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  1. It's not about what we think of your platinums/trophy collection, it's about what you think of them/it. You must play games that keep you entertain despite if they have easy plats. It won't hurt to raise the challenge once in a while though. In my case, I have a few easy plats that I don't regret earning because I play almost all kind of games. On the other hand, I do love to conquer challenging games. I platted a few tough games and I have others on my backlog, Crypt of the Necrodancer is the one game I want and will have on my cabinet, I hope sooner than later. If you are trophy hunter, my advice is to work on the games on your backlog, begin with the ones you like. If you are a completionist too, then you should start with the easier and/or the ones that aren't that grindy. You can also work on the grindier ones between other games' sessions. If you are not a trophy hunter and only play games casually, then you should play games that entertain you. Good luck.
  2. The Hungry Horde (Vita only): This isn't your average zombie game: you play as the zombies, as the hungry horde. You begin as one zombie and the goal is to enroll as many humans as possible while trying to survive as many days and nights as possible, and while completing objectives as well. A bunch of mini-games will spawn along the way that adds enjoyment to this game. Another thing that I really loved was the sticker album that you need to fill (childhood memories), if you want the platinum. The longer you survive, the more stickers you'll get. The graphics aren't the best of the game, but everything else make this game one of my favorites. Helldivers (PS4/PS3/Vita, cross-play): The premise of this co-op game is to complete as many objectives as possible on the missions you take in order for your race (humans) to defeat the other races (bugs, cyborgs, illuminates). The fun is in trying to complete all objectives on Hell Dive missions, and to raise the challenge it is even more rewarding (to yourself) if you do it solo. Terraria: I had a lot of fun with this game searching for material, items, enemies; modifying it to make boss/event battles easier. I spent a lot of hours in this game and I enjoyed most of them. Honorable mentions: Super Meat Boy Hotline Miami Spelunky: This would have been my favorite indie platinum by far if it had one, there are so many things you can do that this game could've easily had a platinum. The learning curve of this game with randomly generated levels is unforgiving for the majority of players, but once you get the hang of the game, you'll enjoy each run. I hope this game gets a plat soon. Do yourself a favor and play this game
  3. I'm not sure if you still can delete 0% games from the PS app. I deleted one 0% game some years ago, but I guess Sony removed that feature to make it available on PS4 only.
  4. Terraria no longer supports PS4/PS3, PS4/Vita cross-play. I'm not sure if PS3/Vita cross-play is still supported.
  5. What does this game has to do with Near? The game is offline only. You shouldn't have issues plating this game.
  6. It's fine unless there is a trophy that requires you to get all endings in the same save file. One example is Silent Hill 2, where the trophy "Who Needs a Gun?" can only be earned after getting another trophy that requires you to get a 10 stars rating at the end of your playthrough, and one condition to earn 10 stars is to have unlocked all endings (from start to the end until you are back in new game screen after watching the final cutscene and the credits).
  7. Yes, I do. Hitman: Absolution?
  8. It would be wiser to obtain the platinum trophy first. If you can earn the platinum despite of the disc condition, then you can delete your user if you want and recreate it on your another user. In case the disc is so damaged that you can't get all trophies, you can just delete the new user and problem solve. It is not a good idea to delete your main user (the one associated with your psn account) before making sure you can plat the game stored in the damaged disc.
  9. For me, basically: - The Hungry Horde - Metal Gear Solid HD collection (the VR/alternate missions might make you want to rage quit MGS2) - Spelunky (it's cross-buy though) - Killzone: Mercenary
  10. Yes, the staff needs to be in the right team in order to develop the desired item/weapon.
  11. You can try that, but it won't make a big difference. Just like you, I guess it took me between 30 something to 50 tries to get the drop. I tried destroying its wings then tranquilize it, destroying all their parts with the M134/M47 plus bandana, etc... Just keep playing and it will drop when you expect it the least. Good luck.
  12. If you are lucky, you'll get it without much trouble. If you are unlucky, like the vast majority, you will have to keep replaying that mission. Try and retry, rinse and repeat, you will get the drop eventually.
  13. Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag)
  14. You are wrong, looks like this is one of the PS+ Vita games and since it's cross-buy you can add the PS4 version. I added all the games you mentioned from the PS app on my mobile. The thread about January PS+ games listed all these games:
  15. - I plan to go for the following Plats: Catherine (PS3) I need to get back to this game soon, I'm really curious to know how the story unfolds. I know most of the trophies left are challenging but it's just a matter of time for them to pop on my screen. Max Payne 3 This game has been on my backlog for years, I really need to start it asap. Dead Island & DI: Riptide (PS3) Same as Max Payne 3, these games have been sitting on my backlog for a long while. Yakuza 3 I really want to play and plat this game before going for Yakuza 4 & 5, I've heard nothing but good things about this series. Demon's Souls & Dark Souls (PS3) A couple of challenging games I'm looking forward to finally play and plat. I hope I can start them soon. - I wish I can earn the following Plats this year: Spelunky This is my all time favorite indie title and one of my favorite games of all times. I wish it gets a re-release with a shining Platinum trophy because there are a lot of things to do (active & passive) that can easily have their own trophy for performing them. Spelunky II I'm really excited for this sequel, I hope this time this game has a Platinum trophy with a trophy list of several trophies. Red Dead Redemption II I loved the first game and plan to get this game upon going PS4. I wish there is a complete edition containing all DLC stuff. Bully This one is another game I loved playing on PS3, it's a shame this version did not get a Plat. I'm really looking forward to a sequel. Crypt of the Necrodancer I'd love to have this game's Plat as the game is really challenging, the thing is I'll need to get a keyboard to be able to keep the rhythm when the game requires to press the buttons like 300 times per minute.