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  1. VRogue Legacy, you are really close to the platinum. I intend to plat it before my 100th plat. I'll plat the remastered version eventually.
  2. I strongly believe that if the OP wants to prove his/her innocence he/she must be the one posting the links of the videos that he/she claims will absolve him/her instead of telling the flag team members to look for them. The OP should provide all the evidence he/she can collect instead of wasting someone else's time.
  3. Boosting threads aren't allowed, you need to go here and create a session.
  4. Batman: Arkham Asylum, you should plat it before Arkham City ICO and Shadow or the Colossus are good choices as well.
  5. It means as much as you want it to. I am proud of earning the trophies on my account by myself, unlike most guys at the top of the global leaderboards. Where is the fun if you don't earn trophies legit and by yourself?
  6. The stage where I go after and ultimately earn the most challenging trophies of a game. This will probably fall into the postgame/second playthrough. I like all four of the stages almost equally though.
  7. Cosmic Star Heroine is eyeing my psn wallet.
  8. You must have missed one hidden scene. I recommend to try it again.
  9. Also, there are like 8 updates, a couple of them are large, it will take 2 to 3 hours for them to be downloaded and installed.
  10. The money is tied to your account, not your console. Whenever you access the Store, your money will be there regardless of the console you are using.
  11. As long as the games allow everyone to earn trophies) due to glitches or in-game exploits, it shouldn't be considered cheating. Only if someone alters/manipulates the game or the console in any way that it allows him/her to earn trophies unfairly, he/she is cheating.
  12. The online pass will allow all accounts on your PS3 to access multiplayer features. Keep in mind that the only online trophy can be earned during the multiplayer tutorial.
  13. I might play The Witness. I hope they decrease the price of PS Plus subscriptions so that 12 months will be $40, and adjust the price of 1 & 3 months subscriptions accordingly if they want to keep the number of PS Plus subscribers.
  14. Maybe you are missing a boss. Which bosses did you defeat?