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  1. Or commenting on shit as you see it.
  2. LMAO at the people who have a problem with it. Christ. Gotta gatekeep muh trophies.
  3. So is gwent out of beta then? Or has it already been? The f2p fwent you can download right now can start earning trophies now?
  4. This have a release date?
  5. yeah, you can in two player couch co-op or against the computer
  6. Exactly the same here. Quite disappointing.
  7. Serendipitous timing to see this thread up top, happy to post this.
  8. I bought this so I could have it on my profile, but i played it on steam since i had on there already. i'm trying to discern how much was actually censored from the standard steam/switch version since i played it with the h-patch (obviously). what i could make out while skimming through- of course the sex scenes were totally different. the bath scene didn't seem OVERLY steamy, at least there didn't seem to be much room for there to be more steam than would be in the other versions. idk about the dialogue, but there wasn't any dialogue that would need to be edited outside of the sex scenes anyway i don't think.
  9. Beta was awful, game is boring as hell. Might give it a look at $20 or below.
  10. Probably the same as PC, which is quite well.
  11. you're gonna get shit from all the sheep, but it is kinda boring. the gameplay is sluggish and tedious, the micromanagement systems are a chore. the world is still enthralling, but i'm not sure it's worth it.
  12. visual novels > the shit you think is important
  13. glad i can play it and enjoy without worrying about going for the plat. because fuck that noise lmao
  14. Games I've finished need to stay in the past, Accounting was great, but I don't want to spend time going back to it. Gotta keep moving forward.
  15. You don't define how or how much I enjoy games. There are almost NO games I want to replay. Period. I don't have the time or patience to go back to games. new games I want to play are constantly coming out on top of an already massive backlog that I have. And I despise re-doing things in general. If I were playing a game (and thought it was great) and halfway through the save borked and lost everything, I'd drop the game instantly. So there is certainly no fun for me to be had in replaying a game I already completed, and I do not care to be "challenged" by a higher difficulty.