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  1. A lot of talent in France but the team preferres to play with mediocrity. With a lot of talent in a team, counter-attacking should be an alternative not the only way to play.
  2. Does anyone know if the Baby Face Monster pet is available on PS Vita? Or is it only available on PS4?
  3. I did. It is stated in the description of the game. Most games say discount from July 3 to July 17, while some were on discount only from July 3 to July 10. Also, I think a few games were on discount since June 26.
  4. I noticed that from time to time Painkiller: Hell & Damnation goes on sale for $1.99, however it has 4 dlc sets that add trophies and they never go on sale as far as I know, they are ~$22 in total. Sadly there is no dlc bundle. I would give this game a try if they put the dlc on sale once in a while.
  5. Luftrausers
  6. I would have loved to see a Croatia vs Belgium final. Anyway, I hope whichever country wins this World Cup doesn't win it the cheap way: defending and counter-attacking during most of/all the match.
  7. Crash Bandicoot
  8. Servers are up as people still earn the mp trophies, but it seems that no one plays the game for fun, so it should be easy boostable.
  9. It's $0.39 for PS+ users. I got it for $0.49 a while ago, I still need to play it, althought I tested it on a blank account; the online is dead.
  10. It would be really cool to see a new nation become World champion for the first time (unfortunately it won't be mine). Despite the fact that one of my grand (grand) fathers was French, or that I have relatives from Belgium there (we most likely share an ancestor), or that my best psn friend is from England; I hope the best national team wins.
  11. Dark Souls III.
  12. Grey Children are creepier than Claw Fingers and they totally fit the school. The sounds they make completely adds creepiness to the environment. There is an invisible version of Grey Children, you can still notice them (barely though). Have fun with the game, one of my favorite horror games.
  13. I'm glad Denmark is going back home, their luck has run out 😁
  14. I own the NA (US) store version which is the uncensored one, it has Grey Child enemies instead of Mumblers in the school and in the amusement park.
  15. It's a new rule for this World Cup and (probably) onwards.