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  1. God of War III. Just 3 trophies left before the plat.
  2. Darksiders II (PS3) without a doubt as the plat is no longer attainable.
  3. I reported a cheater for Paranautical Activity, the cheater stats were removed after some time. The problem is with cheaters that hide their cheated games and with cheaters that have their profiles set as private. I suppose those cheaters trophies are counted in the stats. I think it's time that trophies from hidden games and PSN accounts set to private aren't counted into psnprofiles trophy stats, that way trophies will have their real rarity value.
  4. Almost all if not all games show a higher number of achievers than the actual number due to cheaters/hackers. E.g. I recently 100%ed a game where only 4 people (including me) earned all its trophies, however, on the game's page it says 7 people have 100%ed that game. Even worse, I was the first person to earn all trophies from one platinumless game that nobody else has 100% completed to date, however the game's page says other 5 people were able to get 100% on that game. Of course if you go to the 100% achievers' page of that game you'll only find my id. That pisses me off as it makes the trophies from that game less rare than they actually are.
  5. It's impossible to acquire the Shinning Sword on your first playthrough, but you did. This is the reason of your flag as the other trophies look ok.
  6. Assassin's Creed: Rogue (PS3), it's the only AC game I'm missing.
  7. This game should've had a platinum trophy, there are more than 4 games in it, which means there are a lot of actions to perform among all games. I will most likely buy this game collection, when there is good deal though.
  8. Guys, calm down and stick to the topic please. I think this one is a good idea, but you'll probably have to follow your PSN friends here at psnprofiles to be able to do that. Maybe we can get a notification when a friend creates/joins a session.
  9. Spelunky. It's not a PlayStation exclusive though. I still have it installed on my Vita and I play it every now and then, specially when taking a break from trophy hunting.
  10. Super Mutant Alien Assault is at 100% at last, the nightmares are finally over. This is the worst game I've played so far trophy-wise as beside skill you need a lot of luck to get a friendly layout and not get an enemy spawn at the same spot you are standing, specially when you can no longer take a single hit.


    12 levels played, 12 levels completed on Epic difficulty, it should be called Absurd difficulty if you asked me, not because it's that difficult, but because a single tiny enemy can screw your run when you are focusing on tasks or trying to kill a boss. I made it to the last level two times before, I did have a lot of bombs but not the right kind in both ocassions (or maybe the more suitable combination of bombs, perk, and Special for each run). Little enemies screw my run both times. This time I entered the last level with full health or close (3 hearts, you take half a heart of damage each time) and barely beat the boss (although they were actually 3 in the same boss fight) due to smaller enemies blocking my path, I used my Special and primary gun to get rid of them though. The bosses die with remote activated bombs and Special attacks. 


    When the bosses died there were 2 smaller enemies, one of the annoying green ones that could've have wasted my run. When it was kill I was so relief that I couldn't even take a screenshot of the trophy popping as it also caught me by surprise (it pop when I killed that annoying pest instead of popping after pressing continue to get to the congratulation screen).


    I haven't felt any happier when deleting a game. The game ain't bad, it's actually fun, but it's another story if you are aiming to get all its trophies. I don't recommend going after the 100% unless you think you've got the skill, are prepared to face a lot of failure, and are persistant. 


    It's time to work on God of War 3's platinum for now. 

    1. DamagingRob


      At least it's over, congrats!

    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  11. Tassadar
  12. You got the trophy for beating the epilogue (chapter 19), which is also your first trophy in the game, before getting the trophy for beating the first 16 chapters. That's simply impossible.
  13. It's not fun anymore to him? I seriously doubt he earned most of the trophies on that account. Maybe he got tired of paying people to get trophies for him. I doubt other trophy hunters with over thousands platinum trophies have earned all the trophies on their accounts on their own, it's just not possible nor healthy to earn trophies/trophy hunt 24/7, but it's ok as long as they haven't cheated.
  14. I was hesitant on syncing Super Mutant Alien Assault as I was planning sync after getting the 100% due to the fact that beating the game on Epic difficulty requires more luck than skill, but what the hell!


    I got to the second boss with full health and made it to the next level with half health. On that level, the randomness of the game ruined my run: a terrible mix of enemies and level layout (way too little space to manouver). I wonder if the developer was able to beat the game on Epic difficulty.


    The game is fun on normal, challenging on Heroic, and luck-dependant on Epic (your skill is only 50% of the equation, the other 50% is getting a friendly layout and enemy spawn, specially on later levels).

  15. Really loving Gravity Badgers.

    1. DamagingRob



      I bought that for less than a dollar, but had a feeling it wouldn't be any good. :hmm:

    2. Deceptrox


      I probably bought it at the same sale. It's a good choice to relax from grinding other trophies/games.