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  1. I wonder which country is your favorite to lift the World Cup trophy.
  2. I noticed some German users who posted on this thread voted for a different country than theirs, on the other hand all Brazilian users who posted here voted for their country. I found it odd as Germany has shown a great performance in the last years, specially during World Cups
  3. I only buy cards for the US Store locally, I have no idea where you can buy an EU card in your country. Buy the bundle as it has the dlc.
  4. Nevermind, I beat that trial some minutes ago along with the other one I had left. It was a good idea to go for them at almost 2am, I didn't have even a single connection issue. Now onto the 2-players trials.
  5. You might get your b*tt kicked when you play the trials for the first time, but you'll eventually get the hang of it. The trials aren't that hard (if you have played God of War you won't have trouble with it), the real problem is getting disconnected from EA servers.
  6. No problem, I happened to be replying to this thread right before your reply. As said above, you may get connection issues, so if I were you I'll sync after getting rid of that trophy.
  7. I bought the game from the US store and played the game on that account despite not living in NA, so yes, but you'll be really lucky if you don't get disconnected from EA servers during trials.
  8. It pisses me off that I lost connection when I had 34 waves left on the 100 waves sp EA trial. They could have simply made the trials offline content, if they at least fix the servers so that we rarely experience connection issues... Or if there were actually more than 25 one-player and 15 two-players trials, I could choose other trial instead of that annoying 100 waves trial. Do you know any solutions? Thanks in advance.
  9. One advice, get rid of the EA trials trophy first and do not sync until you earn that trophy as there is a trial that requires to beat 100 waves of enemies (normal difficulty though), I got 34 waves left and lost connection from EA servers. That trophy must have been offline single player/co-op, but they had to screw it. Or they should have added more trials because there are only 25 one-player trials and 15 two-players trials so that I would skip that trial. If I keep getting EA connection issues, I will never buy another EA game again.
  10. Yes, it was me mate. Aside from once in while connection issues (EA servers connection lost) when playing EA trials, servers are still working fine. I hope not to have those issues when going for the 2 players trials.
  11. Agreed. @marvelboy10, please don't abandon this thread of yours.
  12. They got a tough group back then, but they defeated France, 2006 WC runner-up. I hope they can make it to Qatar. You are right, nowadays one player alone does not win a tournament even if he is considered (one of) the best, you need 11 players that play as a team.
  13. Bought Alien Breed Trilogy, and 36 Fragments of Midnight (cross-buy) which has been on sale for a little while, with the discount applied, everything cost $6.5, not bad for 5 games.
  14. You only need to get Silent Assassin rating on 5 missions on each difficulty (three trophies), the first 5 missions should be the chosen ones. It may take a bit to get SA on those 5 missions on hard difficulty but you will eventually achieve that.