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  1. My bad, for some reason I was thinking that there were only 8 people per league not 10.
  2. If we are just short on participants, then we could cut the manganese league for a season or two. It has been done in the past and it would put us closer to getting started again.
  3. I can relate to this because on my days off I just leave my PS4 signed on, I’ll play for a bit and then do some laundry/dishes/eat and then go back to playing. My wife also signs on to watch something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but I’ve been lucky enough to not have any problems.
  4. Where do you find the quests?
  5. Persona 5 was great, that and Breath of the Wild took up nearly half of my year
  6. Looking forward to competing in the Trophy Hunter’s League again, I’m joining back up for season 21 on Sunday.

  7. The western release date for Dynasty Warriors 9 has been announced (February 13th, 2018). It’s getting released earlier than I thought that it would, I’m starting to get a little hyped for it.
  8. I need this trophy too, so if you’re still looking for help or if anyone else needs this then let me know
  9. Did anyone get all-stars? I read a review that said that they left out a few modes that were normally in warriors games.
  10. I miss the league, I’m going to have to start following this again
  11. Just picked it up, thanks for the heads up
  12. Was looking around on IGN today and saw that they have a release window for DW9 (early 2018) and that they released a new trailer for it at TGS.
  13. I haven't really heard much about All-stars, but I'm going to look into to it
  14. I'm looking forward to DW9, I still need to go back and get the platinum on Strikeforce before the servers shut down ... if they haven't already