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  1. to answer my question, I build a house with enough rooms so The Guide could move in. After he moved in, I was able to summon the Wall of flesh and later proceed to completing my objective which was summoning and defeating Mechdusa, unfortunately there wasn't a Bestiary entrance for that boss.
  2. The infamous MGS1 Snake sniping mission can also be beaten with some practice. You need to be quick above anything and use your pentamizen pills at the right moment. Just keep practicing.
  3. I guess is all about timing. My only advice would be to keep trying
  4. Guide of the Year: Spelunky Trophy Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Uzi_wad Exceptional Trophy Guides: Slay the Spire Trophy Guide written by ArkhamKnight895 Sol Cresta Trophy Guide written by CelestialRequiem Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition - Complete 2022 Platinum Guide written by ElHoxtinator Elden Ring - Platinum Walkthrough written by Optinooby Exceptional DLC Guides: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Repentance DLC Trophy Guide written by BalefulFrog Assassin's Creed Revelations - Multiplayer Character DLC Trophy Guide written by Lil-Gameboy123 New Author Excellence: Cult of the Lamb Trophy Guide written by Septomor and OFFICER_OILDAB Doom 2 Trophy Guide written by Kramers001 Retro Enthusiasts: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Trophy Guide written by angelbless45 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Trophy Guide written by guyblade Exceptional Use of Original Content: Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Trophy Guide written by guyblade Iconoclasts Trophy Guide written by Ric_373 Exceptional Use of Formatting: Spelunky Trophy Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Uzi_wad Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Trophy Guide written by Jelloycat Good luck to all nominees.
  5. In a "getfixedboi" or "get fixed boi" seeded world, you start in the Underworld and the Party Girl replaces the Guide as the NPC that welcomes the player. I tried to summon the Wall of Flesh by dropping Guide Voodoo Dolls in lava to no avail. Does anybody know where to find the Guide or how to summon the Wall of Flesh in this particular seeded world?
  6. It was either the DLC or the Altair memories, probably the latter since you played the game recently and you don't recall you needed fragments for the former.
  7. I took care of the DLC trophies first as well but you need to collect animus fragments to be able to play The Lost Archives levels.
  8. That is called karma, losing on purpose or not trying to score an equilizer just because you want to play against the "weaker" team actually backfired since it looks like it wasn't the "weaker" team.
  9. I hope Morocco pulls it off and eliminates Spain.
  10. I did, Denmark National Team is too overrated, they didn't deserve to qualify to the round of 16 in the last World Cup performance-wise. In this World Cup they performaned just as bad or worse that the last World Cup so their elimination was not a surprise. In a different qualifying team for the World Cup, e.g. the one with England, Poland, and Hungary they wouldn't have made it. I hope Hungary makes it for the mext WC. France was already qualified, so no drama for a defeat in the last match.
  11. I expected more from Qatar considering they didn't perform that bad at the Copa America 2019, drawing 2 - 2 with Paraguay, and only losing 1 - 0 to Colombia and 2 - 0 to Argentina. They were either too nervous or they are simply too bad and what they showed 3 years ago was just a mirage. I believe they won't score any goals at all in this World Cup. It turns out that the company airing the World Cup in my country will not air all matches unlike last time, they won't even air the most attractive match of the group stage phase: Spain vs Germany, come on!
  12. I also noticed that on PSNTrophyLeaders the stats say there is one platinum achiever but nobody has actually got that last trophy, that's because those are the stats from a hacker. I think the trophy isn't bugged but the RNG related to the entries drop are preventing the people who only has that trophy left to earn the platinum. E.g. I've defeated the last boss from the Crystal Biome whose entry I still need more than 10 times since yesterday and got nothing. If you take into account that making it to the Titanfish you need to play as the Old Man, who has awful ship stats, and get to the last bounty (9th) and it doesn't guarantee you'll get the Titanfish since it's random to get it, I believe those two players just got bored trying and moved on. And if the game lags, that makes it even worse. I got a bored too, but I'll keep coming back from time to time, I just hope not to have too much lag or issues at all.
  13. I managed to collect most of the bestiary entries and I wrote down the names of the enemies that haven't dropped their entries just yet. I was able to kill all enemies but one which is the last boss, the White Whale. The bestiary contains one entry by default from an enemy that according to its entry is extinct and it doesn't appear in the game as far as I know. There is one entry that while I'm not 100% sure I suspect it belongs to a spawn from the While Whale. There is also one critter that doesn't have an entry which is the Firefly enemy, it can only be found in the Desert Biome and doesn't attack the player. Likewise, there is another enemy that lacks an entry, the Giant Squid that is eaten by the White Whale and the player has to fight inside the belly of the Whale. In my opinion, there is a small posibility that the trophy cannot be earned due to the lack of an entry for those two enemies. Let's hope the code for the trophy is related to the number of entries in the bestiary and not to the actual number of fish/enemies. If the former is true, then the reason why nobody has the trophy yet might be that the White Whale and possible its spawns (Baby Titans) haven't drop their entries yet for those players and they haven't tried to get to that boss again/more times considering they may have to fight it several times until its journal entry (and from the spawns) finally drops. Here is the full list (what I have so far and what I know that belongs in the missing entries): Forest Biome: Starbait: Frogie Froglet Asterfish: Skittish Leap Frog Whaletongued Bull Frog Thorned Tri Frog Shelled Squidlet Shelled Hulksquid Shelled Megasquid Bitterfly Chompchaser Chompzilla Elderfish: Belch Brothers Megalarch Nom Nom Nom Great Ghuza Poe Tayto (extinct) Kingfish: *Charybdis Crystal Biome: Startbait: Crystal Minnow Crystal Piranha Asterfish: Icepoker Icepiercer Icecrusher Crystal Spitter Crystal Drake Crystal Dragon Puffling Puffer Frost Puffer Elderfish: Moonsplitter *Wyv The Elder Puff Daddy Grasslasher Krakhammer Kingfish: Leviathan Desert Biome: Starbait: *Buzzler Beetleling Asterfish: Beetle Warrior Beetle Queen Beetle King Sandchawer Sandspewer *Sandwrither Erakno Spitter Erakno Trailer *Erakno Destroyer Elderfish: Rackjaw King Dreadnaught *Adaea the Weaver Queen Verminess Vilemoth Kingfish: *Cthulhu Abyss Biome: Starbait: *Baby Titan? Starbasher Asterfish: Palebell Winged Arcjabber Winged Arcspitter *Winged Arcsprayer *Star Angel Star Archangel *Star Seraph Goblinlurker *Reef Goblin, *Nethergoblin Elderfish: *The Seven Blights Athrel The Fallen *Doomreaper *Megalodon Kingfish: *Titanfish (also known as the Titan Of The Stars and the White Whale) Appendix: Starbait: fish that spawns out of nowhere and travel in groups, a few of them don't attack (Frogie, Crystal Minnow, Buzzer) Asterfish: regular enemies Elderfish: bosses Kingfish: huge boss that is fought in its own screen *: I haven't collected yet.
  14. Bully is the one that comes to my mind.
  15. There is no such thing. Just like on PS4, you can pause and exit the level before the playable character gets hit and die to avoid ending your streak.