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  1. Thanks for the reply. The NA version has a couple players locked out of the trophies I mentioned. I guess we would have to ask them if something is wrong. Take care.
  2. Hey, guys Yeah, this game peaked my interest. It's currently on sale (July 2022), but no one has gotten platinum. The two trophies holding people back are 50 Sniper Awards and Earn all Awards at least once. Are they possibly glitched? Cheers
  3. Remember to Max upgrade the weapons and armors you want to use in Ultra Hard BEFORE starting a NG+ I did not and it made the grind unbearably boring so I moved on. If I return to this game, it'll be with the inevitable paid story dlc. An easy, non-completionist platinum became a full-on ultra hard, 100% completion (for tokens) game. Well played, Guerrilla. Well, played. 😫😂
  4. Congrats. Right before starting, it says you won't be able to change your difficulty anymore ( another bad move by Guerrilla). So, no. You'll have to earn token on ultra hard. I guess the only solution would be to start a NG++ on Story mode.
  5. You'll have to almost 100% to get all the tokens for the NG+ Rewards and also upgrade your weapons and armor to max because the difficultly spike in Gemini is borderline game breaking so, no, thanks. This was the absolute most boring game of 2022 for me.
  6. Lol. Everybody freaking out about having to play this again, on hardest difficulty. Calm down, my OCD-ridden friends.
  7. Sony: let's make the Plus line up in June really lame so everybody upgrades to Spartacus!
  8. Alongside the fact that people are really getting gud at Mein Leben, there is a rampant selling market for platinums of this game. So if you legit achieved it, just cherish that moment for yourself and don't worry about the metrics of rarity.
  9. Hi, Any save transfer between PS4 and PS5? Thanks.
  10. What makes or breaks the platinum is the trophy "Trigger Happy". I did it legit but I've heard it can be boosted with 8 players, despite the game not having private lobbies back when I played it.
  11. Hey. For the first rin, you can do everything on Normal. Make a different save and get killed by Amon a couple times so it prompts easy mode. Kill Amon for the trophy and reload old save.
  12. Adding trophy support to the old catalog will be enough for me to upgrade.
  13. I'm just hoping these games get trophy support. Not expecting Sony will put in the extra work to make the games automatically run with higher resolutions and performance, like Xbox's Smart Delivery.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Indeed, EU players are finding workarounds. I found only one Steam guide, where the writer said he wouldn't complete it because achievements were glitched and the devs had abandoned the game. Might try it on a dummy account and write a guide
  15. Hi, I'm interested in the game but it seems to have been abandoned by the devs. Also, through Steam guides, it seems a lot of the trophies are bugged. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.