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  1. You can customize your helicopter to have you deploy faster. Dispatch Time [5] is the best upgrade.
  2. "Pay It Forward" from Darksiders II (PS3).
  3. Did the game got any update after 2018? I remember I collected some pages when playing as Haytam and I still was able to get 100% completion after collecting the remaining pages as Connor.
  4. As far as I know, only Rocketbirds 2: Evolution is available on PS4 but shares the trophies with the Vita version. Hardboiled Chicken is only available on PS3 and Vita each one with its own trophy list. Both games were given on PS+ (only the Vita version of Hardboiled Chicken though).
  5. Game icons with the same size would be great, but it would also be great if the rectangle icon with the PS5 has a different color from the one the PS4 has, just like PS3 and Vita icons have.
  6. December: Marvel's Avengers Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
  7. I went on and updated the app since despite finding Bugsnax while searching it in the older version it led me to a broken page. After the update the app I got an error twice and infinite loading after that, I deleted the app and installed it again and after getting error a couple of times the app finally let me sign in. I like the integration of features, the Store is accessible without loading another screen, and that adding PS+ titles is easier. What I dislike is that I couldn't see the game icons only the price and since there are no titles, it's a total mess, e.g. I was able to added Bugsnax to my library but I didn't see the icon, however I knew it was the game since the other 2 games next to it had a purchased under the missing icon. I hope they fix this mess soon. PD: It looks like you can't add games from the PS+ Collection since those have full price.
  8. Don't worry, it will take several hours until your camps gather 10000 scrap, specially if you don't have many repopulated camps. The bar will only be filled when you reach 10000 scrap.
  9. I tried the new store on pc with my account, which is from the US but I don't live there, but everytime I select PS4 games it signs me out as I see the sign in on the right top of the page. Have this happened to some of you? I still haven't updated the mobile app yet, but if the same thing is going to happen I'll be completely pissed off.
  10. I might give it a try on a blank account if it's ever offered on PS+, but I won't bother with the trophies, I already read bad things about the game. However the dev team wasn't Kojima Productions, and like I say before, the only reason the game exists was to milk the series. It would have been a better move to give the first 2 or 3 games of the series the same treatment as the Castlevania collection. A simple change in the title, Survive: Metal Gear, would have made a lot of difference, it would still be annoying but not that much.
  11. I see, but if a Metal Gear or similar mecha isn't featured in the game it can hardly be called a Metal Gear game. The only exception being Ground Zeroes but since it's The Phantom Pain prologue and it continues where Peace Walker left, it's a Metal Gear game. Shagohod, Raxa, Peace Walker, Sehalantropus, TX-55, D, Rex, Ray & Arsenal, Rex and Ray (and Gekko to a lesser extent), Excelsior. Tell me Survive has a new Metal Gear. Remember Sehalantropus was scrapped in the unproduced "Kingdom of the Flies" mission.
  12. Have you played it? I know for sure it has nothing to do with The Phantom Pain storyline nor the rest of the canon. I suspect it has something to do with the skulls/parasites but with a lacking story if it has one. The only valid reason to maintain "Metal Gear" in the title is if a Metal Gear or similar weapon makes an appearance, and the plot or a big part of it revolves around it.
  13. Good point but at least it had Kojima's approval.
  14. Very constructive comment stating the reasons why the game should be considered a Metal Gear game. Same as above but I'll swap PS4 for PS5. Exactly. The only reason why Survive exists is that Konami tried to milk the series but failed.
  15. I was kinda expecting these kind of answers but I didn't expect them to be completely unanimous. I haven't played the game but I watched the release trailer and even if my opinion doesn't matter for me it will never be a Metal Gear game. The game might be fun and I may even give a try (on an alt account) but my disdain for adding "Metal Gear" in the title won't go away.