agreed and I can certainly wait, hell I had long given up on there ever being a legit Clem figure before this collection was announced anyway. TWD was easily my favorite, largely in part to the bond it cultivated between Clem and player over the series (making her one my very favorite video game characters)... But the other TT games are all at least good. I'd like to see the new telltale try their hand at making some original stories alongside the established properties tbh.
  6. Utawarerumono is close to the top of my all-time favorite franchises. I don't really fuck with the musou genre, but I will certainly plat this- as I have and will with all Utawarerumono games.
  7. i bought this for the statue, but i ain't playing the game again
  8. makes no sense either. the fanbase is dedicated and going strong. the attach rate for this game would be bonkers and theyre localizing a version of the game anyway. it's like they hate free money
  9. Idk, the drop said it should have been out yesterday, didn't see it on the store
  10. wouldn't that mean that it doe shave english subtitles? or no?
  11. i wonder what the difference is between single player and (couch) co-op. like is just sharing choices or does the second player have to control a character edit: i guess this answers my question lol.
  12. "Also, hey, I think you might have missed a trophy/achievement? Need ya back at 100%, buddy!" haha damn, ya got me. The bastards know what they're doing at least. Hopefully it's not another full playthrough? Game was great, but the replay value for what I assume would just be a few new jokes would not be worth it.
  13. You're a good person. I appreciate you.
  14. you ain't part of the gang obviously