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  1. "PSN Busy" I'm in Brazil.
  2. There is fun to be had, but it suffers from technical issues and terrible load times everytime you go to different parts of the city.
  3. Back to downloading 70GB but it'll be nice to revisit the Wasteland.
  4. I was hoping for a Max Payne 3 Remaster, since L.A. Noire got one. You just can't read Rockstar’s mind. LoL
  5. Thank goodness, I backed up my saves. ALWAYS, back up your saves. You never know when an obscure, grindfest game will come to PS5. Got my Verdun and Friday 13th saves safely backed up.
  6. I can confirm, in 2021, that the trick still works, in both digital NA and GER versions. The only catch is that it needs to be done via Chapter Select, preferably after you finish the game. I tested changing the difficulty to EXTREM(GER) / UBER (NA) prior to the last mission and it didn't pop after I killed the boss.
  7. Nuclear Winter is the Battle Royale mode. It doesn't affect any main trophies or dlc, thankfully.
  8. I did the NA and GER stacks, plus dlc. Perfecting and adapting strategies was actually fun but trophies like this shouldn't exist. I find it unlikely, but Id enjoy a PS5 version. Include Max Payne 3 as well. LoL
  9. It requires multi-tasking and agressive play. - Play Nadiri Docks, as Rebels, Normal. A-Wing is still the best choice. In Nadiri, AI tends to get trapped in the caves -While on defense, kill Enemy Squadrons. While attacking, stay in the caves and kill AI. Forget the Star Destroyer. The sweet spot is around 20 Enemy Kills + 36-40 AI, all in one match, but... -Focus on full health Enemy Squadrons, specially Bombers and reapers. Kills don't matter, damage does. -Don't stray away after stragglers. Switch to closest enemy with more health. -While on defense, you'll have to kill the Raider, as it can make matches shorter. The trophy will pop in the match, when you hit 50K. Hope this helps and good luck.
  10. It's way less grindy than on PS3 and simplifies dlc trophies but it sadly lacks a trophy regarding The Arrival DLC.
  11. It's been made considerably easier, leaving difficulty and the grind for DLC. It's a great list, allowing to see most of what the trilogy has to offer.
  12. Great series. I also jumped in late but I don't regret it. Congrats on platinums!
  13. You cant go wrong starting with Kiwami 1 or 0. For max fan service in Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon, play 6 too. All others, 2-5, play if you have the time. 6 Does a nice recap of all events.
  14. Well, guess even Rebellion needs its guilty-pleasure cash cow. If you want to keep that100% , you gotta pay for a lot of unnecessary content and cosmetics.
  15. Come what May, I'll be in the Normandy.