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  1. Hi , 

    This is something really important for me, I got 3 strikes and all of them happened without my choice! It's really not my fault that going to a lobby trying to do the achievements but suddenly the hacker did all of them for me illegally. I spent a lot of time to be in this position in the leaderboard, it's unfair removing me for something I didn't attempt to do. I explained in your website how these things happened. I hope you give me a chance to get back to the leaderboard again.

    Best regards

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    2. Stardroid


      733 hidden trophies huh. I would give your innocence more credibility if you unhid the trophies you were never reported for to show these aren't cheated at least. But something tells me you won't do that. This is public by the way. You may want to take this private. I doubt you'll get far though. 

    3. Gibbo_0113


      Damn son thats unlucky. In cases like this where all 3 strikes are from modded lobbies without control im all for allowing the third to also be hidden to get back to the leaderboard. fingers crossed for you. 

      hmmm yeah i just saw the 700 hidden too. i have my doubts its just the 3 unlucky strikes now haha 

    4. jmartinez8089


      Except its not 3 unlucky strikes. One of the flags was for Modern Warfare 2 whose trophies, unless something has changed recently, can't be cheated unless you do it yourself.

  2. First thing I talk with seriously so talk with respect ,Second thing you can’t judge you are not GM how I can contact with the mannger?
  3. Why you told me hidden it or not it doesn’t matter but you must give warning before you give off from leaderboard but this hack from may bee 2010-2011 so this is not square so give 1 chance remove 1 strike .
  4. If I hidden the three games the strike will disappear ? ,and how many strikes do I have ? @Lorajet
  5. Call of duty 5 I hiden it fastly because I didn’t spend a lot of time ,but borderlands 2 I really spend over 60 hours i have get all side quest and challenges it is so tired.ok call of duty 6 I will hidden it now
  6. iKawamatsu Call of Duty: World at War At that time there are a lot of hakers and I find match with hack randomly this is the story I don’t have any evidence,by the I have been hiden this game from my profile. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I have get a lot of trophies in this game but I enter find game and he hack’s me randomly this is the story. Borderlands 2 I join game from the comunity and there was giltch some one press buttons and level me from 23 to 80 without asking me this is not my proplem ,I wish you can slove this proplem early.
  7. I had the same problem, I have feel 500 heals but didn't get the trophy. To solve this I signed in from another ps and I have feel 4 heals then I got the trophy