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  1. So I definitely exhausted what's his name's dialogue every time I encountered him and then went back to each section he's in after finishing the game and exhausted the dialogues again. Still no pop. Is it possible I'm missing something or doing something wrong? These are all the locations I've double checked: 1. Converge Chapter 0: at the Stadium.2. Converge Chapter 0: in Studio Dvaita.3. Ryuki Chapter 4: in the Naix Japan Office.4. Ryuki Chapter 5: in Studio Dvaita.5. Mizuki Chapter 2: at Yoyagi Park.6. Mizuki Chapter 4: at Misetan Amusement Park.7. Epilogue: in Sunfish Pocket.
  2. Thanks, I see it now, I think I only checked the PS4 version of NBA 2k22 which, I guess, doesn't expire like the PS5 version does then lol
  3. Where exactly? On each game page? I can't find it
  4. I'll say again, this selection is absolutely fantastic. I do wish they had a save to favorites list you could make tho, like gamepass. The wishlist doesn't work, since I'd want to keep that separate for games I plan to buy some time and adding plus games would just clog it to shit
  5. This full list is actually great. Tons of things that I likely wouldn't ever buy but are interesting enough to play/try once and possibly more depending. The initial list was entirely underwhelming, and wasn't even considering upgrading, but with this I'll actually probably get it. I'm just different from the majority I guess, since I still want to buy and own (particularly physically) the games that I actually want. Everyone wants the "big" "AAA" games, but that's largely useless to me. Like, if something such as Horizon Forbidden West launched simultaneously on the service and I was subscribed, I'd still buy the game separately. But tons of indie/smaller/etc games that are on the border of my interest? Absolutely perfect for a service like this. This can actually be really useful as leak plugs during release lulls that pop up. Edit: After finishing scrolling through, it's actually overwhelming the amount of games it has that I'd try...
  6. We don't know it won't get a physical tho, correct? I mean Atlus loves to be fucky so who knows, but it could still happen?
  7. Very much enjoyed the first one
  8. Getting this game despite not liking bullet hell games. Everything else around the bullet hell gameplay is very much my kinda jam.
  9. Good news, hopefully soon then, I really don't want to start this up in it's broken state. But damn do I need something to play NOW. There is next to nothing for me until the end of June. But I'm sure this will get a patch right around the end of June/begging of July when surge of games I'm getting come out. It's always this way lol.
  10. I take there is no English text option despite the trophy list being in English?
  11. Does anyone know if this is grindable, as in do you have to finish the level or can you try shit and then quit out of the level and then pop back into it or a different level and any takedowns you did count? This is brutal without an in game tracker for takedown types of something damn... Edit: Got the trophy, I'm pretty sure restarting the levels still counted the takedowns for anyone else who might be wondering.
  12. Honestly, idk how hard it was originally, but I died 7 times in the first level so I'm thinking easy mode isn't exactly "easy"
  13. While I generally don't enjoy side scrollers, this will be an exception as the Kurosawa style looks fantastic
  14. Personally, I have an irrational fear of putting my PS5 in rest mode and still haven't (I always put my PS4 in rest mode, btw). At launch there were many claims of putting it in rest mode could cause console failure. I don't know if that was ever confirmed or truly widespread, but I figured why take the risk. And now, what, a year and half later... I still carry that fear lmao.
  15. Disappointing tbh. It looks like a neat, chill game but from what I've seen it's only an hour or two long? Would have still gotten it if it had a plat at $20, now I'd only pick it up on a deep sale. I can't comprehend devs not understanding they are leaving money on the table when they don't pay the slightest attention to trophies/achievements. I don't care how niche the people who will care about such things is, they should want to understand every little thing that maximizes or hurts their bottom line.