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  1. I have to say, I didn't love the anime. I feel like I'm going to enjoy it much more as a game and thankfully I've forgotten a lot of what happened, so it should still feel mostly fresh haha.
  2. ctrl+c ctrl+v
  3. it's probably for the best playing them all at once. I played 1 and and 2 like 2 years ago, and playing through 3 now i can't remember anything that happened before lol. there's a little "previously on..." but it doesn't really help with any of the characters.
  4. any chance of this being asia english 🙏
  5. The Japanese version came out like a year ago right. Possibility of this one having english subs? *extreme wishful thinking*
  6. This person easily blends into a crowd
  7. my backlog is eating me alive and causes me great anxiety
  8. On twitter they said they weren't getting the sales they would like to meet some minimum purchasing order for the past couple vita pre-orders including musynx, so i doubt they will do it much or at all moving forward for vita (and ps4?) games. it's just frustrating that it seems all attention is going to switch. i have a switch, but the thing is paperweight for me. I will only play nintendo exclusive ip on it. vita for life. personally i don't understand a sales model that leaves money on the table. you can make something limited while still allowing everyone who wants to buy the thing in the moment the ability to do so, such as having open preorders available for a single day. if something sells out in 1 minute and i miss it, and i have money in hand i want to throw at you but can't, how is that good for you?
  9. Overwatch
  10. i'm not sure why they don't always do this. don't even need to keep the pre-order open that long, a day would be fine. unless they are switching over to this model as a regular thing.
  11. Just read an article stating that it released on switch physically yesterday, but released on vita, ps4 and switch digitally 6/21. LRG just posted about a release for this Friday, but not musynx yet.
  12. Yeah it's weird that it's not showing on the LRG store, or mentioned (as far as I can tell) on their twitter. But I don't see any Friday games for them up yet, so idk. Also not sure why it wasn't on the PSN store either, thought it came out on Tuesday.
  13. Markus and Connor took control of Detroit. I completely fucked up Kara's story line. Ended with her and Alice trying to pass border security, failing and getting on to our knees and being shot. I knew they wouldn't let us sneak through since Markus was tearing shit up; it was a very unsatisfying way to end her saga. Even if her story was to be a tragic one for me, to go out like that without any fight left a sour taste in my mouth. Knowing the other options now... just walking up to a security gate knowing you'd be denied and going oh welp... I don't know where I fucked up to make that my only option, but damn I goofed. Otherwise, loved it.
  14. bless you, I'm usually up on LRG news, and this one escaped me. Would have been real pissed if I bought it today.