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  1. My bad, I saw the message today, I didn't payed attention previous times.
  2. It looks like using the shortcut prevents you from getting the ticket. I won 5 times in the same level thrice but got nothing.
  3. Spelunky 2. I thought it would be a breeze but I'll be very lucky if I'm one of the first 20 or even 50 platinum achiever since everything is new and there are a lot of new content and Spelunky 1 tacticts don't work plus I can't play long sessions as I would like to.
  4. Spelunky 2 has new enemies and hazards that even veterans who played the original are having a challenge. I think you should play the original since it can help you as a tutorial, otherwise you may rage quit when playing the sequel and put the game away for a long time. If you play the original your main concern will be placed on the newer foes and how to prevent them to (completely) screw your run since returning enemies attacks are virtually the same.
  5. So far I'm loving the game, I though it would be a breeze but it looks like it will take a little while to get the hang of the game. I made it past the first world only once thanks to those mole-like and porcupine-like enemies.
  6. A bit more than 9 hours left to be able to purchase the game on NA PS Store. European gamers have been able to buy the game many hours ago.
  7. Low Scorer ain't that bad, I was able to complete Spelunky on Vita with only the end game treasure given on a cutscene. Just staying far when placing bombs and trying to get a jetpack early on would be very helpful, hopefully the same tactics will work here too. I had a worse time crushing King Yama with The Shield, but it looks like this time The Shield is sold by Shopkeepers; and even a worse time doing an Eggplant run since I had to solo co-op to achieve that.
  8. You beat me to it. I was expecting more from the trophy art but I'm glad the game has a platinum. I'm curious what a seeded run means, guess I'll find out soon. I'm totally in for the challenge and it looks this platinum will be ultra rare. I'm happy I saved my 125th plat milestone for this game.
  9. On Resident Evil 4 you got the trophy for unlocking all costumes before even completing the game.
  10. No. Start a new profile a do everything legit from there.
  11. Yes. I mopped multiplayer first before starting singleplayer some years ago.
  12. We finally got the price, and it's a great price. I'm ready to purchase it as soon as it's added to PS Store.
  13. I haven't played Uncharted: Fight of Fortune but it seems that the trophy for unlocking everything, which is a gold trophy, should be one of the last trophies to earn. However this individual got this trophy first. I'd report him for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) but aside from the trophy for crafting the Hunter Outfit before getting the chance to collect the required ingredients, the other trophies doesn't look out of place.
  14. October: The Evil Within The Forest