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  1. There is a merciful God afterfall. Now for Vampire Survivors....
  2. More power and options for people with disabilities is always welcome, as well as making trophies viable for them. The industry is going that way, specially Sony. I'm also not condemning people with no disabilities that use these Accessibility options but, like in Control and Last of Us 2, it made the trophy hunt/experience extremely boring.
  3. The first time I played Control, it didn't have assists or God Mode. It turned out to be my GOTY 2019. When I went for the stacks, a couple years later, I turned God Mode on and it made the game one of the most boring experiences I've ever had in gaming.
  4. Triss is unmissable , whether you romance her or not. You should complete her quest but you do not have to say you love her in the end. Yennefer will summon her for the battle. You don't have to see the scene where Triss doesn't embark on the ship. I can confirm this because I did it a couple days ago.
  5. The size of the text is equally proportional to my interest in NOT reading it. I gave my two cents about the subject a couple posts ago. People shouldn't determine what other people should or should not play.
  6. Well, guess not all months will be bangers but it's still a great deal to.have PS Plus EXTRA. Have fun, everybody.
  7. Since there is no quality assurance for trophies, I can agree but... I'm in too deep now. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. 😂😂😂 Ah, and somehow I had to click on this thread. 🤭😂
  9. Brunettes over red heads, everytime. Yennefer with a Keira Metz-quickie. No brothels. That's just crossing a line. 😂
  10. This game is fantastic and underrated. Thank you @Valkirye22
  11. It always makes for a great discussion but we all know nothing will be done to standardize trophies. Trophies, especially online ones, should have a Mass Effect 3 approach: For trophy X: kill 50 enemies online or 100 enemies in campaign. Give alternatives that don't involve servers or purchasing trophies.
  12. All version of Resident Evil 4 not having platinums, is a crime.
  13. Simply a Legend. Rest in Peace, Rei. Foi fought till the end and made your country proud. Much love, from Brazil 🇧🇷
  14. I usually move on to something new I wish to play but there are three exceptions for me. •Battlefield 1. The setting and graphics made me put more than 2000 hours even after 100%. •Mass Effect Trilogy: I just love the whole thing. Always making different choices. •Death Stranding: It's my comfort, podcast game. When I'm not in a mood for new stories, I just play this bad boy.
  15. I can't tell if it's a region servers thing, but for us in the Americas, the Hazard servers are Cross region is allowed in Portal mode, (high pings), so I really don't understand how Hazard Zone matches are being paired.