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  1. Yes, it's already out. It is not cross-buy though, what a shame.
  2. I had no problems with the game when I played it on PS3 and later on Vita some years ago. Just to clarify, to earn the trophies "Made It", "Ironman", "Speedlunky", and "To Hell and Back" you actually need to exit the final level (either 4-4 or 5-4 depending if you are in the Temple or in Hell). You can earn the rest of the trophies just by fulfilling their requirements without the need to exit te level you are in. It may take some seconds for trophies to pop when you meet the requirements of more than one trophy. By the way, I played the game offline, so it may solve the problem.
  3. November 15 and no Vita version yet, at least on the US Store.
  4. Unit 13 as it's from another region.
  5. I'm the God of Hellfire - Flame Over (2.46%)
  6. Hopefully potential PS5 remasters will have a plat each. While the lack of a platinum trophy is disappointing, I will probably grab this game on a sale.
  7. I used the R button on Vita, however I had to use the L button when I went for "Impossible Boy" as I thought the R button was kind of loose. If you can use R1 to run, use it unless you feel more comfortable with Square. I don't remember if could use Square to run on Vita, but at least on Vita Square and X (jump) buttons are too close, this makes no-death runs more difficult.
  8. Good luck. Next time try earning all your trophies yourself instead of having a team for doing that, you'll never know if one team member is going to hack a game, that is in case the team account rumors are true.
  9. Count on that. I just hope they don't add trophies like "Kingpin", "Go Team!", and "The Quick and Everyone Else", among others. I am OK if they add several trophies that can be earned by normal play.
  10. I was very careful when choosing my id and I won't change it. I couldn't choose a better one.
  11. I platted the game a couple of years ago, on PS3 though. Some events under the FOB tab, like eliminating the skulls have platforms with good amount of resources. You have to infiltrate different platforms in order for other platform respawn containers with high amount of resources. Try to play these events as you may also get a few S++ soldiers as reward.
  12. Two playthroughs of the main story are needed in order to get "A Heart of Steel". Also, the trophy for getting all bottlecaps was "earned" too early. There is no way a "Heart of Steel" will pop unless a saved file (of your own or downloded) is loaded.
  13. I got 1 trophy from AC IV: Black Flag during the morning, I tried to earn some from Slain: Back from Hell but I couldn't beat a certain part without being hit. I didn't have time to play on the rest of the morning and on the rest of day.
  14. I earned the first story-related trophy from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag about an hour ago. I'll try to earn more trophies but today I'll be kind of busy.
  15. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure. Do you know if PS3 and Vita can still connect? Thanks in advance.