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  1. Good question. Maybe because the map is not as big as other maps. In Hitman 3, they changed it to 20.
  2. The only thing I can day is try to buy it from another PS3.
  3. I purchased/added to my downloads that DLC years ago, so I can't check if I can purchase it from my account (which is from the U.S.) but it's displayed as free to download on my country's PS3 Store. So that's odd. Maybe someone else with a U.S account who hasn't purchase the DLC can check.
  4. You need to turn on your PS3, sign in to PSN, then go to the store and search for the game. Unfortunately PS3 games and DLC can only be purchased that way now.
  5. The screenshot you sent looks like it's from the mobile PS app. If that's so, PS3 games can no longer be purchased from any device that ain't a PS3.
  6. PS3 Store can only be accessed (to buy games and check your downloads) from a PS3. I think that's the O.P.s problem.
  7. I see you already 100% the game, however for newcomers I should say that in my case I got it with the Cheetah some hours ago. I chose that animal due to it's speed (the highest in the game). I managed to get to 70 something years but couldn't go past that due to velociraptors packs present in all Shibuya maps. Although a wolf ended my run thanks to toxicity spoiling even fresh meat and also I wasn't pushing myself as much as I could since it's was too late and was already sleepy. The pro of using that animal besides its speed is that it can stealth kill most big animals (lions, tigers, bears, hippos, crocs, buffalos, I think giraffes too), only velociraptors and most likely elephants and other fossil record animals are an exception. Direct confrontation against those animals is not advised unless they are alone and you are in a pack of your own. Whenever I ran into a bunch of any of those animals, I tried to escape to a less populated/higher ground area or run away as much as possible to be able to hide inside a bush. Since the hunger of the cheetah is low you will have to kill several animals on your way to your objectives and to rank up or just to fill your hunger, defeating several animals will most of the times be your aim. Big animals are great to rank up. Besides the packs of predators the worst enemy of the game is toxicity, it can not only spoil your just hunted food but also screw your life gauge, so having healing items and a portable bed helps a lot. The other annoying thing is night since you can not see from afar if a pack of predators is lurking closeby. Because of that I tried to change generations at night as much as possible so that the offsprings will be able to walk a little safer on daylight. Besides playing enough to get familiarized with the cheetah, I always tried to ranked up wherever there was more food before heading to a target destination so that I could change generations there or in the closest region. A prime female was always my aim but an average one (or even a desperate one) did it if I was running out of time or to save it. For toxicity I tried to go to other regions with lesser toxicity or change generations, healing items helped me to stay alive to do so.
  8. You need to "purchase it" (despite being free) from the PS3 Store. That screenshot is from the app, right? You can no longer buy Vita, PS3, PS1, PS2 or PSP games from the app/website.
  9. If you grabbed Hitman 1 when it was on PS+, you'll get the GOTY H1 legacy pack for Hitman 3 for free.
  10. I was pondering platinum this game but the glitched trophies (Global Warfighters and Warchief) discouraged me. It will be really stressful to pay attention to each match to prevent gaining enough xp after the match ends to level up for all 74 levels. You've already took a heavy burden out, congrats on that. Enjoy the rest of the ride for the platinum.
  11. Te voy a pasar mano , agarrate . :devil:

    1. Deceptrox


      ¿A punta de easy plats? Mi perfil es balanceado, prefiero los platinos/100% s UR pero no he obtenido muchos últimamente.

  12. Correct, that's what I said.
  13. Yes. However if you grabbed the first Hitman (PS4) from PS+ you don't need the GOTY Legacy Pack. If you didn't then it's a good deal since you will also get the Patient Zero missions (they don't have trophies). Regarding the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass, you will get the 4 remaining levels (New York, Haven Island, Hantu Port and Siberia).
  14. [Clan of Champions] Does anyone is interested in earning the online trophies from this game? I hosted a session some months ago but the only player that joined and me weren't able to start a 1v1 match, he said only 2v2 was working at the time. I'd like to plat or at least see if it's possible to complete the online trophies from this game. 

  15. Thank you for the answer.