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  1. You're a good person. I appreciate you.
  2. you ain't part of the gang obviously
  3. I had the same issue, i wonder if it's just a case with the demo, because the pop up says something like please play the full game or something.
  4. the concept of an exercise vr game is great in theory, but getting drenched in sweat in the helmet is less than ideal.
  5. What does dupe mean in this context? Lol. I don't have the game yet since the physical version isnt out quite yet.
  6. I haven't played much, but I can already tell the game isn't bad and might be really good- but personally I'm sitting here and just thinking ugh, I don't want to play through another open world game, let alone one with zombies and certainly not for 60 hours. I might try and push through, but I just don't know.
  7. I plan to set it on the lowest difficulty so there won't be much combat, hopefully turning it into effectively a visual novel with some puzzles.
  8. 😀😀😍😍
  9. This game worth getting if I have never played a DMC game before and have almost no idea what I would be walking into?
  10. We have vastly different ideas of fun haha
  11. It looks good, but I also buy every single english release VN on PS4/Vita so
  12. Yes, March 26th
  13. Gotcha, thanks.
  14. Very good info 👍