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  1. You should have changed the password. You'll most likely have to create a new account and start fresh.
  2. If I recall correctly, you need to complete the mission.
  3. Back in the time I remember my only trophy left was the Strange Relic. The day when it dropped I was asked before the boosting session which treasure I had left, I answered and said "I will get it today". "That's the spirit" said one of my boosting partners. The treasure dropped on the second match of that day if I recall correctly. Just keep playing Hunter Arena, and Adventure co-op if you still need any of those treasures hoping for the best. Good luck.
  4. It's not that bad, consider it is harder on PSP. MGS1 and MGS2 have the worst button smashing sequences, on the hardest difficulties though. What I do for these type of sequences instead or using only one finger, I use my thumb and my pointing finger (you can also use your middle finger instead of the latter). I press the tips of those fingers against each other and with their nails I rubb like crazy the button of the controller placed on my legs or grabbed by my other hand. Your nails may overheat if you do it too hard for too long though (it takes a bit of practice), but only a very few games may cause this (God of War on God difficulty on PS2 I guess, but that's not required for the plat on PS3). It's more likely your arm will become exhausted rather than your nails overheated.
  5. I've been checking the threads and there is one about "Back for Seconds" being glitchy. In this case, the trophy that popped in the wrong order was "Ophthalmologist". Since the game may have indeed been buggy for some time after launch, I guess we can give the benefit of doubt here.
  6. As it has been mentioned before. OP earned "Back for Seconds" (kill all Prime bosses [The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeleton Prime] twice) before "Ophthalmologist" (Kill The Twins) which is impossible even when joining someone else's world.
  7. Most point and click games could be played with one hand.
  8. I tried to login earlier today like 12 hours ago. I tweeted him some hours ago and he replied back less than an hour ago. I deleted the game, but gonna re-download it now to test the multiplayer. Edit: It looks like the issue is solved, but you need NAT type 2 to successfully access the multiplayer.
  9. I tweeted the developer and to my surprise he just replied back saying he's doing maintenance. It might have been a very long maintenance, hopefully that's true and we can finally earn those trophies.
  10. I recommend: Spelunky Helldivers The Hungry Horde (if you own a Vita) Thomas Was Alone Life Is Strange Hotline Miami 1 & 2 Slain Flame Over Among others.
  11. You need to make your way to the enemy by using fallen trees and tree branches as soon as you can jump on those. You can restart the checkpoint after each enemy ambush in case the raft gets hit too much.
  12. Your Resident Evil 4 flag won't be lifted. "A Heart of Steel" popped just a few minutes after "We're Going Home" which is impossible unless you used a saved file, which seems the case here. Two playthroughs are needed for those trophies.
  13. There are some games that have been out for years and they are still costly on PSN, not sure if still at release price, so for a game that has been out for only 2 months it's ok to be full price for a while.
  14. It would be excellent if I could buy games from other Stores from the Store of your PSN account. You wouldn't have to create other accounts to buy content not available/delisted in your Store, or other regions stacks from any game, etc.
  15. Unless the game allows in-game cheating and it doesn't affect trophies/achievements, no.