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  1. Games I've finished need to stay in the past, Accounting was great, but I don't want to spend time going back to it. Gotta keep moving forward.
  2. You don't define how or how much I enjoy games. There are almost NO games I want to replay. Period. I don't have the time or patience to go back to games. new games I want to play are constantly coming out on top of an already massive backlog that I have. And I despise re-doing things in general. If I were playing a game (and thought it was great) and halfway through the save borked and lost everything, I'd drop the game instantly. So there is certainly no fun for me to be had in replaying a game I already completed, and I do not care to be "challenged" by a higher difficulty.
  3. I loved the game. I have no interest replaying any game, ever, with perhaps the rare exception for the ones among my all-time favorites.
  4. This. They also lost a dlc sale because for this game I'd have been willing to buy the dlcs to get 100% completion. But I'll be damned if you're gonna make me replay the entire game... and if I'm not gonna get 100% anyway not gonna bother going back to the game for the dlc.
  5. 100%, welp that a non-starter right there
  6. i guess. i just don't want or need any reason to return to any games. there are too many in the backlog and too many coming out constantly, got not time to look backward. and if i really love a game i'm gonna get the dlc either way but that would be a rare case for me. i'm ocd enough for a ruined 100% to bother me, but not ocd enough to be forced into buying all that dlc (thank christ lol)
  7. exactly, these people don't need trophies, they just want more of the game. excuse me? lol bro, you don't know me. I don't go for plats/100% in every game just the ones i like/care about or perhaps games i think i can get a plat in. i would need to REALLY love the game to go back it and/or pay money for dlc. so no, end of the day a situation like this won't necessarily make me go out and buy dlc to get the 100%, but it still greatly annoys me because i do have obsessive compulsive tendencies... once i get the 100% it's annoying to see it go backwards, that's all.
  8. Man who are these people clamoring for DLC trophies in games. Gtfo the lot of ya. who actually enjoys getting 100%'s wiped off the board? The fuck? lol
  9. in my opinion, horizion would be a game where you do have to go out of your way to get the plat (even if it's not that hard to do so). I sure as shit am not going around looking for collectibles for fun. basically you have to beat the game, but go a little out of your way too, a decent balance.
  10. good god, are people complaining to them? why apologize lol. I DESPISE games getting dlc/update trophies after I plat them. who the hell wants their 100% messed with? it bothers my ocd at least.
  11. You need at least 5 player cards from 2 different teams, and then you activate each of those teams chemistry/insert those players into your lineup. Basically to have 1 active chemistry you need at least 5 players from a single team and you get that team's chemistry. Do that with 2 teams and you're good to go.
  12. I have to say, I didn't love the anime. I feel like I'm going to enjoy it much more as a game and thankfully I've forgotten a lot of what happened, so it should still feel mostly fresh haha.
  13. ctrl+c ctrl+v
  14. it's probably for the best playing them all at once. I played 1 and and 2 like 2 years ago, and playing through 3 now i can't remember anything that happened before lol. there's a little "previously on..." but it doesn't really help with any of the characters.