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  1. Of course 😉 That game got me into the survival horror genre. To follow trend, what about... ?
  2. I can only say it said compatible with English/chinese/and other version I don't remember. I don't know anything about BLUS, BCUS, or BCAS.
  3. Nope. Hitman: Codename 47?
  4. Killzone 3 100% so I can focus on Killzone 2.
  5. She is wearing a witch outfit.
  6. Doom 3, it is better to play it with the lights out. Unfortunately, I don't have my God of War Collection disc with me, I'll take it back from the friend who has it sometime this year though. MGS4 will most likely be a milestone, not sure if 125th or 150th plat. I will focus on Shadow of the Colossus' plat first as I'm one trophy away from the plat.
  7. I added Tomb Raider to my backlog.
  8. DLC sets from both games, Killzone 2 & Killzone 3, are still available on Hong Kong PS Store. All of these sets are compatible with English version of the games.
  9. 59 so far. I'll try to earn my 60th when I'm back to gaming in some days.
  10. This is pretty obvious: she is a Miss and her name is Makoto.