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  1. Spelunky, although you only play 4 levels in Hell and it's a secret world.
  2. By any chance do you have the Vita version given through PS+? Or the PS3 one? I can help you with that trophy if you got any of them.
  3. Century Victor (Clan of Champions) - Gain 100 wins in online versus matches Not the best nor the most popular PS3 game but for the price it was a steal considering it has an UR platinum. Beating the game on the hardest difficulty should prove a challenge but nothing that can't be done. Just missing one online trophy for delivering 500 killing blows, halfway there though. While tedious a probably boring, at least the matches can be completed in less than a minute when boosting. The hard part is having your boosting partner and you be available at the same time. It should be faster with a second PS3, which I don't have.
  4. ParaNUT (Paranautical Activity) Only one achiever besides me.
  5. A shame. Thanks for the answer.
  6. Hey, thanks for the answer. I forgot to say that the answer is at rank 7 according to a mp guide. PD: I haven't started the game yet, I want to get done with the online trophies from another PS3 game before focusing on Warfighter since I won't sync the trophies until I get all mp trophies, mostly to avoid an unannounced server shutdown.
  7. I suppose not but it doesn't hurt to ask: is there a way to use the D-pad controls to move the character(s)? Or is it possible to remap the controls? Thanks.
  8. So, I beat the Doom 3 campaign (PS4 stack) a few hours ago and trophies popped in this order: Doomed Marine, Doomed Recruit, Speedrun. However, when checking them here, it shows as if Speedrun was the first to pop. 


    Something similar happened to me with Geometry Wars (Vita) with the trophies for beating the game in co-op and in co-op with all stars (max score). The trophy for beating the game in co-op (Best Friends) popped before the one for beating all co-op levels with 3 stars (BFF). Nonetheless, psnprofiles displayed them as if BFF was earned before Best Friends.


    I guess that when trophies pop with a difference of a few seconds it could mess the order in which they are displayed at this site.

    1. Lonemankane


      yeah it goes like that from what I saw of trophies on here sometimes like for me on alan wake the first to show up for me was beating it on normal and the easy mode one popped after but on here it kind of shows abit of a difference

  9. The PS5 is live, I just added it to my library. The PS4 version is still hidden.
  10. Yup, I have it installed on my PS4 but like I said, it's nowhere to be found on the mobile app.
  11. I wanted to add the PS5 version to my library (in case it was a separate item) since the devs said the PS5 was going to be free but I can't seem to find Quake on the Store mobile app, and the PS4 version isn't displayed in my library (on the app).
  12. There might be several choices for different people but let's be honest, Grand Theft Auto takes the cake. Rockstar hasn't bothered in developing games aside from Red Dead Redemption 2 after the release of GTAV. Why should they bother if that overrated game can be milked to afterlife. I'm not saying the games are bad, I may even try them at some point in the future, but in my opinion the GTA series is the most overrated series of all time, mostly thanks to GTAV.
  13. If I recall correctly it has 2 online trophies. One for exchanging rap sheets, and the other for completing 15 missions with any number of people. Totally forgot about the one for visiting lobby area after changing your clothes/equipping a fashion accessory.
  14. Well, I used power ups on other enemies when there wasn't goo on the screen and didn't get the trophy.
  15. 9:59 Before plat pops.