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  1. Yep. One of the things that annoys me about VN trophy guides is that when I look at how long it says to complete to get a rough idea of how long I can expect the game to take me, it's usually the skip length haha. Nah, man, I'm actually playing the game, how long is it
  2. I would imagine so, unless the terms of agreeing to put your game on PS+ would require this. And since I've never seen this happen before (I could have just missed it, I have never personally been in this situation) I doubt that's the case. It could be new for PS5 games, but still I'd doubt it. Seems like it's just a case of good guy Maneater devs.
  3. I probably would have kept playing this game if there weren't so many bugged trophies. It was getting old a bit quick, but it was still a fun little game, and very easy to just pop in for a round or two. Especially perfect for a PS+ game as far as I'm concerned. It's a shame, really.
  4. Just came to check if the new update fixed any of the trophies and it sounds like nope. Welp....
  5. Playing on PS5 - The game has consistently crashed on average, I'd guess, every two hours or so. The newest patch that came the other day, which noted crash fixes in the patch notes I believe, has not changed anything in this regard.
  6. Both trophies did not work for me as well. Won once in Last worm and am stuck at 89 on the rolling. Would be nice if the last worm standing one would auto pop when they fix it, since I assume it can read your stats where it shows how many times you've won.
  7. I just won the match and didn't get it. I don't recall how many players there were to start, wasn't particularly paying attention to that but if I had to guess I'd say it was full; I am playing the PS5 version. This kinda sucks lol. I can see myself never winning that again haha :/
  8. Yeah, not technically impossible, but I'd say it's functionally impossible.
  9. Right now the servers are broken as far as I can tell. The update made so that it doesn't crash at startup any more, but the game freezes for me whenever I try join any match. I managed to get into one cash game earlier, but it either wouldn't let me join a tourney or would freeze the game entirely. Now every mode freezes trying to get into a game. I'll also say that the haptic feedback/adaptive triggers (playstation twitter posted a thing saying you feel the bend in the cards when you look at them and such) was non existent in the one match I played. It looks like the framework for a chill poker game is there, but they really need to fix their shit. This was released in an unacceptable state.
  10. There was an update for it today and it didn't crash during the initial loading finally.
  11. And, of course I can't play it anyway. Game won't start, just getting constant error code CE-108255-1. Anyone else having this issue (PS5 version)? I don't know if the issue is my console or the game. I've been able to play Spiderman MM, Sackboy, Astro, Bugsnax, and a couple PS4 games too (varied between disc and digital) and this is the first time getting this error.
  12. And now, I'm getting error code : CE-108255-1 when I try and start Poker Club (PS5 version), which I just got today. Apparently this code is rampant and widespread problem? Am I fucked? I've only had the one game do this specific issue.
  13. Oh, I didn't realize it was delayed, that would explain it haha
  14. Maybe it's not available in the US yet then? It was supposed to come out the 19th tho, so idk...
  15. I'm not seeing it on the store (on PS5 or the web)