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  1. I got 1 trophy from AC IV: Black Flag during the morning, I tried to earn some from Slain: Back from Hell but I couldn't beat a certain part without being hit. I didn't have time to play on the rest of the morning and on the rest of day.
  2. I earned the first story-related trophy from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag about an hour ago. I'll try to earn more trophies but today I'll be kind of busy.
  3. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure. Do you know if PS3 and Vita can still connect? Thanks in advance.
  4. Does the new PS4 update allow to join Vita's worlds and viceversa?
  5. Naked Snake a.k.a. Big Boss is my favorite fictional character.
  6. Now just the first Assassin's Creed left for the series to be complete.
  7. Really enjoying Catherine, it's a really great I should've played before. The puzzles seem impossible to Gold at first, but they aren't that hard except for a few sections. The story is keeping me thrilled, I have to find out the outcome yet. As for Slain, I will enjoy it more if I'll play it more time nonstop. I'm still getting used to the game, specially focusing on the no-death trophy.
  8. Sorry (Team Jaws) for not being so actively trophy hunting as before, I am a little busy these days. My current progress is: Slain: Back from Hell 7% I might add new games for other categories even before completing my other games as I wanted to add Catherine for Gynophobia (you don't play as a female character, but the game revolves around two women, that counts, right?) but I wasn't very confident I could plat it this soon, I am now, however I want to get all the tough trophies out of the way first so do NOT add it yet please. I'll let you know of my progress.
  9. I've been tempted to submit my list before, but I wanted to do so after having a definitive draft. However, since having a platinum for each letter will take a long while, I'll just post a draft that I will update from time to time (I'm adding an * next to the plats that may/will be replaced): 36 Fragments of Midnight * Assassin's Creed Brotherhood B Color Guardians * Doom 3 E Flame Over God of War Helldivers ICO J Killzone: Mercenary Lone Survivor * Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater N Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath * Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate * Red Dead Redemption Silent Hill 2 Terraria Uncharted: Drake's Fortune V Wanted Corp * X Y Z
  10. You can play offline (to prevent auto-syncing) and sync your trophies at the time you want to that way you can update your profile here as soon as your trophies are synced. I don't mind when someone else updates my profile here, I just hate it when my consoles auto-sync my trophies even when that option is not selected on my consoles but I think that happens because I'm a PS+ user, this applies to games with online trophies as I only sync after I earn all online trophies. In any case, if the feature you suggest is ever implemented it should be optional.
  11. That's odd, I had no issues with it. I always download and install the game first, then the updates/patches, and finally the DLCs. Once you open your parachute, do not discard it, wait until you land, most likely on water, the trophy should pop afterwards.
  12. No, there are not. According to playstationtrophies, there is another version of the game that has one online trophy if I recall correctly. The version that was given to PS+ users, at least for NA, does not have online trophies.
  13. Almost all mini-games from The Hungry Horde, specially Cryo Crisis, Conga Zombies and Zombat.
  14. Silent Hill 2 has a lake too, the Toluca lake. There is also a lake near the end or Metal Gear Solid 3, it appears on a cinematic though. On it's sequel, MGS: Peace Walker, one boss is fought next to a lake. In Assassin's Creed II, I guess the body of water in Forli is a lake as well. How can you also forget about the lake featured in Resident Evil 4? It perrfectly fits here. Lakes are also spawned in all generated worlds in Terraria, and you can also alter the world to create them. You fight a boss on a lake in Shadow of the Colossus . The Oddworld games(Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath) has lakes in them too. Since Jason usually kills with a machete if I recall correctly, maybe it could be a game where you can equip and use a machete or where enemies or a boss attacks you with a machete. Red Dead Redemption has a Camp Fire feature but just for saving the game though. Also, there is at least one lake in the U.S. part of the map if my mind doesn't fool me.