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  1. PSA: The game is buggy, broken garbage. I'm currently writing a review of it. You can't even get past a certain point because there's an invisible wall that stops you.
  2. Thanks. I was wondering this, too. Since when is dashing considered a minigame?
  3. Finally got Star Wars Battlefront done after giving up on boosting sessions and getting Crush Them legit. Woot.
  4. Shame it doesn't have many trophies. I played the beta and it was fun, but the content was very limited; e.g., no single-player or couch multiplayer modes. This trophy list seems to indicate there won't be much to the full game, either.
  5. Don't ask me. I didn't make the glitchy game But yeah, I assume so.
  6. I believe so. It's probably glitched like the "Kill 1000 infected" one is.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. Yeah, definitely a misleading trophy description.
  8. From All Sides seems to be glitched as well. I've done Kovac's first challenge twice and no troph
  9. Np. I'd invite people too if Ubisoft's site would load up.
  10. A key for the closed beta for anyone who wants it 5B7M-KRN7-RNBA
  11. I played it for a preview article I did. I thought the graphics were pretty poor, and there's a fair but of pop in and texture load in. It seems like a pretty glitchy game wherever you play it, though, e.g. loads of dinosaurs getting stuck in things, getting spawned next to enemies and instantly dying etc. Personally I wouldn't get it because I didn't enjoy the game at all, but I know a lot of people do. I wouldn't say its performance on PS4 should put you off getting it, if it's your kind of thing.
  12. Yeah, it's pretty big, like 25 gigs, or something.
  13. I think it ends sometime early morning on the 15th in Australia, if that helps
  14. Here's three Steep beta codes for anyone who wants them. You have to go here to redeem them, and you need a Ubisoft account. They might just work for Europe, I'm not sure. The beta runs till the 14th. VBPWRQRVK3BB 8C4LR984R7BC KWDNV7TPP82Q
  15. I think my girlfriend did the same thing when she played it. The game just stuck in an endless loop and had to be restarted. Like you say, it's faulty game design. I guess they never figured people would have such a problem with it