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  1. Personally, I have lost all good faith in CDPR. They'll continue to crunch their employees to meet those roadmap deadlines. After the dust settles, they should consider leaving ambitious titles to the big boys and go back to making Gwent.
  2. I played Cyberpunk 2077 on base PS4, patch 1.05, so it is my own experience. As you play, you can see the potential, the cracks, the corners that were cut. The trailers had us think we would get the best of GTA V, RDR 2, Yakuza, Mass Effect, Fallout, Witcher 3, in one single game. I didn't hype myself. CDPR did it for us. Yeah, I'm disappointed at the game, for the dozens of crashes and performance issues AND CDPR, for lying about the base consoles and so many deleted features. I got to experience all the bugs, glitches, cut content and poor story depicted in hundreds of YouTube videos. If you haven't played it yourself, I'm afraid you can't even do that anymore. The "biggest game ever" was delisted from PSN by Playstation. Unprecedented.
  3. From my testing, I'm sorry to report that updates don't retroactively fix already buuged save files. I had to do a second playthrough after the scripting of gigs in Watson got all mixed up, leading to the inability to finish some. The best way is to approach a gig, wait for the proper briefing by the fixer, complete it. Then make sure you are not in Combat state so you can get the debriefing. Then move on to the next.
  4. The PC version is not the masterpiece some people claim it to be. Most of the glitches compilations, broken quests and deleted saves are from the PC version. CDPR lied to console players and Cyberpunk is a mediocre/average game, at best, on PC.
  5. Giving Cyberpunk any GOTY nods is to acknowledge that the industry is okay with the "Bethesda Pass" or "launch broken/fix later" mentality. Disrespectful to consumers and the devs at CDPR.
  6. I needed two playthroughs because bugged gigs carry over across saves. So updates are NOT fixing gig scripting retroactively. First, reach Street Cred 50 and complete main story up to mission "Ghost Town". My method was: -Approach Gig, and wait fot the briefing by the fixer. - Upon completing, wait for debriefing BEFORE engaging next gig - If debriefing doesn't show, you might be in combat mode. Go to a safe area. - If you get the proper debriefing, save and move on.
  7. Mine was similar. I had to "leave the area" but after leaving, the gig wouldn't complete. There's probably a workaround by failing the gig but I don't want to attempt it. Best solution, for now, is what you did. Wait for a patch but also, keep a save file from before that specific job has been completed.
  8. So it's weird and I'm worried. When I start a new gig, instead of Regina briefing me on that job, she is giving me the debriefing for the other jobs I have completed. I'm not sure it will affect my gigs trophy down the line.
  9. So, it's weird and it still confuses me. Regina (fixer) is calling me to give my reward for jobs I did hours ago. It keeps stacking. Right now, I'm attempting the gig that glitched on me. Freedom of the Press, in Watson. I'll publish results.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Gig: Freedom of the Press glitched on me. I want to attempt failing it just to complete it.
  11. Hey, So I initially started this thread to ask for help on a gig that wouldn't complete. I was going from gig to gig, clearing out the map. At first, I thought I was completing them too quickly but that still isn't the reason for the bug. In my case it was GIG: Freedom of The Press. After meeting the objectives, going to the end market, the gig still doesn't complete. Report you gigs/hustle bugs and let's try to find workarounds, for now.
  12. Thanks for the patch notes. Hope it drops soon. After getting used to the low resolution (sub 900p, according to Digital Foundry), the main issue has been the crashes.
  13. Most Fun Plats 1-Marvels Spiderman 2-Bloodborne 3-Death Stranding Most Grindy 1-Inversion (PS3) 2-Binary Domain (PS3) 3-Battlefield Bad Company (PS3) 4-Far Cry 2 (PS3) 5-Verdun 6-UFC 3 Undisputed (Rarest plat and unobtainable) I had a long, grindy phase. Highest Skill Based 1-Wolfenstein 2 : New Colossus (NA and GER) 2-Vanquish (PS3) 3-Max Payne 3 (PS3) Most Boring 1- Puppeteer (PS3) 2- Last of Us (PS3) Terrible trophy list. 3- Judgment ( amazing game but the grind and skill to 100% is tedious.) Platinum I did not achieve, but wanted 1-Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (PS3) - got bored, havent tried again. 2-Homefront 1 (PS3) - Server shutdown. 3-Super Meatboy - Never tried but I can see the allure.
  14. Yikes, man. Calm down. It never happened to me and I wished to discuss it with fellow Gen Zero players. Stay safe, Alex
  15. My fear is that the trophies I unlocked will get glitched after the servers go up. Im in ciontact with the devs and I'll update anything new.