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  1. Sorry mate, I can’t be 100% sure. I think it popped after an invaded version but it’s been over ahead I platinumed the game. I will be back though when I get the expansion (in discount)!! my opinion: do whatever mission u want on invasion and write it down. Do the others on their normal version and see what happens!
  2. First of all I was just wandering how can it be possible that the Game Owners are 227 but the Recent Players are 234: And secondly, the game releases on 10th of November but there are (apparently) 227 game owners. Are they producers, youtubers, testers etc that Ubisoft has already provided them with the game before the wordwide release???
  3. I can't remember when or why I created an EA Account but when I loggen in to SIMS 4, the account was already "active" and downloaded right away the families required for the trophies!
  4. Do you have to have any of the dlcs in order for this to work or you can do it with the ps plus version of the game?
  5. Well guys, after reading these posts I was kind of worried about the trophy. Indeed, it didn’t popped after I had killed all the enemies with all guns and the explosive barrel, propane tank etc. After that, I started by playing from encounter select the final sword battle in order to earn the related trophy. Then, I played some of the chapters from “chapter select” in order to get some remaining collectibles and always trying to get kills with different weapons, grenades etc. The trophy finally popped in chapter 9 (I think) where you have to move aside a bookshelf and have to blow up a wall by shooting an explosive barrel. I threw the barrel and I shot it on air. The wall exploded and the trophy popped!!!! That said, I believe that the explosive barrel and propane tank in order to count as a kill, you have to use them first => grab them, throw them and shoot them on air AND kill someone, not just hitting it from far.
  6. Why not carry over the treasures? I mean, you can re-pick any treasures that are not shown in the "Treasures" area and use chapter select in order to identfy in which chapter you are missing something. Guys one question: If I use Encounter Select, then all the statistics are back to zero (Time played, enemies killed, etc. etc..). Do the kills with the weapons are registered that way or do I have to Chapter Select (and use the save feature in one slot and continue from that?)??? From the Encounter Select there is no save, that's why I am asking.
  7. Hello guys, I completed the digital version of the game and I rent a disc copy in order to try the glitch. I deleted the game data, inserted the disk and installed the 1.00 version of the game. I also deleted all the saves expect from the 1st where was my full run. I tried all the videos on YouTube but had no luck :-( . I noticed that whenever I was starting a new game, I was asked only to keep the treasures. On the videos I noticed that the players were asked to keep the treasures AND the player’s stats on the new game. Does anyone had the same problem??? Did you figure it out???
  8. Same problem here. ps4 pro at latest firmware (7.55) I sent them a message in fb, hoping to get an answer soon.
  9. Yes, the trophy (and the platinum) popped on 19/11/2302 (but as I said before, I have played around 50 years on my other cities!
  10. Hey guys! I did the maths by myself and I can confirm that the above layout still works (as of today 20th of June 2020). A full day/night cycle in an empty map needs around 4 months (it is around 115 days/30 = 3,8 months) and 3,8 months in full speed need exactly 9,5 minutes real life time. That said, 3,8 months x 1001 nights = 3.800 months (= 158 hours!) 3.800 months / 12 months per year = around 317 years So we have to reach year 2020+317= 2337 starting from scratch and have 0 buildings in our map. Also, as said, 3,8 months need 9,5 minutes. So 3.800 months need around 9.500 minutes or 158 hours! Or alternative, 1 year in-game needs 30 minutes real life time. Taking into consideration that you have already played some hours in another city / cities and having on all the time the “day/night cycle” option, I believe that we have to reach around year 2300 for the trophy to pop up! I am currently at year 2266 in my empty Citi and I have also played around 50 years in my other cities. (120k pop). *** I used some minor rounding in my calculations above. ***
  11. I confirm that all the dlc buildings (even if you have installed any dlc’s) do NOT count towards the trophy. The free “Green Cities” dlc (that also has a monument) doesn’t count towards the trophy. Neither the updates, such as the “After Dark” or the “Deluxe upgrade buildings”. More on that on
  12. I also did only faction support missions and the trophy popped. Confirmed!
  13. Thank you! I will try it today and I will let everyone know 😉
  14. Same question here. All the missions are shown as "expired" and I have to "replay" them all. I did 2 faction missions from one faction, 4 faction missions from the other one and 2 faction support and the trophy didn't pop up
  15. lol! I have 1-2 missions that I have not done on hard. I have finished some as invaded and others at challenging (not hard). I will tell you tomorrow if the trophy will pop!