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  1. Right now the servers are broken as far as I can tell. The update made so that it doesn't crash at startup any more, but the game freezes for me whenever I try join any match. I managed to get into one cash game earlier, but it either wouldn't let me join a tourney or would freeze the game entirely. Now every mode freezes trying to get into a game. I'll also say that the haptic feedback/adaptive triggers (playstation twitter posted a thing saying you feel the bend in the cards when you look at them and such) was non existent in the one match I played. It looks like the framework for a chill poker game is there, but they really need to fix their shit. This was released in an unacceptable state.
  2. There was an update for it today and it didn't crash during the initial loading finally.
  3. And, of course I can't play it anyway. Game won't start, just getting constant error code CE-108255-1. Anyone else having this issue (PS5 version)? I don't know if the issue is my console or the game. I've been able to play Spiderman MM, Sackboy, Astro, Bugsnax, and a couple PS4 games too (varied between disc and digital) and this is the first time getting this error.
  4. And now, I'm getting error code : CE-108255-1 when I try and start Poker Club (PS5 version), which I just got today. Apparently this code is rampant and widespread problem? Am I fucked? I've only had the one game do this specific issue.
  5. Oh, I didn't realize it was delayed, that would explain it haha
  6. Maybe it's not available in the US yet then? It was supposed to come out the 19th tho, so idk...
  7. I'm not seeing it on the store (on PS5 or the web)
  8. Ah, that's a bit of a shame. The player pool for poker games is usually incredibly low and not long lasting (at least going by what was basically the only texas hold em game on them PS4). Will still get this though.
  9. I've had 4 crashes: Day 1: System froze entirely while playing Astro's Playroom; had to shut down the console by holding the power button System froze entirely while in the system menus (games section of profile); had to shut down the console by holding the power button Day 2: System fully crashed while playing Spider-Man: MM Day 6 (The new system update had been downloaded): System froze entirely while playing Spider-Man: MM and then began to make a really loud, horrible screeching kind of noise; had to shut down the console by holding the power button So, no exact trends/consistency I don't think? Out of the potential bugaboos that can apparently cause issues (that I've seen seen some people mention): I don't use an external HDD, I've never put the console in rest mode. I did do a PS4 data transfer (via wi-fi) during start up and do use a LAN cable. I've got a good amount of anxiety about my PS5 lol. That noise it made the other day was terrifying ngl. I'm hoping that I don't have a hardware issue and the crashes I've experienced are not indicative of a greater problem and are just some bugs/software issues that will be patched or won't persist.
  10. I take it this is a single player (with multiplayer as well) poker game, sort of like Poker Night? That sounds awesome if so, poker games are pretty rare- especially on console.
  11. There's really no argument against these kind of games. The "competition" factor is not a thing, if you really actually care about that, since everyone has the same access to the game. The alternative is Sony policing, what, the quality of all trophies? Having them determine what is good enough or difficult enough or whatever subjective criteria someone can come up with? That's just silly.
  12. What is this, a game show for ants?!
  13. As far as I know they've never made a point of it before, so the way they say it, it's definitely unclear. I think you're right and will be the same as normal, but I wish it was a separate list. I'm so tired of my 100% constantly being ruined. It tugs at my OCD just enough to annoy me but not enough to do anything about it like play through the entire game a second time for some BS NG+ nonsense lol.
  14. This is the rare case for me where trophies dictated my interest in the game. I tried it out, thought it was fine, but probably wouldn't have even given it the time of day without the anime aesthetic. The mobile nature of it especially left me really with a take it or leave feeling... and so with the trophies being so few and not varied or tied to any kind story progression or anything left me with no motivation to play. No plat is always annoying, even though it's low percentage of games I'll ever even go for a plat in- but the entire list being so bare bones is a turn off. And with no trophies, as far as I'm concerned, to go for- I don't have the desire to play the game.
  15. the multiplayer is fairly fun, but the singleplayer is boring as fuck. i was dying to stop after just mission 1.
  16. Just finished the game. I adored it. The characters were all fantastic and as a big fan of sci-fi I enjoyed the story quite a bit. The point and click gameplay style was a bit better to me than more traditional point and click gameplay as you can't really get stuck (the only time I ever was confused where to go was the part where you have to find coins with Takatoshi) and the RTS/turn based gameplay sections were well done. As far as how it fares against their other games, I've only played very little of Dragon's Crown, but aside from the aesthetic it's not really comparable as they are completely different genres.
  17. played the beta, and man does the game suck lol
  18. I never watched this anime, but this game simply looks like a fun arcade soccer game. I'm not into simulation soccer and I'm a weeb so it's seemingly up my alley lol.
  19. looks and sounds like hotline miami
  20. Not too bad then. Looking forward this, trophies or no. senran kagura + water racing = yes
  21. How long tho? My definition of easy includes time, which is not the norm here lol
  22. here's an example: i struggled and barely beat the first (tutorial?) boss in dark souls 3 and then couldn't get past the next samurai-like dude (who I assume was just beefy, but normal enemy- not some boss) and just dropped the game. i'm generally competent at games, even possibly kinda good at few. by and large I'd say I'm average though, and i rarely challenge myself. i have little patience and will usually not put extra effort into "learning". if i hit a roadblock, i quit lol. i do think cuphead could be fun with friends on the couch so you can laugh while you rage. playing alone I just know I would get angry and not want to play haha.
  23. Yeah, I was checking pretty frequently and saw it eventually pop up on play asia but was already sold out when I looked. Checked ebay last week at some point I think and there were none being sold. Now of course, only switch ones are available on ebay. :-/
  24. I'd like to try it for it's style, but I know I'll get no where in the game before having to give up, so I doubt it's worth it.
  25. I think the "jank" control just don't translate well to the team games they have. The controls make the races and survival ones fun, but when it comes to trying to hit/roll balls, pick things up, etc it just feels frustrating instead of fun and frustrating, ya know haha.