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  1. No worries. I do shift work so my score always comes in spurts on my days off. Good luck next season.
  2. Work has been crazy so I don’t think that I’ve earned a trophy and probably won’t have time to play until tomorrow night. You may get one of the most lopsided victories in THL history, congrats in advance because I wouldn’t be able to touch that score even if I had the entire fixture off.
  3. Not hiding anything, just having to work way too much.
  4. Wow, incredible scores! Congrats!
  5. My profile is fixed and updated
  6. Yep, good luck to all. I’m just excited to be taking part in my first CWC.
  7. It was a good match, I haven’t been checking profiles this season so I was excited to see the result. I knew that I would need a big score because our first match was really close, we might get a rematch in gold if the standings stay the same.
  8. Quick question about the time requirement. I think we had used fastest platinum achievers for that but that doesn’t seem to be tracked on the site anymore, so are we just using fastest 100% on games now?
  9. I’m nowhere near as active as I used to be but I would be up for it if you end up doing it.
  10. They could also just have a drop down list of titles/headers that they select/approve and people could just choose from those. They could hold a vote ahead of implementing it to see what was important to users and get ideas.
  11. Sorry to hear this but when it gets going again just let me know, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the break won’t be too long. Thank you to everyone who kept the league going!
  12. I’m looking forward to the new season, just letting my first opponent know that I will be out of town from the 5th-9th so my score will be close to 0 unless I have some unexpected down time.
  13. The exact same thing happened to me, I thought that if you completed the quest then you could wait to claim the code. Thanks OP
  14. My scores have suffered these last two fixtures due to most of my time going to Skyrim, but I have peppered in some Strider trophies to keep out of single digit scores
  15. I really enjoyed this game, but I also enjoy most TRPGs. I almost bought it again and would have if it had a separate trophy list. Also, judging from their website they are in QA on most versions of the sequel so that should be coming out very soon.
  16. My bad, for some reason I was thinking that there were only 8 people per league not 10.
  17. If we are just short on participants, then we could cut the manganese league for a season or two. It has been done in the past and it would put us closer to getting started again.
  18. I can relate to this because on my days off I just leave my PS4 signed on, I’ll play for a bit and then do some laundry/dishes/eat and then go back to playing. My wife also signs on to watch something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but I’ve been lucky enough to not have any problems.
  19. Never mind, I misinterpreted the 12 hour thing
  20. Where do you find the quests?
  21. Persona 5 was great, that and Breath of the Wild took up nearly half of my year
  22. Looking forward to competing in the Trophy Hunter’s League again, I’m joining back up for season 21 on Sunday.

  23. The western release date for Dynasty Warriors 9 has been announced (February 13th, 2018). It’s getting released earlier than I thought that it would, I’m starting to get a little hyped for it.
  24. Did anyone get all-stars? I read a review that said that they left out a few modes that were normally in warriors games.