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  1. It's been a week since my PSN got hacked... The hacker hasn't even used the account for anything. Seems to just be hacking for sport? Pretty saddening. My attempts to message them aren't getting replies. As the last leaf of hope falls from the tree of faith to the ground... I guess this really is the end.

    1. TehUberCheezCatz


      call customer support & switch your email to a dummy one?

    2. Half-H3ro


      I would do that if I knew the hacker's email address. Sadly I don't. And the email I used to create the account was deleted by my school when I left in 2010. :( I thought I was so close... But alas I was not.

    3. TehUberCheezCatz


      damn, i feel for ya man.

  2. I THINK MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED!!! Please could all my friends on here keep a lookout for when my account gets logged in. I can't reset my password because the hacker has changed my email! PLEASE, ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!

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    2. Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      So this didn't go very well for you did it? :/

    3. StrickenBiged


      Fuck dude. That sucks. Good to know that I should make a note of my console's Serial #'s in case I sell them on and this happens to me. Can't you ask them to check where the last log-in to your Half-H3ro account was from? If the hacker's IP is from Eritrea or something then that might be a clear sign that it's not you!

      Just to clarify, which account are you changing it to? KASBIAN or alt-James?

    4. Half-H3ro


      They seemed very adamant that I could only provide them with email, serial, or credit card info, and since my account is US and my bank is UK it never accepted my card details. WHich I suppose is good cause the hacker has no chance of profiting from my bank details without them. Yeah this can be a helpful lesson for everyone! Keep yo serials! You might need them one day!

      I'm gonna be using alt-James, KASBIAN is an account I'm using to try and contact the hacker...

  3. Ooh one I've already done! Plus I have 100% in 4 out of 5! Damn you LBP2! I will conquer you one day! Put me down for a Creator Curator spot
  4. Just finished Rogue! I'm now on 7! Veteran Woohoo! Now... On to finishing Unity!
  5. Sounds like a mission you should be able to complete with another player who has yet to complete it. I'm guessing that YOU would have to kill this Master Poacher yourself though, to get the trophy. Rather than the player the quest belongs to. In other borderlands games I've played a quest in an online game and unlocked trophies that way, namely in Borderlands' Knoxx Armory which locked me out of completing the mission on my save. Hopefully you can find someone who is on that quest to help you out! Also, it's missed. Mist is visible water vapour
  6. Ooh another Project Platinum I come out fairly well in! I've got the platinum on the following: Assassin's Creed II (100%) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (100%) Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Not 100% Need to finish the DLC) Assassin's Creed III (100%) Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (100%) Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD (100%) So that's 6! I also own: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4) (moved from the PS3 version to PS4 and have only multiplayer left to do!) Assassin's Creed: Rogue (which I haven't even started yet! Any good?) Assassin's Creed: Unity (stopped playing for some reason) Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (got it for Christmas, should be fun going round my Capital City) I'd better get crackin'!
  7. I always enjoy these types of thread. Gives me incentive to climb higher up the ranking and get the coolest title! I've got 5 I believe R&C, 2, 3, Gladiator and A Crack in Time. I've got all the others so I should hopefully be able to complete them too ...eventually
  8. Tried and failed to do that. I'll have to have another crack at doing it sometime
  9. Sounds like it could be fun! I'll join in! I play Rocksmith 2014 every so often. I've gotta play the original more though so I'll start doing that! Game: RS (PS3) & RS:2014 (PS4) Path: All 3 Guitar: Fender Stratocaster Experienced? Been playing guitar a long time now, but I'm certainly no pro. Trophies: RS: (12/61) 2014: (48/48) Hopefully this will give me a push to try and finally get that RS Platinum!
  10. A few of my Platinums, Mirror's Edge, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Rocksmith 2014, LittleBigPlanet PSVita. All great games and all remind me of how if you persevere you can beat them!
  11. Nice thread! So far I have: The Walking Dead Season One Tales From The Borderlands Game of Thrones Back to the Future: The Game CSI: Fatal Conspiracy and I own TWDS2, Minecraft SM and TWAU so I'd better get cracking!
  12. Wish I could day that! But I have one mission that's giving me jip! It's mostly just that ?Escort Service? one (I think) where you save the hostage, use the sentry gun, defend the chopper etc. I just end up getting killed at the chopper bit every time! Then I'll try for the sniper trophy and secure that sweet sweet Vita plat! Props to you Stoogebag! You're a true hero! None of this Half-hero bullshit EDIT: ALSO THAT'S A FUCKING AMAZING way to get all the difficulty trophies on Classic. I ended up playing it 4 times! (It was one of the first game I ever played on PS3 at a friend's house, so I started on Greenhorn and built my way up) eventually I learnt the layout of every level and found Veteran a lot easier when I got around to it, although I still had a hell of a hard time on some levels. *cough* damn German boat level *cough*
  13. Call of Duty: Classic - Platinum and 100% World at War - Platinum but NOT 100% Modern Warfare 2 - Platinum and 100% Black Ops - Platinum but NOT 100% Modern Warfare 3 - Platinum but NOT 100% Black Ops 2 - Black Ops: Declassified - Ghosts - Advanced Warfare - trying my best! Black Ops III - don't own it yet So that's 5 for me. Damn I need to finish AW to get me that Veteran Soldier rank!
  14. I was browsing the UK PlayStation Store (which updated today) and saw that there are a few PlayStation 2 game that are now compatible with the PlayStation 4! https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/playstation-2-games/cid=STORE-MSF75508-PS2TOPS4 This is fantastic news and we'll surely see more and more games being added over the coming weeks and months! ...and what's more they are being described as: 'Visually updated to stunning HD' 'Full trophy support' 'Share play, remote play and more' So far, you can get GTA III, Vice City and Sam Andreas. Rogue Galaxy The Mark of Kri Dark Cloud Twisted Metal: Black, and... War of the Monsters I've just bought Vice City for my PS4! Can't wait to play it! Let the community know your thoughts, and what games you want to see in the comments! Personally I want to see the Lord of the Rings games, The Hobbit and Simpsons Hit and Run!
  15. I did enjoy this game when I first played it, and I do agree with some of the previous posters in that this game was great as a couch co-op/competetive game. Didn't care much for the online multiplayer where everybody would go for the most OP characters and I'm there with my cool Heavenly Sword moves that don't match up. A sequel would definitely have my interest, but it would have to be a lot more in-depth that the original. Here's who, where and what I'd like to see. MODES: Split-Screen / Local Multiplayer - for parties and casual gameplay Online Multiplayer, but balanced - for those who enjoy the competitive aspect of online MP AI Versus mode can stay, but with more difficulties ranging from easy-peasy to brutal, maybe on a slider And perhaps some new modes, maybe some attempt at a story, I don't know, something else to make it really unique and to stand out! CHARACTERS - SIGNATURE MAPS Alice (American McGee's Alice/Madness Returns) - Card Castle in the Sky Cole McGrath (inFamous) - Downtown Empire City Delsin Rowe (inFamous: SS) - Seattle Rooftops Sackboy - The Park (The Picnic Level from LBP3 was a cool design) Nathan Drake - Tibet Victor Sullivan - Borneo Elena Fisher - Yemeni Marketplace Crash Bandicoot - Slippery Slide Dr. N. Cortex - Cortex Labs Jak and Daxter - Outisde the Precursor Door Ratchet and Clank - Space Station Lara Croft - Croft Manor Snake - VR Mission Kratos - Gorgon Arena Altair - Marketplace Ezio - The Colosseum Connor - The Aquila Edward - Nassau Aveline - The Bayou Arno - Parisian Theatre Jacob - Big Ben Sly Cooper - Art Gallery Bentley - Inside the Mainframe Murray - Boxing Ring Sora - Traverse Town Big Daddy - Ocean Floor My list could keep going on and on... I also want to see really interactive levels. Like, electric powers from dispensers in the BioShock level, or Avalanches in Tibet. etc etc.