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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I think it can be earned offline but you will need to have enough offline resources to be able to develop a nuke. If you are playing online, then resources needed are taken from both, your online and your offline resources.
  2. Take into account a lot of people earned the online trophies before the servers were closed so that they could earn the single player trophies later, that is why you'll notice people are still getting the platinum. To isolate these players from the cheaters just check the timestamps of the online trophies from this game.
  3. On Flame Over (PS4), the OP got the trophy for completing the game a second or so after completing the game without buying powerups. When I was playing the Vita version I completed the game saving all people without them being downed and in under 1 hour, and the trophy for completing the game popped first, after that one the other 2 trophies popped. However, I used the exploit of only completing the last stage (which counts as completing the whole game) that only works on the Vita version. This may not be suspicious unless someone who has platted the PS4 version confirms that when stacking the trophies for completing the game and completing the game with other requirements, the trophy for just completing the game always pops first. Also, on Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, regarding Part 2 of the game, he got tge trophy for completing a rescue mission on all 4 worlds and a second later he got the trophy for unlocking all 4 characters of the last world (UFO), but you need to play 4 missions per world to unlock a character after you rescue him/her, so it will take between 20 or 30 minutes in the best case scenario as this world is the more challenging. How was this possible?
  4. On Helldivers he/she got the trophies for reaching rank 25 and 100k kills before getting the trophies for reaching rank 13 and 10k kills.
  5. Games with closed servers like Killzone 2, Killzone 3, and Darksiders II (PS3). Delisted games or games with delisted DLC like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and both versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Games with glitched trophies like Dragon Fin Soup. Fortunately I haven't loaded any of those games on my profile.
  6. I don't have much time lately, I can't boost as much as I used to. The game I have left are: • Payday: The Heist (only those 4 trophies that need other people) • Payday 2 (yet to buy the game, only 1 trophy though) • Tomb Raider (yet to start) • Dead Island (yet to start) • Resident Evil 5 (yet to start) • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood ( yet to start) • Starwhal (yet to start) • Spelunker HD (yet to start) I don't know if the following games count: • Infamous 2 • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance • Dead Island Riptide
  7. As you said, it looks like it has something to do with jailbreak:
  8. I'm also on the same boat as you, but I only have 10 platinums left to reach my 100th, it has taken me a few years though as I care about completion and try to 100% already started games after (long) breaks and real life stuff preventing me from playing some times besides sleep taking over me when playing too late. After I'm done with Darksiders I'll play moderate short/quick plats and maybe one or two tough to earn plats before my "Snake Eaten" platinum. Good luck on your goal, you can totally do it if you choose your games wisely. Don't listen to people who talk trash about easy plats, as long as you like/are ok with them, or your profile is well-balanced, and you are having fun, then they are worth your time. I have a few on backlog myself, mostly earned on giveaways, so it's valid to play and plat them.
  9. I was hoping that Yakuza 1 & 2 were included before reading this thread. I'd like to import a used copy of the Collection that included 1 & 2 but I don't underdtand Japanese. Anyway, it's nice to know that Yakuza 3 will have all the cut content restored.
  10. Spelunky fans: Spelunky 2 has been delayed to 2020. As long as the game is free of bugs (and has a platinum 😁) it's ok. I can't wait to play it but I'll do my best.


    1. Spaz


      By the time I get around to playing and finishing Spelunky 1 the sequel will already be out.

  11. I don't remember, I played the physical GOTY version. Anyway, since all DLCs are free now the online pass should be free as well.
  12. Only if you really want the 100% and have a lot of time available during the remaining days or if you don't mind not having 100% completion profile, otherwise sticking to the PS4 remasters would be the better choice. If you really want the plats I'd say wait after the shutdown, there is a very slim possibility that 100% will still be possible even after the shutdown as the multiplayer of the game is p2p so in theory the mp trophies could still be earned just like it's possible to do so in Batman: Arkham Origins, but for that I'd wait a couple of months or more just to make sure.
  13. Set or join a boosting session, have at least one person with both Railgun and Dynamo equipped. Play a 4 people match on Extra Ops 091. Check the strategy "Peace Walker Camaraderie Railgun Method" on Youtube. Follow the steps, repeat as many times as necessary. It usually takes between 11 to 13 replays of that mission to get "Vic Voss" if you all do it right. You can equip other players items, so all you should be charging the railgun whenever possible.
  14. Spelunky.
  15. The only games of the series that have online trophies are Peace Walker (4 trophies, 3 of them are quick, all of them can be earned in 2 - 4 hours or less according to some people; 3 require other people.) and The Phantom Pain (1 trophy, it can be earned against the com during an online event or against people, either way it easy as it will pop upon starting the mission, but you'll need to have completed mission 21 or 22 from singleplayer for FOB invasions to be available). The Phantom Pain has an online mode where clans battle each other, but that doesn't have trophies. MGS1 doesn't have trophies nor the 2-D original MSX2 Metal Gear games, I advise playing at least MGS1. MGS3 comes with the first two MSX2 games. The Legacy Collection brings everything except The Phantom Pain, however MGS1 comes in a code.