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  1. Any missables to be aware of?
  2. For a game whose genre (rougelite) and concept (high difficulty focused) are everything I avoid and dislike when playing games- the fact that I want to keep playing and mostly enjoy it is a wonder. It just feels good and smooth to play. But at the end of the day it's genre will be what most likely keep me from continuing for much longer. I just wish it wasn't a fucking rougelite lol. I've died at the first boss a few times in a row- and I definitely know I can beat it. But I'm already sick and tired of running through the level again and again to gear up to face it. It's just too annoyingly frustrating. A difficult boss with a checkpoint in front of it is one thing, but this has gotten old fast. And knowing that when I die after I finally get past it, I'm gonna have do the same god forsaken song and dance over and over again drains any motivation from wanting to keep trying the challenge. I think the worst thing about it, is that I feel like my time is being wasted. Putting multiple hours into a game and feeling like you've made no progress is junk. The things that carry over from run to run are seemingly inconsequential to me at this point. The currency you do get to keep (which I have little of anyway)- I don't want to spend because I'd just be spending it on non-transferable things and since I'm more likely to die than not, I'd just be wasting the stuff that does carry over. As for the weapon levels carrying over or whatever, at this early point, there has been basically no difference between them from one run to the next (assuming you find a weapon you even feel good with before the boss). If I was banging my head against the wall but at least felt like everything I was doing was progressing me closer to finally breaking through that wall, then I could justify the bashing. But as it is, there's no gain to be found. I still want to keep trying, again because of how good it feels to play, but a couple more deaths and I'm gonna give up.
  3. I really liked Automata, but after a few hours with Replicant I'm not really feeling it, idk.
  4. Good to know the plat is off the table, I don't have to even worry about it now. I'm hoping I'll just be able to enjoy and complete the game. I don't know why I'm even so intrigued by this one (of course it being one of the very rare true PS5 exclusives to this point is a big factor, can't lie). Everything about it is what I dislike and avoid in video games- rougelike, high difficulty, horror. And for example, I didn't get or have any interest in Demon Souls (one of the other rare true exclusives)- because I know I don't fuck with the souls type difficulty games. This one might end up being a "I don't know what I expected" situation and quickly do an about face and drop this game like a rock. But I'm still excited to give it a shot
  5. Yeah it will. There will be an event pop up a couple times that will allow to pick a minor leaguer to play as for the fast track
  6. Btw, can I ask how you got the draw a walk with the first batter of an inning trophy? I've done it in multiple different modes and still can't get it to pop. The trophy description requirements are oddly limiting for this one. What is a safe mode to try this one in lol?
  7. I'm struggling with this method, putting the ball in play every time. What difficulty were you using, does it matter?
  8. Welp, that worked. I had been equipping the silver bat skins I had unlocked, but bought a diamond skin and equipped that and got it right away.
  9. "That Looks Classy" may be glitched? I put a bat skin on in both RTTS and diamond dynasty and got nadda.
  10. Appreciated. I didn't try replaying any, but at this point I'm just gonna let it go 😜
  11. I just re-downloaded it to double check, because I certainly wouldn't put it past myself to miss something like that, but I do have all of them completed. Oh well haha
  12. Seconding this. Not experiencing performance issues on PS5.
  13. Home Chef is seemingly glitched. Did all 50 traditional recipes and no trophy
  14. I mean, I get it. I'm a Vita lover and weeb lol, so yeah, Sony's bullshit pisses me off sometimes. Personally, I'm too invested in the PlayStation ecosystem to ever move on from it. Unless I just drop video games altogether- which a part of me would like to do, but I have jackshit for interests or hobbies and need some way to pass the time...
  15. Very nice. This game was not on my radar at all, but hearing all the praise got me interested- then hearing that it runs like shit brought it back down. Glad it looks like they are fixing it quickly, because I got nothing to play for month till Nier comes out and I don't feel like going into the backlog, and i'm looking for something pronto
  16. I actually got it shortly after I posted (love how that works haha). Apparently I had never gotten the objective of getting the bombs in any of the times I did it, because once I got that one it popped.
  17. Is there a trick or something to this level? lol I've tried countless times and can't get it. Such a needlessly frustrating level. Why essential remove all of the "pachinko" of a pachinko game...
  18. I jumped back into the game to give the mode a shot. Just here to say, in my experience, it does NOT make anything easier. I played a few matches and never got out of the second round. Basically, it has either been a case of me doing well and being dragged down by teammates where I would have otherwise advanced or I and/or others suck and bring our total down too much even if one or two guys in the squad do well. I mean, if you have people to play with who are good then sure, but if you're just playing by yourself this doesn't make the game easier imo.
  19. So, I'm someone who plays and enjoys rhythm games- but I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at them, maybe average. Like I generally can't do very well at all on whatever the extreme difficulty is on any given game. But I'm finding this game to be especially difficult. I can SS on easy, but on normal I'm doing as well as B/A and then hard is basically unplayable for me. My brain straight up can't come close to keeping up haha.
  20. It is available physically. I got mine from funstock, the NA and EU version is available. I'm not sure if other retailers are selling it, I don't see it on amazon or best buy.
  21. I expected this, but I'm still disappointed lol. Is that a rule? F2P games can't have plats? And ya know, I would have have happily paid full price for the game with a standard amount of songs for a rhythm game. They could have still put out song pack and costume dlc. Hell, even in it's F2P model, if this list wasn't crummy I probably would have been motivated to buy a few song packs. I'll play it still now, but they won't get any money out of me this way. Shame.
  22. Just beat it. I'll agree that the panic *might* not have been warranted, but I can you tell I was feeling it at the Amon fight. Thank goodness I had enough money for retries lol. So yeah, you def don't need to grind all or most jobs to 99. After doing it with the main job and a second I began to question a great many things and decided to just get a bunch of jobs to at least 30 for the rest. Didn't even level all jobs (for the men) to 30. Following the various tips and strategies posted online (gamefaqs and reddit have some clutch info tbh), you can pick the jobs with the skills that you will need. I did have to end up grinding the battle arena a little for stuff and got my main 4 weapons to EX, didn't even do more than +2 for them (except Ichi, who I did get to EX EX). The tower itself was not all that bad, it just takes a long damn time. Only had one fight where Ichi went down and I was sweating a bit to get back to his turn to recast peerless. The Amon fight tho was indeed a bit of a bitch. It's not even all that hard either, but the RNG of getting paralyzed or not after the laser basically makes or breaks you. Had to do that fight 3 or 4 times before I won. All in all, there was def a good amount of grinding, probably at least 10-15 hours post game- although I def grinded a good amount of time during the game at the battle arena (some of that was also grinding minigames to get the damn personality skills up the last little bit), but nowhere close to that 30 hour mark that I was dreading for the entire game lol). Just a fantastic game, gonna be a high contender for my GOTY.
  23. That's good to know. I guess the question I'll have to see is if want to put in that time for the grind at the end of the game 😋
  24. I just started up Yakuza 7 today right after too haha
  25. The grind is definitely not fun, as it's about 10 hours of mindlessly grinding a single fight over and over, post game. I finished the game doing everything in around 35 hours and a total of about 45 after finishing off the BOND points grind. So if those numbers itt are accurate for Yakuza (80h for the game and 20h grinding- and apparently millennium tower is still kinda hard after that from some things I've read?), then Like a Dragon is def gonna be a harder plat than Strikers I'd say.