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  1. It looks good, but I also buy every single english release VN on PS4/Vita so
  2. Yes, March 26th
  3. Gotcha, thanks.
  4. Very good info 👍
  5. I'm a little confused, just to confirm: is this the list for the Japanese version ( Which has an English option? I just saw that it's going to release on NA PSN on April 9th, but no mention of physical. I also saw this ( US version on playasia as well though. Basically, I just want the game physically and in English lol...
  6. Well, I'm not really at the point of making things pretty, altho I'm trying to organize my farm a little better as it's messing with my OCD lol. At this point my only goals have been completing quests and accruing resources/raising farm level. It just seems that all the crops that are worthwhile that I have access to take multiple hours or days to harvest. The ones that are 40-30 minutes or less give shit gold and xp. I feel like I'm missing some more effective way to level my farm too, it's incredibly slow going. Hopefully when my house finally completes that will give me more options.
  7. Holy hell wish I knew you could move multiple things yesterday as I was rearranging lol. Do you have any tips to help mitigate downtime? I'm at farm level 14 and I still quickly run out of things to do and am stuck playing the waiting game. Going to other farms to kill time seems somewhat pointless as most things are locked behind farm level, not player level and also most farms have almost nothing to harvest when I visit anyway.
  8. Yes
  9. Huh, sounds kinda dope tbh.
  10. Since I've watched the anime and played the original VN, I think I'll just play that Linear Bounded Phenogram stuff, and try out the main game a bit just to see how the anime integration works but will otherwise skip through to add another Steins:Gate plat to the list.
  11. so i pre-ordered on amazon and didn't get the game? edit: i contacted them and they said they will email the code to me within 24 hours
  12. oh pls let this be real. nurse love addiction was great
  13. good shit good shit
  14. Or commenting on shit as you see it.